😍Sectional Sofas Modern + Sold and Wanted of the Year! 💎

😍Sectional Sofas Modern + Sold and Wanted of the Year!💎

Sectional sofas are not just a type of seat. They can be the biggest protagonist of a decoration. In the living room, for example, a well-chosen sofa model can be one of the most important pieces of furniture.

That's why architects and interior designers care so much about making a good choice, right now. After all, the right model has to be beautiful and comfortable for the people who inhabit the property; and still, meet the aesthetic proposal made for space.

And you, what do you take into account when choosing sectional sofas? All details must be taken into account when choosing the right model for your environment, from size, shape, fabric, color, and even comfort. Still in doubt? So, just take a look at the tips I have separated for you to hit the nail on the head in choosing the ideal sofas for your room:

Sectional Modern Sofas that became a trend in decoration this year


The modern sectional sofas can also be small, with two or three seats, or large, with more than three seats. It is also possible to choose models of sectional modern corner sofas, retractable, reclining, and chaise. The most important thing is that such a style will always appreciate two main characteristics: comfort and aesthetics, but always with a clean, minimal aesthetic.

The modern sectional sofas can be used both in modern decoration proposals, as well as in the most elegant and sophisticated ones. More relaxed and youthful styles also go very well with this model.

Best Fabrics:

The fabric was chosen for the modern sectional sofas also directly impacts the aesthetics and functionality of the piece. For those who don't want to go wrong, the most suitable are the modern linen and suede sectional sofas, while for those looking for something more glamorous and sophisticated, you can bet on a modern velvet sofa. Leather models are also an option, but it is important to mention that this type of coating can be a nuisance in warmer regions.

Chesterfield Sofa: The wealth is in the details!

A classic option among modern and luxurious sectional sofas is Chesterfield. Despite being more traditional, this model creates a very interesting mix of styles in your room.

With it, you can recreate retro and vintage styles in your home, which opens the opportunity to further style your room with pictures, pillows, and fur blankets. You can also be inspired and implement the rustic style, which highlights more the elements of nature in the decoration.

Curved Sofa:

Undoubtedly one of the biggest trends this year was the models of sectional sofas modern curves. This model gradually appeared and ended up dominating the décor. It may not look like it, but the piece is versatile and can complement both a retro atmosphere and a sophisticated atmosphere. Especially if the sofa is covered with velvet.

Whether as the main focus of a room or simply an unusual way to make your guests feel more comfortable talking. Know that the curved modern sectional sofas are not only functional: on the contrary, they also become part of the style of your space.

You can opt for more common upholstery such as fabric or leather and combine them with an industrial decoration, but it is possible to get into the retro spirit and choose a model of velvet with matelasse. Whatever your new sofa, it will definitely stand out.

Sectional Sofas With Chaise


The sectional sofas with chaise are a classic model that adds comfort and charm to the decoration of your environment. Perfect for the TV room, its elongated structure ensures that your legs are stretched during a relaxing moment.

There are several options on the sectional sofas with chaise, in different sizes, colors, and fabrics. They are quite versatile models and ideal for small rooms. Because most models have a retractable chaise or a separate chaise, which ensures that you use it wherever it is best.

Sectional sofas with chaise to optimize spaces:


Whether the lack of space is an important issue for you when choosing sectional sofas with chaise. Know that a good alternative is to invest in a retractable model. This version has the longest part separated. Therefore, when you want to optimize the space in the living room, you can change the shape of the sofa and make it more compact, without the chaise part.

If you are the type who likes to have friends over to sleep at home, the sectional sofas with chaise can even serve with the sofa bed. In this way, the model accommodates guests comfortably and practically.

Sectional sofas with chaise for each style:

With the variety of sectional sofas with chaise that we have today, it is not difficult to find one that exactly fits the decorative segment you have at home. It is possible to choose fabrics and accessories that reflect your good taste and personality.

For lovers of contemporary or minimalist or even rustic decor, leather is a great ally as a covering for sectional sofas with chaise. For those who do not give up comfort, suede is one of the great darlings for the sofa with chaise. Add cushions and a sofa blanket and you will have a perfect boho atmosphere. For fans of glamor and classic décor, the capitonê and matelasse finishes are the ideal options, ensuring refinement and sophistication to the central furniture in the living room.

Bet on neutral colors:

Sectional sofas with lighter shades, such as white or cream, can serve as bases for romantic and Provencal decorations. Just use floral pillows or blankets with pastel colors for the piece to further reinforce these delicate and beautiful styles.

Regardless of the models of sectional sofas with chaise you choose, the important thing is that your choice pleases you, reflects your personality and the style of the composition of your space!

Separate chaises (without sofa):

In the case of rooms that have less than this footage, it is possible to use the only Chaise, that is, the old flirts from the past decades. Only with Chaise is it possible to have the comfort to stretch that leg and still be able to receive a visit or another in the room.

Sectional sofas with two-seat chaise:

The sectional sofas with chaise two seats are compact and generally have a design that fits the body, being quite comfortable despite the small size. There are several options on the market, including modular ones, which can be transformed into two super stylish armchairs!

Sectional Sofas Leather


The sectional leather sofas are capable of transforming a living room, adding all its elegance and warmth to the environment. The available models can vary widely between colors and design. Going from the rustic style to those more modern and minimalist.

Models for all tastes:

As for the models, there are several sectional sofas leather with a more rustic look. However, there are other classic and luxurious and also functional ones, such as retractable leather sofas. The choice of your leather sofa will depend on the rest of the decoration in your environment.


Considered a practical and easy to clean sofa, leather has several benefits: The material does not concentrate heat and its temperature adapts to the temperature of the human body, the material is waterproof, which makes it last a long time.

Because there are so many types of sectional sofas leather, it can match any type of decor. In fact, leather can be combined with other furniture, such as armchairs and puffs of the same material.

Combine the sectional leather sofas with the decor of the room:

In decoration, an important tip is to combine the sectional leather sofas with blankets and cushions. In addition to making the environment more colorful, they make the sofa more inviting and cozy. Regarding the colors, the caramel color is a trend in decoration, brown is the most traditional and combines well in an environment with wooden furniture. In addition to these, we can find sectional sofas leather in black, gray, white, and others.

Types of sectional sofas leather:

• Legitimate leather: it is the most common type to compose sectional sofas leather, being extracted directly from the animal, making it more resistant than other materials.
• Synthetic leather: The less of the legitimate leather there is, the better. A synthetic leather sofa uses polyurethane to make the sofa.
• Ecological leather: Although the process is almost the same as legitimate leather, the difference as ecological is that the manufacturing process is less harmful to the environment.

Sectional Sofas Small


The size of the sofa is of concern to many people. Small, large, or medium? Choosing models from sectional sofas small is not one of the simplest tasks. And, even before you go shopping, you will need to measure your space calmly and follow some precautions. But, don't despair, even with little space you can have a beautiful environment.

Sectional sofas small can complement the feeling of an enlarged environment. At first, you need to check the measurements of your living room to choose the appropriate model. If your environment calls for a small sofa, avoid the traditional three-seater sofa, this can take up precious space that can be used in another way.

Without arm:

The ideal model for a small room is the sofa without the arms on the sides. The armrests of a sofa can occupy up to thirty centimeters of the space available in the room, when opting for the sectional sofas without arms, this free measure can be used to increase the spacing between the furniture and thus ensure that the room becomes wider.


Many people do not know, but the model of sectional sofas small in L for small rooms is an excellent option to optimize space and gain more accommodation. This model is also a good idea for anyone who wants to use it as a room divider. After all, it is common in small houses for the living room to be integrated with the dining room or the kitchen.

For those who want to make the most of the environment, the planned model of sectional sofas small L for small room is undoubtedly the best option. Despite the higher value, these models of sectional sofas small in L take advantage of every corner of the compact environment. These models can also be planned with space to store items such as books, pillows, and others. Oh, and the best thing is to put good lighting in the room.

Models with feet are more suitable:

The sectional sofas with exposed feet are great for small rooms, after all, they do not interrupt the floor design and this prolongs the environment. In contrast, models that go to the floor are more robust and do not create a feeling of spaciousness.

Attention to format:

Do not place a sofa with rounded and cushioned ends in small rooms, they take up a lot of space. The ideal is to opt for the sectional sofas small with stiffer foam and the square shape, they fit better in the corners of the walls and avoid wasting space, especially in small environments.

Sectional Sofas Sleeper


It was a time when models of sectional sofas sleeper were considered something heavy and grotesque, with an outdated vision. Nowadays it is possible to find different types of sectional sofas sleeper. They can be a modern, traditional, square, straight, foldable, corner, among many other options. The fact is that the piece has evolved over the years, becoming a favorite and indispensable in the decoration of many houses.

Ok, but how to choose the sectional sofas sleeper? Given the variety of models, types, and fabrics, it is difficult not to be in doubt when buying. For this reason, it is important to prioritize some key points. Mainly, assess the real needs so as not to regret it later.

How to choose the ideal models?

If the purchase is made in person, you cannot leave the house without a measuring tape and the exact measurements of the location that the Sofa Bed will use. Today there are several cell phone applications for measuring spaces. So it’s worth doing a search on Google. You can't make this and other mistakes when decorating.

If the purchase of sectional sofas sleeper is in Online stores. The recommended is to analyze what size that sofa will occupy in the house. To do this, just cut out cardboard in the size of the upholstery. Then place it over the area that the sectional sofas sleeper will occupy. So it is already possible to have a real sense of the space to be used.

Consider the fabric

There is another element that must be taken into account when choosing sectional sofas sleeper. For example, if there are children at home, two cool options are the sectional sofas sleeper corino or the sectional sofas sleeper in twill. They are easy to clean. If there are animals, they can also be an alternative due to the accumulation of hair. However, these models are not immune to scratches and gnaw.

For those who want to give a touch of elegance to the environment, it may be that sectional sofas in chenille or polyester are great options. In terms of durability, the second fabric gains more.

In terms of comfort, sectional suede sleeper sofas are often in demand. In contrast, they are a little more difficult to clean. But if it is not used much, serving only to receive visitors and guests, it is worth testing.

Buying over the internet:

Before buying sectional sofas sleeper over the Internet, even if it is in person, you must have a list of items. After all, it is good with high added value and you will surely use the upholstery for a few years: • What size sofa do I want? • Fabric? • Do I need a Sofa Bed for visitors? • Loose or fixed pillows? • Do I have space for a couch? • I have cats and dogs, what is the best fabric? • What is the ideal color for my environment?

Sectional Sofas Gray


The trend in decorations and favorites of interior designers and architects, the sectional sofas gray has its space guaranteed whatever the project. Versatile and adherent to any type of space, this furniture guarantees a modern, bold, and very elegant look to the environment. Check out the ways to use it in different types of space and choose your favorite.

Combining gray models with room decor:

Before investing in a room with sectional sofas gray it is interesting to do some research. This way it is already possible to think and plan how the decoration of this room will be.

For the decoration of a neutral room, the sectional sofas gray can be a great ally. Harmonizing other neutral tones like white, black, and beige for example. Join with gray, it will be possible to have a room with sectional sofas gray very elegant. And if you have a TV panel, it looks even better!

To make the neutral decoration of the living room a little cozier, it is interesting to invest in wooden furniture. As an example, a coffee table or even a blind, this way the union of elegance and comfort that woody tones provide in a single environment occurs.

Bet on the shades of Pink and Copper:

The combination of shades of pink or copper with the gray sectional sofas can make the room look a little lighter. Also, to ensure a touch of femininity very delicate to the environment. Pink can be present in chandeliers, lamps, blankets, armchairs, or even in cushions for sectional gray sofas.


The Chester model could not be missing from the list of options for sectional sofas gray. This is one of the most fashionable sofa types today. This model is an icon of classic rooms, and in gray, it is very elegant. Without a doubt, it is a sofa designed to steal all eyes.

Tufted backrest and metal rivets throughout the silhouette of the sofa. It is available in different shades of gray, such as anthracite, pearl gray, bluish-gray, and dark gray. You can find it at Kenay Home.

Guaranteed success:

The gray sectional sofas will always be a great success for our living room. Especially for the versatility brought by the gray color, since we can combine it with an infinity of colors and patterns.

We cannot forget that if we want to bring serenity, but at the same time personality and elegance to our living room, betting on gray is a great success.

Sectional Sofas Large


So-called when it features three or more seats, the sectional sofas large exist in models aimed at all decorative styles. They range from classic and elegant to modern and industrial, in different colors, fabrics, textures, and formats. Everything makes the furniture a versatile piece and able to adapt to different plants and environments.

What are the types of sectional sofas large?

If until today for you, ample furniture was synonymous with annoying or something not cozy, your concepts will change! The proof is in the options of sectional sofas large and comfortable currently existing and worthy of receiving and accommodating with a lot of coziness and elegance. If the idea is to fill and decorate a large social room, these models can be essential.

Protagonists and the main host of a home, the sectional sofas large models vary in fabrics. Leather, corino, suede, chenille, and cotton are the most common. Due to its larger dimension, the furniture usually presents sober and neutral colors. Precisely so as not to create a cartoon effect in the environment. Among them is white, beige, gray, cream, and brown.

Corner sofa with chaise:

The large sectional sofas with chaise became a trend in the decoration that is here to stay. For those who do not know, this type of upholstery has an extension in one of its seats. Depending on the model, this extension can be fixed or retractable sofa. Therefore, the decision on which model is best to choose will vary depending on the size of your environment.

The L-shaped corner model accommodates several people:

Whoever has a small living room with a TV panel knows how important it is to be able to use all the spaces present in the environment. Therefore, often inserting a traditional sofa may not be the ideal option, especially for those who receive many visitors. Therefore, it becomes feasible to opt for large sectional sofas in L format. Walls that partially share an environment can receive this type of 3-seater sofa as well.

Decoration tips:

One of the living room furniture said to be indispensable and that most integrate family and friends, sectional sofas large offer different possibilities for the environment. Also, the model is a wildcard to give people the chance to “spread out” and enjoy leisure. Have you ever thought of creating a neutral and refined setting with it? Just choose one of the many models of sectional sofas large available today and leave the decoration on account of several colorful pillows.

Combine with more decorative elements:

Even though the sectional sofas are large, if the room is large, it is possible to compose the decor using other elements. Thus making the space cozier. The lounge chair, for example, is a great choice, because, in addition to having versatile fabrics that can match the large sofa, it adds value to the corner and offers an extra place to sit.

The proposal serves for different styles of sectional sofas large and can follow different outfits. For those who like the boho or ethnic pattern, for example, the tip is to mix various colors and patterns on both furniture and adornments. For a contemporary or Scandinavian theme, a lot of sobriety and at least one signed design piece.

Tips for small spaces:

Remember: if your space is compact, sectional sofas large should be used with a lot of planning and a strategic layout. A good suggestion is to use only a corner or retractable model instead of filling the entire space with lots of small furniture. Enjoy!

How to choose the ideal models?

The first step to getting it right is to take all measurements from the location. Notice:

• if there will be space for other furniture:
• if there will be a good distance between the sofa and the TV,
• it will be possible to circulate in the room without having to bump it.

After that, it is nice to determine the decorative style to be able to choose a sofa that matches perfectly. The design is what guarantees the ideal fit together with the fabric and texture.

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