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Check out the best pictures of flowers and meanings of each one! What is your criterion in choosing a flower? Beauty? Fragrance?

You can convey to the people everything that you are feeling through flowers. Not to mention the energy that these plants can pass. Are you curious? Then check out the text below.

Plants have different colors, shapes, and fragrances. Flowers and their meanings go beyond their association by the criterion of beauty. Thus, knowing what each one symbolizes, it becomes easier to transmit messages to send a certain person.

Therefore, we separated below several beautiful pictures of flowers, for you to be inspired. A list with the most varied flowers, some well known and others not so much.

1- Pictures of Tulip Flowers


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As an example of pictures of flowers, we have the tulips in the image above. Tulips are flowers that express fervent love, and the meaning varies according to the color.

The yellow ones mean hopeless love; red ones symbolize lasting love, and black women express elegance and sophistication.

Tulips are often offered as a gift on the eleventh wedding anniversary (steel anniversary), representing the renovation to mark the entry into the second decade of marriage.

2- Pictures of Lilies Flowers


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Another of the beautiful pictures of flowers that we have separated in this list are the lilies. Due to its phallic shape, the lily is well known as the flower of eroticism and sexuality.

Taken by many as the flower of celestial purity, the lily also refers to the idea of whiteness and innocence. The white lily is usually related to the concept of peace and gratitude.
Did you know that in China the lily represents eternal love and endless passion? Here’s a nice symbol to keep in mind when choosing your next arrangement.

Also, The Lily is present at the best times, the flower carries ambiguity and power and is always present in love.

Symbolizing the realization of prosperity and power used by French royalty on their coats of arms, it is a real flower. King’s gift and to surprise the special person.

With their vivid and very striking colors, they transmit harmony. Also, it is an excellent trigger of emotions, to complement a surprise on a special occasion leaving an unforgettable and remarkable moment.

Surprise now with lilies that have varieties in color models and aromas, in addition to their qualities and durability, which can harmonize the environment.

3- Pictures of Roses Flowers


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Roses, the symbol of perfection, are one of the best-known flowers in the world. Its beauty, together with the delicacy of its petals, enchants and thrills!

Even though the meaning of red, white, yellow roses, among others, varies a lot, they all convey good feelings and a lot of affection. Pictures of flowers with roses enchant and convey special feelings.

Due to their beauty and intensity, the meaning of red roses, which is the most popular of this species, is directly linked to love. t is not for nothing, they are present in the most loving relationships, as they demonstrate passion and a lot of romanticism, something that makes them perfect for the declarations of “I love you”!

4- Pictures of Sunflower Flowers


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The Sunflower, with its yellowish and orange tones, symbolizes happiness, enthusiasm, vitality, adoration, warmth, and energy. Much sought after to beautify environments, this flower takes luck and good vibes.

So, if you want to give a gift to someone who is starting a new phase, who has changed jobs, for example, it is worth giving them sunflowers, as this symbolizes their support for them to be successful.

The Sunflower, in addition to resembling the Sun, has the habit of bowing to this star. For this reason, it also means worship. Not bad to have several pictures of flowers on your computer screen or cell phone, for example. Also, as the sun is the symbol of Christ, consequently the sunflower has the same symbolism, thus bringing hope to people.

5- Pictures of Flowers By Pansy


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Another example of pictures of flowers that we selected is the beautiful pansy? The Pansy flower is one of the popular names given to the Viola tricolor flower.

Delicate, perfect love is a flower of European origin that is usually offered to those who consider themselves to be true love, eternal and infinite passion.

It is a symbol of romantic love, but it is also very dear to the Catholic Church. Because it contains three colors, some consider the flower to be a representation of the Holy Trinity.

6- Pictures of Flowers by Dandelions


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Dandelions are celebrated for being the flower of healing and faith, especially thanks to the recipe for a tea made with its petals, which promises benefits for physical and mental health. Due to its recognized healing powers, the dandelion is known as the flower of hope.

As an example of pictures of flowers, we selected these beautiful dandelions that usually spread their petals in the wind.

Legend has it that women in love should hold a dandelion flower, think of the beloved and put it in the wind. So that she takes the order and the destination brings the desired boy. For this reason, the dandelion is also known as the flower of hope.

7- Pictures of Flowers by Hibiscus


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Hibiscus is widely used to celebrate friendly relationships. In Hawaii, there is even a tradition of giving a bouquet of hibiscus to dear friends as an expression of affection.

This flower is also closely linked to the notion of fertility and reproduction. The association of hibiscus with fertility appears in the flower’s name.

Hibiscus means Hibiscus, which is a reference to the Egyptian goddess Isis, known as the goddess of fertility. The flower comes in many colors, the red version is the one most associated with love.

As an example of pictures of flowers, we selected this species because it represents a very curious tradition in Tahiti.

That’s right! Women put a red hibiscus behind their ear when they want to say they are available for a relationship. Interesting, isn’t it?

8- Pictures of Flowers of Violets


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Who has never bought a vase of violet or received it as a gift at the end of a party and was surprised by the survival of the plant at home?

Small and delicate, another beautiful model of pictures of flowers on the list are the violets. They are indoor plants and usually survive for long periods, adapting to the most varied realities.

These vase flowers are known as a symbol of friendship due to the durability, resistance, and adaptability, characteristics cultivated among friends.

Violets are extremely resistant flowers and have a profound capacity for adaptation, for these reasons they also became known as the flowers of the new beginning.

9- Pictures of Lotus Flowers


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The Lotus flower is widely publicized as one of the symbols of Buddhism. It symbolizes wisdom, rebirth, and reinvention. This type of plant is deeply related to the feeling of gratitude and recognition.

The Lotus flower can either be offered to someone you want to thank, or it can be purchased to mark a special moment for which you are grateful. This type of flower has eight petals, which are related to the eight directions of space.

Choosing to have pictures of lotus flowers scattered around the house would be a good option. They are also often considered to be the symbol of the new path and cosmic harmony.

10- Pictures of Carnation Flowers


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The meaning of the carnation flower is linked to both freedom and love. However, there are several interpretations of this.

While in some cultures the plant is associated with death, in others, many relate it to fidelity in marriage, being, moreover, constantly used by grooms and groomsmen.

We selected carnation pictures of flowers because it is a species that has many colors and each of them has its symbolism. The meaning of the white carnation flower, for example, is innocence and pure love, while a red represents the intensity of the passions and the light pink tone means happiness or gratitude!

11- Pictures of Flowers by Peruvian Lily


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When you want to show affection for someone who is far away or for a person for whom we feel a lot of gratitude, Peruvian lily is the ideal flower.

That’s because her symbolism refers to longing and thanks. Regardless of color, in addition to gratitude and longing, the meaning of Astromelia is eternal friendship.

So, if you want to wish happiness on the birthday of a dear friend, this flower will do the job properly. Opting for a birthday card with pictures of flowers of this species of plant would be a great option.

12- Pictures of Orchid Flowers


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We could not fail to select pictures of flowers without mentioning the beautiful orchids.

Orchids symbolize beauty, luxury, strength, and love. These flowers are elegant and, being exotic, evoke a sense of refinement. They also represent rare beauty and delicacy, enchanting those who receive them. And few are the flowers that express that feeling.

Presenting someone with orchids is always nice, so choose white flowers, which represent purity, peace, and tranquility. Bringing this feeling of well-being to the environment.

13- Pictures of Flowers by Jasmin


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Jasmine is considered the king of flowers, due to its strong, intense, exotic, delicate, enveloping, mysterious and sensual scent. The flower is exuberant, but at the same time, it represents sweetness, innocence, and peace.

On feast days, decorate your home with the flower. The intense perfume will leave the environment very fragrant. The flower’s perfume is antidepressant, relaxes nerves, eases headaches, fights insomnia and is an aphrodisiac.

Jasmine essential oil is one of the most expensive in the world. To extract a kilo of oil, eight million flowers are needed, hand-picked, before dawn, before the sun dissipates its aroma. The flower’s odor is strongest when it gets dark, due to an internal chemical change of the plant.

Having pictures of flowers of this species in a frame in your living room would be a great option. This will bring charm and delicacy to the environment.

14- Pictures of Gerbera Flowers


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Always so colorful and cheerful, the gerbera reminds of the child’s play. Due to its vivid colors, the flower is very beautiful and usually brightens up the environments where they are placed, bringing a good mood. It also resembles the child’s innocence, simplicity, and purity.

Pictures of flowers of this species have a fun and cheerful energy when we observe them. They are perfect flowers to use for celebrations. Are you going to have a party or spend the afternoon with friends at home?

Decorate your home with gerberas. The orange and yellow flowers are cheerful and bring movement to the environment, while the red gerberas when mixed in an arrangement with various shades of pink, bring movement, action, and affection.

At the end of the party or meeting, you can give gerberas as a gift to your guests or friends. It is a nice and cheap treat.

15- Pictures of Flowers from Begonia


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The begonia flower means happiness, delicacy, and cordiality, it is also suitable for passionate lovers, since they are associated with the innocence and loyalty of true love. About Feng Shui, begonia is a symbol of fertility.

There are more than a thousand pictures of flowers and species of begonias. They are much appreciated for their very characteristic flowers, presenting beautiful colors. Begonia rex, for example, has large leaves with a special color, which is usually pink or bright brown.

16- Pictures of Flowers by Camellia


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Regarding the meaning of the camellia, differences are depending on the color of the flowers. The pink camellias signify the greatness of the soul. White camellias are an allusion to perfect beauty. And red camellias are a sign of recognition.

The genus Camellia has more or less 80 species originating in Southeast Asia, forests in India, Japan and China. Its beautiful flowers can be white, red and pink. Therefore, there are several magnificent pictures of flowers of this species to choose from and be inspired!

Some of these flowers may be yellow, but these cases are rare. Some flowers can reach the size of an adult’s palm, while others can be as small as a coin.

17- Pictures of Flowers by Lily Garden


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Lily garden is the representation of a lily used in ancient times on the coat of arms and shields of French royalty, especially associated with King Louis VIII, who used it primarily on a seal.

The fleur-de-lis is a symbol of power, sovereignty, honor, and loyalty, as well as purity of body and soul. It is a symbol used in Scouting, Freemasonry, Alchemy and some religions.

On the internet, there are not many varieties of pictures of flowers of this species. However, we could not fail to mention it on this list because of its representativeness.

The word “lis” is of French origin and means lily or iris. In Heraldry (the science of arms) he represents one of the four most popular figures, along with the eagle, the cross and the lion.

The fleur-de-lis is the symbol of the Scout movement, chosen by the movement’s founder, Robert Baden-Powell. In Scouting, the three petals represent the three pillars of the Scout promise and the North pointed by one of the petals, guides the direction to be taken by the young man, always upwards.

18- Pictures of Flowers by Lisianthus


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Lisianthus is a sophisticated plant that means the combination of two Greek terms: smooth, which means soft, and lisianthus, which corresponds to the flower. The name reflects the delicate aspect of the flower, which reinforces the indication of its use in bridal bouquets and special wedding decorations.

In addition to being a great option for home decor. Despite being a flower born in arid countries, lisianthus demands special care with the watering. Because the excess of water reduced the useful life of this flower. Its characteristic color is the mixture of white and purple, but it can also be found in the colors pink, blue and lilac in its hybrid forms.

For its simple characteristic, and flower has the meaning of romance and delivery and loving commitment, it is a great suggestion to reinforce the feeling for the loved one.

For romantics on duty, choosing pictures of flowers with lisianthus is a great option. You could send a message on WhatsApp to your loved one (o) or through a card.

19- Pictures of Flowers by Daisies


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Youth, sensitivity, joy, goodwill, kindness, affection and pure love are some of the meanings of Daisy. Widely used in gift-giving arrangements, you will find pictures of daisy flowers in the most varied colors. The most popular being white and yellow.

Despite the meaning of daisy, in general, it is linked to love, because of the famous well-wish-me, bad-me-want, each of the colors has a unique meaning. White is specifically related to innocence and purity.

Yellow, on the other hand, to loyalty, while roses and reds symbolize passion and blue fidelity. Now, if the idea is to convey joy, a multicolor arrangement is ideal.

20- Pictures of Flowers by Cherry Blossom


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Other super delicate and sought after pictures of flowers are those containing Cherry Blossom, the national flower of Japan. In this country, it has a very important meaning. It carries the symbolism of flowers, among which we highlight beauty, renewal, and youth.

The cherry blossom, or sakura flower, as it is known in Japan, symbolizes purity and happiness. Therefore, an infusion of these flowers is served at Japanese weddings.

Cherry blossoms precede the rice harvest, so the Japanese believe that the abundance of flowers indicates the successful production of this food. It is important to mention that rice has the meaning of a divine gift for the Japanese people.

Delicate and fragile, the cherry blossom is a symbol of the samurai’s short life, as they are willing to face death to win a battle. For this reason, this is the emblem of the samurai, as well as the bushido. Bushido is the code of conduct for this class of Japanese warriors. The place chosen by the samurai warriors to meditate was just under a cherry tree.

21- Pictures of Flowers by Lilium Candidum


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According to Greek mythology, the flower Lilium candidum represents pride, elegance and is related to the god Apollo. White flowers usually symbolize purity, chastity, and virginity.

Pictures of flowers of Lilium candidum may represent religious traditions. Christians often plant three lilies in the same pot to symbolize the Holy Trinity.

22- Pictures of Flowers by Hydrangeas


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There are pictures of flowers of hydrangeas in different colors. Among the best known are the blue ones.

Single, the hydrangeas usually present themselves in sets with several small glued flowers. For this reason, they represent the friendship and the feeling of respect, gratitude and admiration that permeates the interaction between friends.

23- Pictures of Flowers by Rosemary


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Rosemary is a pest-resistant shrub and is surrounded by a certain mystique. Its flowers are blue and give off a pleasant scent. Also, they are associated with courage, courage, spirituality, and trust.

According to some legends, rosemary removes envy and also bad dreams, when placed under the pillow. There is even a belief that if someone touches the person they love with rosemary, the love present there will be eternal.

You’ll find pictures of rosemary flowers in bloom or not. The flowers are lilac, small and delicate.

24- Pictures of Flower Passion Flowers


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You can’t help but be enchanted by the pictures of flowers of this species. They are beautiful and at the same time, they are exotic.

The symbology of the passionflower was related as follows: the three stigmas corresponded to the three nails that attached Christ to the cross.

The five anthers represented the five wounds; tendrils were the scourges used to torture him; finally, in the shape of the flower, the image of the crown of thorns carried by Christ for the act of crucifixion was visible.

The purple tones that color the flower symbolize the bloodshed by Jesus Christ. Incidentally, the color purple is used in Christian rituals during Holy Week. The story goes that in the 17th century, Pope Paul V was amazed when he received passion fruit flowers as a gift and ordered them to be grown in Rome.

The flowers that had come from South America, were a signal to the Pope that the Gospel was also to be spread in the “New World”.

In religious symbolism, the round shape of the passion fruit corresponds to the world of sin that Christ gave his life to save him.

25- Pictures of Flowers by Cytisus


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Cytisus is a shrub with beautiful and aromatic flowers that signify preference and renewal. One of the pictures of flowers we have selected is the cytisus that is part of the Fabaceae family and can reach up to three meters and that presents (in most cases) yellow flowers.

There are several genera of cytisus, such as esparto, whose scientific name is Spartium junceum and is also known as garden cytisus. This genus originates in the Mediterranean area and is used not only as a decoration but also to make strings. The term Spartium comes from the Greek and serves to describe plants whose textile fibers were used to produce strings.

Another well-known species of cytisus is Cytisus, which originated in Portugal and because it is very abundant, it is often considered a weed.

The branches of this cytisus are used to make brooms. Even today in villages, some people make handmade brooms by tying various branches of cytisus. For this reason, Cytisus is known in English as Portuguese broom, which means Portuguese broom.

26- Pictures of Flowers by Gardênia


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Gardenia is a flower originating in China, which can mean purity, sincerity, sweetness and can also be the symbol of a secret love. This ornamental plant belongs to the rubiáceas family and has large and beautiful white flowers.

Over time, its petals take on a cream tint. Regarding its symbology, gardenia is widely used by people who want to show their feelings. Therefore, those who choose pictures of gardenia flowers are sensitive and delicate.

27 Pictures of Geranium Flowers


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Geranium is a flower with origins in Africa and Australia that means harmony and affection. Regarding the meaning of the geranium flower, it can vary depending on the colors.

However, in general, this flower is associated with personal overcoming difficult obstacles. This is because despite being a delicate flower, it has a high resistance to adversities (such as cold, for example).

The dark geranium means sadness, the pink geranium indicates preference and the red geranium represents comfort. Pictures of flowers with geraniums have a strong sentimental charge and the most vivid colors are also associated with romanticism and sensuality.

28 Pictures of Flowers by Poppy


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The poppy is a flower that can mean false passion, dream, extravagance, fertility, and resurrection. Having pictures of flowers with poppy scattered around your home can be great for anyone looking to get pregnant.

The poppy is strongly linked to opium, as this is the latex of the poppy fruit while it is not yet ripe. This latex is very similar to that of rubber, however, it has different properties, and the one extracted from the poppy contains morphine, codeine, papaverine, and other substances.

29- Pictures of Flowers by Desert Roses


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The desert rose has lovers and collectors all over the world. Bearing in mind that it is a plant that allows grafting, it is possible to achieve different models, with flowers of different varieties on the same plant.

This means that each plant can be customized to its owner’s taste. For this reason, these plants are very appreciated and many reach very high prices in the world market, being in this aspect similar to bonsai.

30- Pictures of Flowers by Azalea


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Azalea, a plant in the Ericaceae family, usually means “joy of loving” and perseverance. However, different colors have different meanings.

The pink azalea represents the love of nature; white azalea is an indication of romance and red azalea when offered to someone, which means that you have loved that person for a long time. The floral arrangements composed of azaleas are related to elegance and happiness.

Azalea is associated with a Chinese legend. This legend tells the story of a fearless emperor who achieved fantastic victories in wars. Despite this, he was not happy.

This is because he did not have the love of a woman he could only glimpse in his dreams. One day, when he was returning from another battle, a salesman offered him a beautiful plant with wonderful flowers.

Dazzled by the beauty of the flowers, the Emperor was quick to plant them in his garden. Shortly after that, the Emperor finally found the woman he saw in his dreams.

Remembering the vendor’s recommendation, the emperor and his beloved drank tea made with the petals of this flower every day. And each day they became more in love and lived happily ever after.

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