Sculpture: Learn How to Choose The Best Model For Your Decoration 💎

Sculpture: Learn How to Choose The Best Model For Your Decoration 💎

Sculpture represent great ways to decorate with style and creativity. Find how to choose your ideal one! Get inspired by trends!

Considered as the third of the classical arts and very present in Greek and Roman culture, sculpture can take chapters and more chapters of art history books. Imposing, they were created in honor of great gods, kings, and facts.

Migrating from the status of unreachable artwork or monuments. Sculptures are no longer exclusive in streets and museums.

Therefore, nowadays, they are adapted for residential decoration. Sculptures represent great ways to decorate with style and creativity.

The environment is sophisticated, elegant, and differentiated. Then the room is filled with new references and objects that mark and tell stories.

Also, it is undeniable that choosing items for room decoration is one of the most fun parts of the new house tidying process.

With that in mind, we’ve broken down some surefire tips for choosing the right sculpture for your environment. So look at everything you will find in this article:

💎 Sculpture Types; 💎 For Your Home; 💎 Geometric; 💎 Wire Models; 💎 For Wall; 💎 Funcional Sculpture; 💎 Abstract Models; 💎 Sculpture Lighting; 💎 How to Decor?

Sculpture Types

Sculpture Types

Purchasing quality sculptures may seem like a challenge to many people. After all, what is not lacking are options of models and materials available in the market.

Currently, there are sculpture types made with the most diverse kinds of materials. Like marble, stone, iron, copper, and bronze, for example. Before purchasing the product, therefore, you need to be aware of these details.

So, for your purchase to be truly satisfying, it is not just the sculpture material that must be taken into consideration.

The design, color, and portrayed image should also be in harmony with the rest of the home decor.

Sculpture For Home

Sculpture For Home

Did you know that sculpture for home decor can make the environment sophisticated and charming?

Whether indoors (such as living room and dining room) or outdoors (such as balconies and barbecue area). So this is a different way of decorating, capable of adding a lot of beauty to space. Using sculpture for home is a way to renovate environments surprisingly and cost-effectively.

Contrary to popular belief, sculptures need not be restricted to the living room and bedroom only. The kitchen, the dining room, the balcony, and even the toilets can be differentiated containing one piece.

Sculpture For Home 2

Therefore, we cannot deny that sculpture for home adds an undeniable touch of sophistication and personalization to the environment.

Therefore, those who like fine arts can use and abuse in the decoration of the home or office. They reflect your lifestyle and can inhabit the most varied places, whether on the floor, in windows, hanging, or on tables.

As sculptures for home combine with the most diverse environments, from the bathroom to the balcony or garden. Increasingly affordable and democratic, sculptures add the touch you want to the weather. That can be classic and refined, cheerful and playful, modern, and contemporary or sensual.

Geometric Sculpture

Geometric Sculpture

The geometric sculpture has gained prominence in decoration and fashion. Therefore, this trend is no longer new. Originating in the artistic movements of cubism and concretism, geometric shapes represent art. Also, they help create visually rich scenarios.

In decoration, curves and lines may appear on decorative objects. These can be furniture, prints, and even coverings that make the décor timeless, modern, and with a touch of originality.

Geometric Sculpture 2

So choosing geometric sculpture to compose the decoration is the best idea. Because they fit different types of decoration and give a touch of personality.

Sculptures can be realistic, representing themes and situations with great detail. The abstract ones also contain, as a means of expression of irregular forms.

Wire Sculpture

Wire Sculpture

One of the current decorative trends is wire sculpture, which pleases the public for its versatility, good quality, and aesthetics. Then she can organize different rooms in one house.

Also, wire sculpture can give different touches to the environment and optimize small spaces. The wire sculpture is an excellent cost-benefit for those who want to stay on top of the news, without spending much.

As for its decorative qualities, this new trend brings modern and stripped air to the environment. Especially if it is made of a suitable material and contains exciting colors. This will simply match your creative skills to your preferences to create a completely personalized environment. Another unknown factor when choosing wire sculpture in your decoration is to match the colors of the piece with the palette mounted to the room where it will be applied.

An industrial style, for example, works best with earth tones such as copper. Already a contemporary decoration, with more colors, calls for more differentiated pieces to match the space.

Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture

Recently a new concept of decoration has emerged, which is wall sculpture. An ornament that should be placed directly on the wall, with various application forms and different shapes. This allows them to go beyond the 2D design of frames and stickers without the traditional frame shape.

Wall sculpture can be found in different formats. It can be in wood, MDF, steel, iron, among many other materials that can build this sculpture model. Therefore, you may find the perfect model to suit the other decor found in the rooms.

When it comes to shapes, wall sculpture is perfect for widening environments. Because this model makes the rooms look bigger and more spacious.

One of the most widely used sculpture models is the use of a hollow shape, be it in any drawing. The ideal is to position it next to a white wall. This will provide clean air and create that feeling of spaciousness.

Functional Sculpture

Functional Sculpture

There is also a functional sculpture model. Who says artwork should be made just to look at?

An exciting way to have them around the house is by making them functional or adding to those that were already produced with this intention.

There are chairs, sofas, and armchairs by famous designers that are authentic sculptures. For they fulfill this function. However, not everyone has the financial availability for this, it is true.

In this case, you can take advantage of the small sculptures to support the towel in the toilet, for example.

Other medium-sized sculptures can be used to compose the feet of a corner table with a glass top. Thus the table will make the details perfectly visible.

Another suggestion would also be to bet on hooks, frames, and hangers, for example. They are made to add a touch of personality to the environment.

Abstract Sculpture

Abstract Sculpture

Abstract sculpture usually has the gift of provoking feelings or retrieving memories through its artistic styles.

But by distancing itself from traditional understanding, abstract sculpture can speak to our soul. Also, it is capable of achieving a genuine connection with our inner self.

In the abstract style, sculpture no longer relies on the resemblance of all that exists. And then it became free.

This style has become an expression tool that connects the essence of things. Be it spiritual, philosophical, ritualistic, or historical.

This freedom is extended to the understanding of the spectator who interprets and sensitizes the work according to its history and cultural background.

Sculpture Lighting

Sculpture Lighting

Making a good partnership between art and decoration also requires extra care with sculpture lighting. Therefore, it is essential to invest in sculptures and position them strategically. But if you don’t provide useful light for them to see, you can lose everything.

Rooms can have sculpture lighting highlighted with their own natural light. Investing in ambient lighting with spots and light fixtures is the finishing touch.

However, if you choose to invest indirect lighting, you can bring the decorating evidence that your artwork deserves.

Wall lamps, sconces, and lamps are examples of lighting you can choose from. They are charming and still highlight the painting or sculpture that will make a difference in the style of your home.

Depending on the type and location of the point of light, sculptures will receive shadows that may or may not value it. So always be aware of this detail.

Best Place To Put The Sculpture

Everyone likes to have a special place in the house. It is usually the one who is most relaxed, loves to read, or simply think about life. So this is an excellent place to put your favorite sculptures.

But a good tip is to create a theme and insert sculptures that please you visually and be in keeping with the environment.

So think of some sculpture that is pleasing to your eyes. It can be a picture of a wooden sculpture on a table, for example. Or a more gigantic floor sculpture next to a large potted plant if the decoration is rustic.

Another suggestion is to choose a sculpture of the most varied materials, such as iron, ceramics, paper, plaster. Or some sculpture in recycled materials.

It can also be a sculpture-looking luminaire; or even an architectural element that has sculpture character.

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden

The sculpture garden symbolizes life, and the most used in these cases is usually clay, iron, among others.

You can choose from modern or Baroque-style handcrafted pieces that can stand between plants or on walls. Compose with some lanterns, candle lighting, or torches, that space will gain an all special charm.

If the garden is significant, for example, you can bet on sizeable massive garden sculptures and fixed places.

In the case of small balconies, the tip is to put them on the walls and/or corners. For it frees circulation and prevents garden sculptures from being overturned.

How To Choose The Best Sculpture Garden?

How To Choose The Best Sculpture Garden?

A sculpture garden can do a lot for the surroundings of your home. For it becomes a perfect focal point when positioned correctly.

The job of a focal point is to draw attention to some parts of the garden, breaking the monotony of the plants and creating additional interest. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to choose your statue. Look:

Sculpture garden tips 1: Choose a theme

Sculpture garden tips 1: Choose a theme

The first step is to decide a theme for your garden. What style do you want? There is a sculpture for each issue, so plan your choice well.

If you have a garden with a very natural style, for example, it is best to choose sculptures made from more rustic materials such as wood or stone.

Sculpture garden tips 2- Invest in decoration

Sculpture garden tips 2- Invest in decoration

Wood, stone, and even glass benches are great options to decorate the garden with style. Also, you will make it look like the old gardens, so portrayed in movies and books.

But beware: the material must be resistant to weather conditions of nature. If installed in indoor gardens, periodic maintenance is required.

Sculpture garden tips 3 – Distribute the elements well.

Sculpture garden tips 3 – Distribute the elements well

Do not fill the garden with thousands of ornaments. In addition to visual pollution, this can disrupt the circulation in space.

Here, it is worth valuing more for quality than quantity. So choose the pieces you like best and spread them around the room in a harmonious way. A landscaper can help you with this step!

Sculpture garden tips 4 – Pay attention to the size of the pieces!

Sculpture garden tips 4 – Pay attention to the size of the pieces!

If you have a garden pond, a full-size, wild-themed sculpture garden is an excellent choice.

Large open spaces can be excellent for more massive garden sculptures, such as reptile pieces or a fountain, for example.

Sculpture garden tips 5 – Match the colors.

Sculpture garden tips 5 – Match the colors

Unless you have a baroque garden style, avoid the garden sculptures of pure white and classic style.

Generally, they tend to resemble cemetery sculptures and shy away from the theme of most modern gardens. Nevertheless, the decision remains yours!

Sculpture garden tips 6 – Consider installing a font:

Sculpture garden tips 6 – Consider installing a font

If you want to install a font, choose one of the compatible sizes. Opt for a model that doesn’t disrupt the garden view. Because they are more delicate, the small fonts are usually the darlings of the moment.

How To Decorate With Sculpture In House Environments

How To Decorate With Sculpture In House Environments

Who has a fireplace gets a touch of class with a beautiful sculpture on it. Especially if it is made of plaster and is matching the fireplace frame. You Can Choose decorate with sculpture at the coffee table, next to books or chandeliers, it also looks classic.

Place a plaster bust in the middle of a solid wood table and have an eclectic effect. If the piece is more extensive, leave it in the living room furniture or on the bookcase.

Do you know that sculpture or bust with mystical figures and gods?

It looks fantastic, especially when it is restored marble and is peeling, aged look. Nor could they lack decoration tips with sculptures with animals.

So the trick to make no mistake when inserting thematic pieces in the most diverse spaces is always to think of adding a dose of personality and style, preferably telling a story.

This ensures that cats, bears, dogs, horses, and other animals invade your home. Without “fighting” with the compositions that are there.

Besides, this little rule goes for all other sculptural decoration formats, isn’t it? In the end, balance is right for the eyes.

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