🌺🌿Purple Flowers Names of Nature's Most Beautiful! 🌈


From more discreet to more striking flowers, purple flowers have dominated spaces; these plants are usually related to good feelings and fluidity; love and tranquility. Some believe that they also symbolize royalty, arouse admiration, and portray pride and mystery at the same time since they are strong and delicate flowers at the same time.

We also know that purple flowers are rarer to be found. Of course, in artificial flower shops, you can easily find any type of flower in this shade. But who is looking for flowers and natural plants to decorate the house or to have in the garden, you can bet on the name the plant we will quote below:

🌺🌿Nature’s Most Beautiful Purple Flowers Names



If you are wondering what purple flowers names are, then know that the answer is that one of them is famous azalea. Azalea, in addition to being known as an oriental plant with pink and purple flowers, is also famous for having a wide variety of colors. Yellow, pink, white, and even red are characteristic colors of this wonderful flower.


Like violet, the azalea is one of the easy to grow and affordable purple flowers. Just keep it in half shade, leave the soil moist (never soaked), and prune whenever a dry branch appears. There is no mistake in caring for this type of purple flowers.



Violet is the most famous type of purple flowers. It is known for its small flowers, usually vibrant purple tones, which are extremely resistant. Purple flowers are the most resistant name to have in decorative vases at home.

For some, violet is a plant with purple flowers that represents loyalty, but some believe that violet – like the color purple – conveys mystery, magic, and spirituality.



The orchid is one of the most beautiful purple flowers names in existence. It is perfect for decorating decorative vases inside the house, as a centerpiece or to decorate the sideboard. Oh, and whoever is looking for a flower to compose the decoration of parties, it is the best option!

You find the purple flowers orchid name in different shades. Some more vibrant, others more spotted … Everything will depend on where it was planted and the species. The orchid is also easy to grow: place the vase in bright environments, as in the photo below, that the orchid decorates the buffet.



The Alamanda has a vibrant yellow core that further highlights the color of its purple flowers. It is also characterized as a charming little purple flower to include in your vertical garden decor. However, Alamanda is a toxic plant, so keep it out of the reach of children and animals. Plant in full sun on fertile soil, rich in organic matter.


Lavender is one of the most fragrant purple flowers in existence. It can be grown in pots or in beds, forming lilac-colored massifs. Lavender enjoys arid soil, little watering, and lots of light, however, avoid leaving it exposed to the intense sun for hours. The lavender must be fertilized with bone meal or NPK 4-14-8 fertilizer, using half the dose recommended by the manufacturer.

Be careful when pruning the lavender. The plant should be cut in its green part if the woody stem is pruned the plant will no longer develop.



Able to supply several shades of purple in a single seedling, the hydrangea is one of the charming and admirable purple flowers. The colors vary according to the condition of the soil in which they are planted; they can go from lilac to a darker shade that borders on blue.

The intensity varies and the beauty of this plant is precisely because it does not know in what color it will bloom; mysterious and incredibly beautiful. Therefore, they are perfect in gardens and house entrances.



This flower has several specimens, and of course, there could be one in this shade. In addition to the beauty of the shape of this flower, the purple color makes it look like a glass of wine, giving an air of sophistication to the place where it is placed.

Despite the unique color and even raw, a tulip is an excellent option for those who want to decorate the interior of an environment. They require special care, as they are not very resistant to the weather.

The gray and original Senecio

Cinerária – Senecio Cruentus – is one of the ideal purple flowers for modern and contemporary gardens. Its grayish leaves, almost silver, create a unique look for flower beds and folds. Cineraria flowers are colorful. Full sun, drained and well-fertilized soil and frequent watering make this plant a joy.

False Iris: pure ornamental elegance for the garden

The blue and purple hue of Falso Iris – Neomarica Caerulea – combined with the exotic shape of the leaves gives Falso Iris the status of one of the most appreciated plants for garden ornamentation. The care with this type of purple flowers is also simple, just grow it in full sun, infertile soil, and offer regular watering.

All the charm of Wisteria.

Wisteria is one of the names of the purple flowers of the climbing type, widely used to cover pergolas creating an incredible visual effect. The plant has pendant flowers in the form of bunches in lilac, white and pink. Glicinia enjoys the cold but should be grown in full sun and with regular watering.

Small and expressive Torênias.

The Torênias – Torenia Fournieri – are small purple flowers, also known as Summer Pansy. The blue flowers with a white background stand out in flower beds or planters. The cultivation of the species should be done in full sun and with frequent watering.

🌺🌿 Purple Flowers Tree


Purple flowers tree attract attention and embellish the landscape. Many species provide edible fruits and attract birds and other wildlife. Some species produce lilac, purple or pink flowers, such as magnolias, extremism (Lagerstroemia indica), and oriental redbud (Cercis canadensis).


One of the best purple flowers tree is the extreme. It produces, in the summer, innumerable bunches of curly flowers, in a dark purple tone. It has a bronze hue in the spring and bright green in the summer, turning a reddish tone in the fall. Its size can reach five meters with a canopy of three meters. Extremes prefer full sun, heavy soil with good drainage, and regular watering. This tree is resistant to mold and repellent.


It is one of the purple flowers tree native to the eastern part of North America, the Redbud can reach between six and nine meters in height and produces abundant purple flowers in the spring, large heart-shaped leaves during the summer and long seed pods in the autumn. Redbud is a beautiful specimen alone or in groups. It can be used as a border of shrubs and is very impressive in forests and natural landscaping. These purple flowers tree require little water and are tolerant of alkaline soils.


Quaresmeira is one of the exuberant, elegant, and small purple flowers trees originally from the Atlantic Forest and highly resistant to climate and pests. Its roots are not aggressive and therefore. do not damage the sidewalks.

In addition to the evident beauty, these purple flowers tree bloom twice a year, in late summer announcing the arrival of Easter and in July and August, before the arrival of spring. Its purple flowers attract pollinators contributing to the preservation of nature.

Tibouchina Mutabilis

Tibouchina mutabilis is a very interesting species, because its flowers change color, from white to purple, as they age. It is between 7 and 12 meters high and blooms during November and February.

The purple flower tree genus Tibouchina (Family Melastomataceae) is distributed mainly in tropical and subtropical regions of America and includes approximately 350 species

The medium-sized tree is very showy due to the abundance of its flowers, which can be purple or pink. Therefore, it is widely used in landscaping projects.

🌺🌿 Meaning of Purple Flowers

We have already made it clear what the effects of these flowers are on people, however, why is this happening?

Purple flowers can stimulate a person’s senses as well as the psyche. This is thanks to the color and its aroma. Purple is a color generally used to transmit a message to the brain and thus relax it, fighting nerves, restlessness, and fear. Also, the lilac color helps us activate many parts of the brain that sometimes tend to fall asleep due to lack of stimulation.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the importance of these purple flowers that go back to earlier times, and that the lilac, purple and violet flowers were preferred by Queen Cleopatra so that they have been maintained throughout history, showing that they have importance only one that hasn’t disappeared. This is because the queen used to watch them for long periods, admiring their beauty and reflecting their emotions about them, especially sadness.

🌺🌿The energy of purple flowers


The meaning of purple flowers can be established based on its energy; therefore, although the color is capable of reflecting a general meaning, each of the flowers adorned with it is capable of reflecting its own meaning, complementing what its color shows. This is due to the language of flowers, a study that seeks to understand each flower, plant, and shrub that existed in previous times, seeking to read its silent message and capture each of its emotions.

In the past, flowers were used to send coded messages so that feelings could be expressed without words. This happened because the forbidden loves were very common and punished, so the lovers had to resort to other ways to show their love. Purple flowers used to be the favorites of many couples, so their emotions were linked to them.

Over time, this custom has been expanded until it reaches a special meaning in each flower, today thousands of meanings are known according to the type of flower and its color. So far, purple flowers remain at the forefront and tend to be used in a large number of common circumstances. Your language adapts to any type of relationship, so you can give purple flowers to your sister, grandmother, and partner, and your message will adapt to each relationship.

🌺🌿 Effect of Purple Flowers on People


Although it is difficult to understand how a simple flower can transmit something like peace and tranquility, this is exactly what happens with purple flowers. Especially when placed in a space where many people and stress levels coincide. they accumulate.

According to experts and with the testimonies of people who received this type of flowers, the purple color in them offers a calming effect that unconsciously relaxes them. In this way, specialists in the field (psychological, sociologists, etc.) use purple flowers to treat their patients delicately, placing a vase with purple flowers in the office and transmitting peace and tranquility to the patient. how these are found in the query.

This is because the color lilac, in general, helps to balance any negative feeling that is in a person, absorbing all the bad energies of the people around. This is an optical effect that has to do directly with the meaning of each color, which is combined with the existing type of flower, thus creating a reflective and relaxing weapon for anyone, including children and older adults.

🌺🌿Purple flowers and the effect on children

This is guaranteed thanks to the charm that purple flowers reflect on children, who tend to see them above other flowers. The tranquility it produces can relax a child, which is why some professionals recommend placing purple flowers in the smallest room, especially if they are hyperactive.

🌺🌿 A great option for gifting friends

On the other hand, purple flowers are precious to give away, being a precious, striking, and exotic gift, since it differs from the flowers that usually are given. Although they do not cry out passion and love, they do reflect security, stability, and peace; therefore, after receiving these flowers, the message it brings reflects the stability on the part of your partner.

Finally, these plants, like purple ones, stimulate fantasy and imagination and tend to be used in sexual encounters or romantic dinners.

How to Make Beautiful Arrangements with Purple Flowers?

Now that you know the main types of plants, you can start setting up beautiful arrangements for bouquets and decorative vases.

You can make the arrangement in two ways: the first is using different types of purple flowers in the same arrangement. And the second is with just one type of plants. Just choose one of the types of purple flowers we quote here and set up your arrangement.

We cannot deny that the flowers are charming! They brighten the home decor and make the environment much cozier. And when it comes to this plants, which are exotic and have a beautiful meaning, the decoration is even more special.

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