8 Room Dividers Trick for You to be Inspired! 💗

8 Room Dividers Trick for You to be Inspired 💗

8 models of room dividers for you to put in your home decor! 62+ photos for you to get inspired and make your environment even more beautiful.

The subject that goes viral on the internet is about room dividers!

Nowadays, apartments are getting smaller and smaller, and you need to divide the space in the best possible way.

Physically, different spaces do not necessarily have to be divided by walls, on the contrary. The use of walls is not the best solution to give the feeling of spaciousness to the place.

You can choose to divide the spaces or areas of your home with lightroom dividers, decorative pieces, curtain shelves, among other options that do not weigh on the environment.

Check out some tips and see room dividers that best match your home.

1 Room Dividers in Island

1 Room Dividers in Island

Gastronomic island idea of open concept, stable North America, is here to stay. Its goal is to join the kitchen to the dining room, usually through a high counter with stools instead of a wall.

The evolution of these room dividers created what we know as islands or peninsulas. In them, it is common to place a stove (or cooktop), sink, workstation, or cut and place for quick meals.

The difference between islands and peninsulas is that the first is wholly detached from the wall. In contrast, the second usually has one of its smaller sides still attached to it.

2 Room Dividers in Screens

2 Room Dividers in Screens

When we talk about screens, we can remember those used in the grandparents’ house. However, the variety is much more comprehensive, and the possibilities are endless.

The materials and designs used are modern and often fun, there is something for everyone to look for.

The screens are often made of different materials, they are room dividers that do not lose eye contact. But each one has a different need, it is always good to consult a professional to have the best tips for your space.

3 Room Dividers with Bookshelves and Objects

3 Room Dividers with Bookshelves and Objects

For those who need and like products to support books, plant pots, and decorative objects, the shelves are high for performing this function and, at the same time, serve as room dividers for the environment.

For this, it is possible to opt for more extensive items between one area and another, personalized shelving that goes from ceiling to floor. Or even shelves attached to each other and suspended, giving a touch of modernity and fulfilling the main objectives.

4 Room Dividers with Closets and Dressers

 4 Room Dividers with Closets and Dressers

Furniture such as cabinets and dressers helps to divide rooms, especially when they are taller and/or more extensive.

It is possible, for example, to isolate the place that has the bed and to “build a room” or to divide the area between bedroom and office.

5 Room Dividers with Wooden or Plastic Crates

 5 Room Dividers with Wooden or Plastic Crates

Plastic, wooden, or even pallet boxes are on the rise in decorating environments. To take advantage of these room dividers, it is possible to stack the boxes, divide the place, and take advantage of the space of each of them as a support area. Accommodating books, DVDs, CDs, and decorative objects.

For this, it is necessary to fix the object on the floor and, if necessary, on the ceiling, so that there are no accidents.

Besides, it is possible to paint the products or choose items of colors appropriate to the destination environment.

6 Room Dividers with Light Decorative Curtains

 6 Room Dividers with Light Decorative Curtains

Cords hanging light cords made with mirrors, beads, fabrics, ropes, or even ceramic items is an excellent way of dividing door dividers.

For environments, curtains can also be great options. Varying from wall to wall fixing, use only in the middle of the ceiling or even directing to more discreet corners.

The choice of curtain, however, depends on the taste of the residents and the creativity of each one!

7 Room Dividers with Glass Door or Walls

3 7 Room Dividers with Glass Door or Walls

Naturally, glass offers greater refinement to the environment. When room dividers are used, it becomes a prominent point in the place, balancing convenience with differential.

For this, it is possible to choose doors between one area and another. Or even room dividers fixed with plain, decorated, wavy, or details selected by the residents.

However, it is worth remembering that, when choosing glass, even with the great design, there is less privacy between the areas.

After all, even with a clear division, transparency makes it impossible to isolate environments.

A tip is to opt for room dividers with glass doors or walls only in less personal or common areas, such as rooms and balconies.

Then, if there is a need to share more private environments, choose other forms of separation that leave the place more hidden.

8 Room Dividers with Photo Panel

 8 Room Dividers with Photo Panel

Entering the area of fixed panels with photos, we have panels made of wood. They feature several models on the market, allowing you to create a very cozy and inspiring room dividers.

You can choose from plain wood or choose from several adhesive options to create some space with your face.

Which Environments Should I Place Room Dividers in?

 Which Environments Should I Place Room Dividers in?

See below in which environments you can integrate and place room dividers in your home.

Room Dividers Integrating the Room with the Kitchen

 Room Dividers Integrating the Room with the Kitchen

Room and kitchen are among the most common combinations in projects with room dividers.

The absence of walls may be combined with the use of an island as a base for the cooktop, for example.

Or the use of a half wall with a granite or wood top (most used materials), with high benches. This makes the bench function for more informal and everyday meals.

Besides, these room dividers are the ideal option for those who enjoy the company of family and friends while preparing meals.

The dining room, when the footage allows, forms the perfect trio in the integration of the social area of the residences.

It is worth mentioning that this type of combination is not restricted to short films, causing surprising effects also in larger spaces.

Room Dividers Integrating Room with Office Integrated Living room

 Room Dividers Integrating Room with Office Integrated Living room

And office needs special care since the office environment most often requires more privacy and isolation.

In properties with few residents, or where only those who use this feature spend more time, this problem is minimal.

But for homes where there is more movement of people, a good tip is to use a retractable door made in joinery.

It can be closed and works as beautiful room dividers and panels for the office, and, when opened, it makes the environment unique.

Room Dividers Integrating the Kitchen with Service Area or Laundry

Room Dividers Integrating the Kitchen with Service Area or Laundry

The most used way of integrating these 2 spaces today is the use of the planned joinery to visually unify the environments.

An alternative, but quite harmonious application can be made using hollow elements. Like cobogó, they are very functional room dividers for ventilation.

There is a wide range of possibilities and varieties of construction materials leaked on the market today.

Room Dividers in Bedroom

Room Dividers in Bedroom

Integrating spaces is a trend, and in addition to the aesthetic look of this modern style of construction, integration is still a great bet on expanding areas. Even in dorms.

And if you are thinking of a modern way to integrate spaces and create smart and contemporary boundaries, you can bet on room dividers for your room.

Room dividers are very common in different environments. In new projects, it is increasingly common to use the element as a delimitation of spaces in the bedroom.

Room Dividers Integrating Room with Office

The idea is to make the most of your privacy and be able to relax your mind and body while performing the most individual activities in the environment.

Therefore, it makes the joining of rooms in the intimate area a desire of many modern residents. The office connected to the bedroom, for example, is a useful application for the dreamed home office.

In this case, the use of carpentry is a great tip for creating room dividers such as panels, shelves, and more diverse applications.

Whether to form a partial closure between the two environments, creating greater privacy for the office without leaving it segregated from the room.

Or simply to limit the use of different spaces bringing more comfort to the environment.

Room Dividers Integrating Closet with Bathroom

Part of the glass wall, visually integrating the environments through transparency, planned joinery forming room dividers.

The use of halls and corridors in the rooms are some of the possibilities to create room dividers and maintain some privacy in each environment of the unified space.

It is essential that this integration is partial to maintain the minimum privacy necessary for the comfort of residents.

Today, in apartments with reduced size and a privileged location, catering to single people or without children, the open concept is taken to maximum capacity.

In the name of the feeling of spaciousness, minimal walls are spared. Therefore, only in environments that require more privacy, such as the bathroom.

Room dividers and other joinery and decoration resources are used to subtly delimit the environments, bringing the necessary privacy to each use.

Mirrors are also examples that successfully add the effects of multiplying light and space.

Types, Photos, and Models of Room dividers for Bedroom: MDF

Types, Photos, and Models of Room dividers for Bedroom: MDF

room dividers are one of the proposals to delimit spaces in the bedroom. They have several advantages in using this type of material:

1. The similarity to wood: MDF looks very similar to wood, and this is a great advantage since it maintains the warmth that wood is capable of giving. But at a lower price than the noble material.

2. Colors: the MDF color range is another advantage of this material that can be used in room dividers. As the content has several color possibilities, you can find the perfect option to match the design and decoration of the environment.

Among the varied possibilities of using MDF room dividers in the bedroom, this project is an inspiration for those who want to divide the room into two spaces.

The double bedroom has an MDF room divider that also works as a panel for the TV, and thus divides the space of the bed and a small room.

Plaster/Drywall Room Dividers

Another material that can be used in room dividers for a room is drywall or wallboard. The material resembles a traditional masonry wall but has the advantage of being built more quickly.

Thus, like the traditional wall, the drywall or plaster room dividers can also gain other finishes. Like painting or wallpaper, which further enhances the room dividers created in the environment, for example.

Benefits of Room Dividers

The integration of environments is a trend when it comes to building or renovating houses and apartments. The main reason, in addition to practicality, is the sense of spaciousness that the concept brings to architectural and interior projects.

The way of life of those who live has become more dynamic and accelerated. With a shortage of time, people want to make the most of the moments when they can enjoy the privacy and comfort of their homes.

They do their chores, entertaining, and resting in the company of their family and friends.

In this context, it is easy to understand why today, the significant trend in architecture is, without a doubt, the integration between environments, the so-called open concept.

So, this is where room dividers have really entered the world of great architects and interior design.

The integration of environments goes beyond breaking down walls, requiring planning and harmony.

And in addition to the most used solutions, such as the union between rooms and kitchens or kitchens and service areas.

There are other possibilities for the creation of new and broader space from the union between different parts of the property.

Three reasons why room dividers and open spaces are an ideal solution

For some time now, there has been a strong trend towards open space and room dividers.

It is a common request in recent restructuring projects and mostly refers to living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

1. Promote socialization

As well as other design options, the room dividers option has an impact on how the inhabitants of the house use the space and interact with each other.

The idea is to live in a shared and supportive way, allowing the inhabitants of the house to become a more sociable and encouraging dialogue between everyone.

It also improves socialization in case of events and meetings, favoring hosts who must change environments frequently to ensure that guests are well served.

2. Promote internal / external connection

The open space and room dividers have an impact on the increase in natural light, ventilation, and the connection with the outside.

Depending on the architectural plan of the property, the open space allows all occupants, anywhere in the free environment, to enjoy the light and possible views such as gardens and panoramic views.

3. It is an ideal choice for small apartments

Breaking the walls is a universal solution to increase the feeling of space in small houses.

When buying a property, more and more people want an airy, spacious, and bright place. And with the ever-smaller supply in terms of footage, people are looking for room dividers and new standards.

Disadvantages of room dividers

Although there are definite advantages to this type of layout, there are also disadvantages, and some people think that it is a tendency to stop opening spaces.

1. Noises, odors and kitchen mess can be a problem

In general, kitchens are the center of many open spaces and room dividers. However, the role of the kitchen becomes somewhat complicated.

Since many people are unfavorable because of odors, dirty dishes, and mess in general.

Also, when it is necessary to use the kitchen during an inconvenient time for the rest of the family.

Whether they are sleeping, studying, or watching TV, the noise can be annoying. And, in an irreversibly open space, there are no doors to close to drown out any noise.

If it is possible to have two kitchens, great, but as this is not the reality of the Brazilian family, this can become tiring after a while.

2. Lack of support walls

When you remove walls and surfaces that can be useful. You remove elements that many need. Especially in small houses since using a wall for furniture and shelves can save a lot of space.

So this is one of the reasons why room dividers are not an option for everyone. If your kitchen is not large, it will become even smaller, since the wall where you can place your cabinets or refrigerator will disappear.

3. There is no privacy

One of the problems encountered with room dividers can be confusion. Especially for larger families. What to do when two or more people from the same family receive different groups of visits?

How to separate the conversations and activities and still remain in the social space of the house? It can be tricky to get friends into the living room while someone else inevitably has to use the kitchen.

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