Rugs: 16 Right Ways to Combine with Home Decor! ❤️

Rugs: 16 Right Ways to Combine with Home Decor! ❤️

To help you choose the right rugs for your home, we’ve sorted out the trends that are up this year for you to get inspired! Check Now!

Rugs are gaining more and more space in home decor and no wonder. The industry in this segment has done everything to conquer the consumer. Therefore, they invested in innovation and technology to offset the cost-effectiveness of this item. After all, to have a rug beautiful at home, it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money.

For alternative raw materials made production very cheap. Then, lighter and more beautiful pieces emerged.

Rugs bring comfort and practicality to environments and can completely change the look of a space. Besides, these pieces, so crucial for decoration, leave some doubts when choosing the ideal model. This is because the types of rug available in the market are numerous, and so many options can be confusing.

So to help you choose the right rug for your home, we’ve sorted out the trends that are up this year for you to get inspired!

1. Shaggy Rugs are on the Rise!

Shaggy Rugs are on the Rise!

The shaggy is that rug that makes you want to spread out and stay there, in all its cuteness. This model is made of synthetic fiber with a high and furry coat. Therefore, these materials bring about a feeling of comfort and well being.

As they have large coats, they are indicated chiefly in resting environments. So they are ideal in a living room and TV room, for example. They are suitable for spaces where people unpretentiously chat and gather friends. But beware, as these rugs are very fuzzy, cleaning should be done more often.

Precisely to prevent dust and other dirt from accumulating and getting caught between the hairs. Otherwise, the allergy is correct, and other respiratory problems may arise due to a lack of maintenance.

2. Handcrafted Rugs: Another Best Choise

Handcrafted Rugs: Another Best Choise

Handmade, which is nothing more than the art of handicraft, has never been so high in decoration. And regardless of the decorative style, there is always a way to fit this inspiration. Doubt? So how about starting with the rugs?

Handcrafted rugs have that almost unique custom touch. Also, they leave the decoration of the environment with that face of grandma’s house. They are made in the most different techniques, the most common being crochet and knitting.

These bug models came out of informality and large companies, betting on the handmade market, market this concept on a large scale.

3. Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are classic in interior decoration. Although you do not have one, you have probably heard of this style of play. It brings every comfort to the ambiance and cozy feeling.

Also, the Persian rugs bring with them a unique and very peculiar style that characterizes the piece and makes it a classic that lasts for centuries. This traditional tapestry model carries a whole tradition and culture of a people. Therefore, it is usually manufactured by hand.

Persian rugs are made up of materials such as wool, silk, or cotton, for example. They can be dyed with natural pigments extracted from plants, flowers, and minerals. In short, Persian rugs are super versatile and fit all decorating styles.

Whether in classic, contemporary, hippie, minimalist, or boho. As in every room of the house, from the living room to the toilet.

Persian Rugs Styles

Persian Rugs 2

The style of the designs of the Persian rugs characterizes quite the part and the composition. Moreover, it is also one of its peculiarities. In a classic and authentic rug Persian, the piece is composed as follows:

1. The outer secondary border: contour at the part extreme of the rug;

2. Leading Edge: Larger contour just past the secondary border;

3. Inner Secondary Edge: Edge that runs past the center edge and farther to the center of the rug;

4. Corners: These are on the four sides and within the edge contour;

5. Central Medallion: Medallion style design that sits in the central part of the rug.

6. Field: Fill with drawings that surround the medallion and within the area defined by the inner secondary border.

4. Rugs Round

Rugs Round

Give rugs round a try !! They may be much less popular than their rectangular versions. But it is as versatile as it is when decorating the house. So the idea that round rugs offer thousands of limitations in composing time is wrong! And now we show why.

Round rugs can help increase space in a small living room. Once, it attracts the look away from the walls. If colored, round rugs can act as an entrance to the hall, for example. Eye-catching and eye-catching designs can help define the rest of the home’s décor.

Rugs Round 2

Besides, the circular shape contrasts with the stiffer and sharper lines of the furniture. And so it provides an air of relaxation and warmth to the surroundings.

For those who like a charm in environments, especially in the living room, the ideal is opting for round rugs. This model is even more beautiful in decoration if used with furniture of the same format. Like a coffee or round dining table, for example.

The round rugs are also a grace to delimit certain corners of the house. Like the reading space, meditation, or the lobby.

5. Modern Rugs

Modern Rugs

Modern rugs can be the ideal decoration alternative for your interior. They are surprising for the variety of styles, innovative materials used in manufacturing. Also, your design is increasingly personalized.

Therefore, modern rugs are an excellent element option to add more beauty and functionality to rooms. You will find rugs modern in many different styles. You can choose the plainest designs that only or opt for the patterned ones, for example.

Another suggestion is to opt for those with a geometric design. Because these modern rugs help bring movement and a youthful feel to the environment.

6. Rugs Runners

Rugs Runners

The easily forgotten part of the house at the time of decoration is the hallway. It can go far beyond bare white walls, dim lighting, and dull floors.

The place of passage between the rooms, although not apparent, is used numerous times during the day in the traffic of people around the house. So a good trick to make space warmer is to bet on rugs runners.

Rugs runners are available in various designs, colors, and sizes. Being almost impossible not to find a rug that fits the decor of any space. Moreover, they are also made of the most numerous materials. The cotton ones are the most popular for this area of the house as they are also the easiest to clean.

A long narrow rug is a great option. However, you can also bet on placing two or three rugs runners of the same model. Unlike with floor-mounted carpet, rugs runners are easy to carry.

So if you need to move house or change the division rug. Just roll up, and you can easily transport it wherever you want.

7. Rugs in Kitchen

Rugs in Kitchen

Rugs in the kitchen can be well overlooked in some decorations. For they are usually chosen last or without much consideration.

Although not as important an element as others in the environment, it still makes a massive difference in the room. Moreover, it can really provide comfort and even safety.

So getting the rugs in the kitchen right helps make the room more cozy, modern, cheerful, and stylish!There are several models and materials, such as crochet, patterned. In addition to the treadmill styles, sets, for example.

If you are more classic, then you will find more traditional models. They range in diverse colors from the most discreet to the most vibrant shades! So rug in the kitchen helps add a more modern yet elegant feel to the room!

8. Rugs For Living Room

Rugs For Living Room

The rugs for the living room are great pieces to balance the furniture of the environment. It is recommended that the rugs for the living room be of a size compatible with the area where the furniture will be positioned.

So, to choose the ideal bug model for the living room, you have to measure the area of the room. This helps balance the measurements of rug with furniture, forming a harmonic composition.

As for those looking to leave the most modern room, a tip is to break the “rules.” So just use rugs of different sizes of furniture. For this, it causes a contrasting effect between them.

This contrast can also be achieved by mixing colors in the decoration, using the rug as one of the highlights.

Rugs For Living Room 2

Rugs for the living room in small environments should be in harmony with the furniture. Thus they will have the function of giving more prominence or softness to the room.

Therefore, it is recommended to place the centralized rug under the sofa (s), armchairs, coffee table, and rack, for example.

Also, smaller bug models for the living room may be another alternative. Thus they will harmonize with the decoration and highlight particular furniture or object.

9. Rugs in Bedroom

Rugs in Bedroom

The bedroom is the room that needs to be in harmony with your tastes. Also, it is a place of rest and should always be organized, well lit, warm, and very welcoming.

Where we rest, bedroom rugs should be very well thought out. For this location, the ideal rug is one that accumulates the least dust and is easy to clean. However, the rugs also serve to improve the room’s warm feel and acoustics.

You can use bedroom rugs in several ways. At the foot of the bed, for example, a rectangular rug helps to clean the feet before climbing into bed. Or they may be under some rectangular furniture with decorative objects.

In larger spaces between beds, cabinets, and in rooms with armchairs and coffee tables, handcrafted rugs are ideal. Because they can bring more life due to their vivid colors and their colorings.

The big tip is to opt for bedroom rugs that are lower. Especially those that can be swept daily without lifting accumulated dust.

10. Rugs for Kids

Rugs for Kids

In addition to giving more decor to the decor, rugs for kids are ideal for keeping little ones comfortable and relaxed. After all, it’s on top of the rugs they love to play with. Versatile, rugs for kids complement any decor or theme.

Also, they are available in a variety of formats, colors, and textures. So if your child wants an animal-themed room, for example. He can acquire a rug with jungle or marine animals to create the desired environment.

Regardless of what kind of rugs for kids you are going to get, you always have to take into account the likes of the little ones to capture their interest.Therefore, the easiest way to ensure that the rugs for kids you choose will be a joke success is to include the child in the selection process.

Rugs for kids will provide your child with a safe and comfortable place to play. Many of the floors in today’s homes are hard for the child to play safely.

Therefore, rugs for kids will also prevent falls thanks to their non-slip ability and prevent possible fractures. Also, they are usually padded. Being a comforting surface when you spend a lot of time sitting.

11. Cheap Rugs

Cheap Rugs

Finding cheap rugs boils down to just a question of where to look. There are many places where you can find cheap rugs, whether from past or discounted collections.

Some of them you can probably find very close to home in the so-called traditional trade. Therefore, the search for the ideal model in physical stores or even online stores. Several online stores sell much cheaper rugs than the so-called more conventional stores.

Our first instinct is to think that due to the price difference, cheap rugs are of more inferior quality. However, this is not always so. In fact, these stores offer more competitive prices because they also have lower expenses and get better prices from suppliers. Online stores offer numerous options at this level and with a simple click.

Moreover, you save your time and do not have to leave the comfort of your home, you can find good deals on cheap rugs.

12. Tips When Choosing an Ideal Rug

Choose the Rugs That Are Your Style: Just like choosing clothes, buying the ideal rug has to do with our personality.

It’s no use having a super conservative profile and bringing home a very colorful accessory. And the opposite also applies. Therefore, the first filter is based on the client’s personal style.

Always remembering that timelessness is a factor that contributes to the element not being dated and forever remains current.

13. Rug Size Must Be Proportional To Environment

The second feature that should be taken into consideration when buying a rug is its measurement. So take the measuring tape and measure where it will be before going to the store.

If you’re in the living room or bedroom, for example, your ends usually go under the feet of the couch, armchairs, or bed.

In the dining room, push the chairs back as if to sit or stand. Then, the rug should cover this area so as not to risk tangling in the seats.

14. Choose the Colors and Designs of Ideal Rug

As well as measurement, design, and color are also important aspects to consider. Therefore, organic forms suggest more relaxation and informality. While Cartesian images give more seriousness to the environment. Also, high traffic locations are the number one enemy of light colors.

15. Keep in Mind the Functions of a Rug

Keep in mind that the functions of rug go beyond coziness. The accessory delimits spaces without the use of furniture or partitions. It even provides acoustic comfort in the space. This quality may vary depending on the thickness of the hair and the type of texture.

Also, the rug place is not always on the floor. If it is a single piece purchased on a trip, for example, it can also be made of a beautiful painting hanging on the wall.

There is no rule where not to put the rugs. They are not only suitable for places where environmental quality is required.

For example, a passage where you would have to deviate from it so as not to step on it. Or a place that can get wet and need to be removed at every sign of rain.

16. Rugs Cleaning

Rugs Cleaning

A rug can be a controversial object in decoration. Some argue that it is terrible for allergic people and those who believe it is not so. After all, the biggest enemy of those who have a respiratory disease is dust mites, present in the dust that can be on any furniture in the house.

Over time, it is normal for rugs to start accumulating dirt, stains. Even odors derived from constant friction with shoes, pets, dust, and other factors.

The good news is that with some home cleaning products, it is possible to sanitize the fabric and remove stains. So, check out the tips we have prepared:

Rugs Cleaning tips 1 – Forget Commercial Cleaning Products

No need to rush to a store and buy expensive bug-cleaning products. Most people have some simple elements that can clean up the rug with extreme efficiency.

Therefore, baking soda, vinegar, and mild liquid soap are examples of bug cleaners and disinfectants.

Avoiding chemicals to clean up rugs helps you, which will save you, and your family, that you will not smell strong. It will also help the environment as it is more sustainable.

Rugs Cleaning tips 2 – Make Your Stain Remove

Over time, rugs often develop patches. Adults, children, and pets all contribute to dirtying the rugs.

Fortunately, the stains can be removed with a homemade solution. It is made by mixing one liter of cold water with 1/4 cup of liquid detergent. A mixer helps to mix the contents as it helps to create foam.

Therefore, to do the cleaning with the homemade solution. Then use a soft brush and gently rub the foam into the circularly mottled rug fibers. After the stain has been removed, the area should be cleaned with a damp cloth and dried with a hairdryer.

Rugs Cleaning tips 3 – Remove stains with a homemade recipe.

Dropped food or a drink on your rug? Stay calm! You can remove it with the ingredients you have in your closet.

You will need:

1. Hydrogen peroxide;
2. Sodium bicarbonate.

Mix the two ingredients into an effervescent solution and apply only to the spot of the stain. Let sit for a few minutes.

After that, simply remove the mixture with a dry white paper without ink. Necessary: Do not rub the mixture as you may spread the stain to other areas.

Avoid using papers with some placement, such as old newspapers, for example. They may drop ink and make the problem worse.

Rugs Cleaning tips 4 – Liquid detergent is also a powerful stain remover.

Some stains, such as those caused by fat, may need more cleaning power. Therefore, liquid detergent is the ideal ingredient for this.

You will need:

• 1 liter of water;
• ¼ cup neutral liquid detergent.

Mix the two ingredients in this exact ratio until they begin to foam. After that, with a soft brush, rub this foam over the stain in a circular motion. This will remove all the dirt that is inserted into the rug’s fiber.

Finally, remove the foam with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry. To optimize the process, use a hairdryer. The less time your rug gets wet, the better.

Rugs Cleaning tips 5 – Use vinegar for fabric rugs

Vinegar is an exclusive product when it comes to bug cleaning. Besides being a great sanitizer, it kills germs, helps remove stains, and fights odors. See how to use it in the rug.

You will need:

• Warm water;
• Neutral detergent;
• White vinegar.

Dilute the detergent in a bucket of warm water and add three cups of vinegar.

Apply the mixture over the grubby part of the fabric and rub gently. Wipe the dough with a damp cloth and let it dry. If necessary, repeat the entire process.

Rugs Cleaning tips 6 – Homemade Dry Cleaning

To do the dry home cleaning, mix equal parts cornstarch and baking soda. After that, add some spices or fragrant dry leaves. It can be cinnamon, cloves, and lavender, for example.

Mix the contents thoroughly and sprinkle the dust all over the rug. Cornstarch and baking soda will help to pull the dirt out of the fibers. While spices and leaves will fill the rug with a pleasant aroma. After 30 minutes, remove the dust with the vacuum cleaner.

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