Pineapple has become a Fever in the Decoration World! 🍍

Pineapple has become a Fever in the Decoration World! 🍍

The pineapple is the star of the moment in fashion, decoration. On the table, it stands out as a fashion decorative piece.

It is present in natural or ceramic, copper, wood, and pineapple patterned accessories.

The king of fruits makes the table happier and more lively. He has the meaning of hospitality and the pleasure of welcoming. Here are some tips:

Tips For Using Pineapple In Your Decor

Tips For Using Pineapple In Your Decor

Pineapple Cushions

Pineapple Cushions

Pineapple prints bring a colorful and a mood of fun and relaxation. You have alternatives to small or significant figures. The decision of which choice is best has to do with where the pillows are and what the user feels like.

Pineapple Bedding

Pineapple Bedding

It is a particular way of decoration for the room, and the figure can make the right combination with other decorative accessories. Besides, the prints usually bring pineapples in various colors, and this makes it much more comfortable when deciding to use them.



Small frames with phrases, drawings, and even creative caricatures of the fruit enhance the decor. Also, a suggestion is a picture with just the image of a beautiful pineapple to give a touch of originality.



Wall clocks, table clocks, or one to put on your bookshelf with pineapple designs or engravings are very fancy. And if you want, you can build yours. On the internet, you will find many fresh ideas!

Pineapple Flowerpots

Pineapple Flowerpots

It has pineapple-shaped pots for you to plant flowers, foliage, spices, and tea leaves. The colored ones, then, are the maximum.

Let’s go for a pineapple decoration in the corner of peace and happiness? A colorful space with a tropical and hospitable style will be a hit with your family and friends. Another suggestion is to seek guidance from those who have experience in decorating and organizing homes to help you make good choices and purchases.

Pineapple Water Jug

Pineapple Water Jug

Now what is nothing unusual, and you may have seen a lot, is the pineapple water jug, seriously, who has never seen this jug?

I think no one, you can leave it exposed in your kitchen, is a way to make a decoration with pineapple.

Pineapple Wallpaper

Pineapple Wallpaper

In this case, you can make the decoration with pineapple using wallpaper or stencil, both are very cool. And if you can’t find wallpaper with this pattern, look for a fabric that can also be fixed to the wall!

Pineapple in Christmas Tree Place?

Pineapple in Christmas Tree Place

Photos of pineapples decorated like Christmas trees are gaining prominence on social networks, and the fun trend can win in countries.

In addition to introducing the fruit itself into the decor, people are also decorating traditional trees so that they look like a pineapple.

Social network users have already shown ‘fruity’ decorating in practice in US states like California and Hawaii, in Bali, Indonesia, and also in Canada.

It is worth putting Santa Claus, flasher, red, gold, and green balls; and even leave a more beachy mood by putting sunglasses on the fruits.

Since the internet is powered by memes, of course, some netizens are also using the images to make jokes.

Ceramic Pineapple

Ceramic Pineapple

You can find ceramic pineapple in various colors, such as turquoise, rosé gold, yellow, among others.

These objects are decorative and match all environments, just know how to combine them.Because they are ceramic, they are delicate and charming. You can decorate them in such places as:

Ceramic Pineapple in the Living Room

Ceramic Pineapple in the Living Room

What does your living room look like? More modern, rustic, or traditional? The truth is that it does not matter! Well, ceramic pineapples will match your environment.

If your style is more neutral colors, how about the turquoise option to highlight the environment? But, you can also keep the default and choose it to blank.

Ceramic Pineapple In Room

Ceramic Pineapple In Room

For warmth and a stylish room, opt for the decorative yellow pineapple. The best thing is that you can get a great contemporary choice with this exciting color, right?

Ceramic Pineapple at the Party

Ceramic Pineapple at the Party

Want to throw a tropical-style party, like a Hawaii ball, for example? The ceramic pineapple becomes the critical item for this. Tropical elements should be part of your party, right? So opt for artificial foods in your decor!

Ceramic Pineapple at Beach House

Ceramic Pineapple at Beach House

The beach environment already calls for more fresh items, so artificial fruits are ideal if you are in doubt of how to decorate your beach house.

Extra tip: Garnish with a mix of artificial fruits

Be it strawberry, grape, peach, and banana, artificial fruits are great options for those who want a beautiful and colorful decoration that doesn’t spoil quickly.

Because they are artificial in the short term, they are not harmed by the light or the weather, let alone “emit” odors. That is an excellent idea for those who don’t have time to buy real food all the time!

Pineapple is a trend in parties.

Pineapple is a trend in parties

Have you thought about having a party, a wedding, or a bridal shower using the pineapple in the decoration? No! Me neither !!! rs Even though it is a tropical theme, the fruit does not come to mind as a decorative item.

A strong trend for parties and decorative items, in general, is with pineapple. This tropical fruit adds a perfect creative touch to any wedding or another event.

Whether you save money, innovate or cause, this is a great idea to surprise your guests! To avoid waste, if you are making flower pots, use fruit pulp to make drinks and food to serve.

To make it golden and safe to use later, use edible paint to paint it. You can paint it in any color you prefer!

Pineapple-made table arrangements can be handled by guests, no problem! You can even put a thank you tag on it.

How to Use Pineapple for Table Decoration

How to Use Pineapple for Table Decoration

Bowl made with the bark: As we know, the pineapple bark is quite thick and firm, so the basket is a fascinating decoration.

To make it simple, cut the pineapple in half, horizontally, and remove its pulp by cutting into strips, after finishing, if still on a little fruit scrape with a spoon.

Do not remove the top as it will leave the basket with a special touch! Not to waste fruit, think about recipes involving pineapple as an ingredient.

Coconut tree:

Make a straight cut at the base and another at the top of the pineapple, removing the crown. Then stack the pineapples by connecting each other with wooden sticks. To make the leaves, you can use plastic sheets or bundle several crowns, securing them to the last of the stacked pineapples.

Plate with pineapple bark:

To make the dish, you will need to cut the pineapple in half vertically, as we have already taught in the first topic.

With your plate ready, now just cut, for example, watermelon and pineapple itself in small cubes and mix with various grapes, is colorful and super inviting.

Fruit kebab:

This idea is fantastic, especially if kids are also attending the party.

Since pineapple and watermelon can be well shaped, it is an excellent choice to cut the two fruits into different shapes, then put the cut pieces on a skewered toothpick forming a mix of colors and delights!

You can still put the fruit or strawberries between one fruit and another, the skewer will be even more beautiful. If you want to make it even tastier, you can have a chocolate waterfall to dip the skewers in!

Pineapple Symbolism

Pineapple Symbolism

That’s right, pineapple is synonymous with hospitality. The tradition began in Europe, so it is common to see the image on the entrance of hotels and on the doors of some houses.

In the seventeenth century, the fruit was imported from Brazil through a long voyage of the ship, which crossed the Caribbean.

Pirates navigating the region intercepted these ships and looted their cargo, often preventing the pineapple from reaching its destination.

So serving the fruit as a dessert to a guest was something extraordinary, a large display of affection but also of richness, as the value of the delicacy was high.

Some families of well-known sailors also exposed the pineapple on their doorstep to show that the trip was safe.

Learn why pineapple means hospitality

Learn why pineapple means hospitality

There was a time, in the 1700s when pineapple was a rare and expensive fruit that carried the whole aura of exoticism.

As its origin is South America, including Brazil, it was impossible to start a plantation in the cold North American and European regions, unless it was someone with enough financial conditions to face the venture.

Therefore, offering it to guests or decorating a living room or kitchen furniture with it characterized how much the host respected and liked the visitors.

How Pineapple Began to Highlight

Learn why pineapple means hospitality

In 2010 at the Prada fashion show, the models paraded with banana-patterned looks, and Stella McCartney followed the same line with citrus prints.

Zac Posen also paraded the pineapple in a super elegant and sophisticated way. The Cut blog even wrote about the show: “Prada just had a banana-Chiquita moment.”

Since then, fruits have become increasingly present in the women’s wardrobe.

Even celebrities like Rihanna, Poppy Delevingne, Sarah Jessica Parker and Naomi Watts have already joined the trend!

And the fashion didn’t stop there! Whoever believes that drawing refers to something childish is very mistaken.

It can be used in decoration with pillows, vases, juice jars, wallpaper, tablecloths, pictures, plates, and even lamps. Bringing a relaxed and fun mood to your home.

Not just fashion, pineapple has invaded the decor: crockery, candles, decorative ceramics, vases, sculptures, pillows, pictures, wall stickers, tablecloth prints, napkins, aprons, placemats.

There are numerous options to convey to the guest how welcome they are.

From Trash to Luxury!

From Trash to Luxury

The fruit also wears new clothes to win the other environments. “Pineapple had a famous face and now looks luxurious.

There are options for pineapple-shaped objects in versions of various materials, such as metallic for embellishment, which adds sophistication to the environment,” notes interior and graphic designer Bruno Gomes.

Following this trend, the fruit has gained versions in new materials, such as metallic, all in gold or silver, and also in glass and ceramics.

And to find the items to display at home, simply go to any home goods store.

Another place that is sure that pineapples match is a beach house. “The weather already calls for the freshness of the real fruit, why not put it as a decoration?

It’s a lightweight environment that lets you play with pineapple on prints, wallpaper, and adornments,” suggests Geyza Torta.

Use Common Sense to Decorate with Pineapple

The decoration of any environment needs to be harmonious as a whole. To use the pineapple shape in any corner of your home, you need to have common sense.

Therefore, there is no restriction, but there is no need to overdo the pieces with the shape of this fruit because it has a striking design.

You must always balance the color or uniform color of the object to align with the environment in which it is being applied.

A safe way to use fruit as a theme is to display it on the wall. “Pineapple has very expressive shape and color.

Use and Abuse Pineapple!

Indispensable in decoration, the pineapple has become a fashion trend and can be found anywhere in the house, from the gate, through the simplest to the most sophisticated space.

He is a symbol of welcome (hospitality) and has been part of history since 1700 in Europe.

But what few know is that this delicious and beautiful fruit is originally from Brazil. Interesting, no?

Well, then, no worries about “peeling a pineapple.” Add a special touch to your home or work environment. Make your guests or visitors feel good about your hospitality.

If you like it, just share with your friends 😉

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