Shabby Chic Decor: Why is the Most Spoken on the Internet 😍

Shabby Chic Decor: Why is the Most Spoken on the Internet 😍

Is merging styles your thing? So you need to know Shabby Chic. Thanks to its delicate, charming, and feminine essence, it has conquered more and more space in homes, transmitting touches of romanticism to the environment.

The inspiration for the Shabby Chic style comes from the old country houses in France and England, making it also have some bucolic and nostalgic features.

Have you thought about revitalizing the living room, bedrooms, and even the kitchen of your home or apartment? With shabby chic, combinations of extremely good taste and refinement are available. Curious to know the multiple possibilities of shabby chic and apply them in your home? Read on and find out!

What Is Shabby Chic?

What Is Shabby Chic?

The shabby chic style is a type of decoration that was inspired by the country's houses that existed in England and France for many years. It mixes the old with the new and creates a delicate space, very feminine, and with lots of lighting.

The literal translation of the name “shabby Chic” would be something like “shabby chic”, so the decoration mixes furniture or more sophisticated objects with pieces that are worn, like aged wood and even old flower vases.

Shabby Chic Decor Tips And Inspirations That Became A Trend:

Shabby Chic Decor Tips And Inspirations That Became A Trend

The main characteristics when it comes to shabby chic decor are delicacy and romanticism. This decoration proposal is charming and brings that vintage touch all cozy and warm to the environment.

However, by proposing a mix between sophisticated pieces and others simple and marked by time, shabby chic decor ends up being striking and full of personality. So it is necessary to pay attention to some details and basic characteristics of this style so as not to have an error. Check out each one of them:

Light Colors And Pastels:

Light Colors And Pastels

Soft colors are a big difference when it comes to shabby chic decor. In this type of decoration, white predominates at the base and shades of pink, blue, lilac, and yellow color furniture, curtains, rugs, pillows, and small decorative objects. But remember: in shabby chic decor the preference is always for pastel tones or candy colors.

Use Of Metal, Iron, And Wood:

Use Of Metal, Iron, And Wood

In shabby chic decor, the use of wood, metal, and iron is more than free. Bet on the combination of these different materials and the more worn they are, the better.

The Rustic Charm Of The Patina:

The Rustic Charm Of The Patina

They still haven't invented anything more shabby chic decor than patina. The technique used to make furniture look worn is all about style. So don't leave it out. You can remodel a piece of furniture using the patina - the internet is full of tutorials teaching you how to do this - or, if you prefer, you can buy a ready-made one.

The Turn Of Prints:

The Turn Of Prints

The prints enter the shabby chic decor to reinforce the romantic and vintage character of the style. The most used are floral and chess. It is even possible to mix the two prints, careful only to maintain the harmony of colors between them.

Shabby Chic Frames And Mirrors:

Shabby Chic Frames And Mirrors

Pictures and mirrors cannot be missing from shabby chic decor, especially if they have a worn frame or, who knows, still worked in patina. The round mirror models bring an even more romantic look to the decor.

Shabby Chic Flowers:

Shabby Chic Flowers

Flowers, a classic symbol of romanticism and delicacy, could not be missing from the shabby chic decor. Spread them around the house in classic vases or in personalized containers, such as teapots, cups, cans, and bottles.

The Shabby Chic Mix Of Styles:

The Shabby Chic Mix Of Styles

Being able to mix different styles in the same decoration is what makes Shabby Chic so special. The most common, as previously mentioned, is to mix classic elements with rustic pieces, but it is also possible to add a little modernity to the decor, using, for example, glass, crystal, and stainless steel elements.

Where To Use Shabby Chic?

Where To Use Shabby Chic?

Shabby Chic fits into any room in the house, but the favorite places for style are the kitchen and living room, but nothing prevents you from adding Shabby Chic features in the bedroom, bathroom, and wherever else you find interesting. Just be careful not to make your house look too funny, as the style has enough strength to fall into exaggeration if used disproportionately.

The Power Of Shabby Chic Furniture

The Power Of Shabby Chic Furniture

The shabby chic furniture combines restored period pieces with more contemporary elements. Different decorative elements and materials are mixed. Wooden or iron elements have an aged or worn appearance.

However, the furniture is classic with rounded contours, bathtubs, and cabinets with legs, four-poster beds, large dining tables that also serve as a work area in the kitchen, classic or country style armchairs and chairs.

The sofas and armchairs are shabby chic furniture in white, with floral touches, decorated with blankets in pastel colors. Furniture is painted in white or neutral tones. Beautiful chairs with grid support, also painted and renovated, are very elegant in this environment. Everything that recalls ancient times and the atmosphere of country life.

Patina Like Furniture And Metals:

Patina Like Furniture And Metals

In principle, the patina is a style of shabby chic furniture in which the name was given to that agglutination of certain chemical substances on the exposed part of the metal.

When artisans discovered that this feature could enhance the appearance of an object, it began to gain prominence. Over time, painting techniques have emerged that can reproduce this typical aspect of patina - both on wood and metal.

Visually, shabby chic furniture in patina displays an aged and elegant tone. These two traits already indicate why the technique is one of the most frequent in the shabby chic style. Thus, it is not difficult to come across wardrobes, dining tables, desks, living room coffee tables, and picture frames, for example, customized through the patina. It even looks good on windows!

The contrast between pieces of wood and metal:

When an environment includes pieces of wood and metal, he manages to compose a very particular shabby chic furniture. This effect is caused precisely by the contrast between these two different materials, which provides a very striking refinement.

The whole scene acquires even more nuance if special care is taken when combining the soft tones of wood with metal incisors. Think of the different gradations of colors in some Van Gogh paintings, for example. Depending on the painting of the walls, the result can be magnificent.

Try bringing worn shabby chic furniture closer to iron chairs, for example. In this case, there is no need to repaint the chairs. But it is also fully possible to paint them with the patina technique, as long as the end result is a harmonious contrast with the rest of the environment.

The Romanticism Of Shabby Chic In The Kitchen

The Romanticism Of Shabby Chic In The Kitchen

A kitchen decorated according to the Shabby Chic kitchen style leaves the residents of the house and visitors eager to spend hours there talking and enjoying great recipes because of the harmonious environment that this trend provides.

To compose the space, adopt cabinets, shelves, counters, tables, and chairs with a rustic appearance. Wood is a great material to have this effect. If these pieces of furniture are painted white, add utensils such as glasses, plates, spice racks, tea towels, and pots to the decoration, with the typical colors of the Shabby Chic kitchen style.

Another good option is to include vintage pieces in the kitchen, further increasing the bucolic and nostalgic aspects of the design. Natural floral arrangements are also very welcome.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Accessories:

Shabby Chic Kitchen Accessories

To create your own atmosphere in the Shabby Chic kitchen, accessories and coverings are very important. For that, in the case of Shabby Chic kitchen, it is worth investing in the so-called “trinkets” that, certainly, you have already seen in grandma's house.

There are jars, glasses, kettles, decorative boxes, and even vintage pots that together form a messy and purposely old effect and that collaborates with the shabby chic decor.

These pieces can be used and worn and for decorative use in the shabby chic kitchen. You can pan them at thrift stores, flea markets, and even at relatives' homes. Who knows, you may not find a precious item in the attic of your own home to complement your Shabby Chic kitchen.

Flowery wallpaper can also be a great ally, as well as old, hand-painted tiles. An American kitchen, for example, can receive a counter full of tiles decorated with mixtures of prints that is the face of this aesthetic.

In short, Shabby Chic kitchen is a mix of worn-out furniture and delicate details borrowed from Provençal and romantic style. The result is the exaltation of simplicity as a synonym for extremely good taste!

Bet on Chess:

Chess is very welcome in this space in the house. Bet on towels and table pillows in this color and retro frames to decorate the kitchen. Another useful tip is to invest in utensils reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. A retro clock also looks great in the kitchen, in case you don't want to invest in the utensils and want to make a few modifications on the spot.

Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby Chic Bedroom

You spend the whole day involved in a routine full of commitments and activities and at the end of it, you want a place with great comfort and refinement to rest. This can be found in the delicacy and warmth of these style of bedroom. If you admire well-preserved and decorated antique pieces, floral prints and chandeliers, and mirrors, the style is right for your bedroom!

Gathering family objects, furniture, and vintage items found in good decor stores with touches of romantic fabric is the way to prepare this special place. Enjoy the inspirations of My Easy Decoration and transform your space too! The idea is that it represents all the warmth and serenity that a Shabby Chic bedroom must-have, after all, even the busiest routines require a moment of relaxation and rest.



If you can make changes to the furniture in this space, bet on those that are made of wood or iron, common in these style of bedroom decoration. Wallpapers in lighter shades of pink, blue, or green are also recommended.

Can't you make changes to the walls and furniture? Bet on floral or plaid covers and curtains, always in lighter colors. A white sheet with red flowers or a red and white checkered curtain, for example. On the walls, if you are not interested in the wallpaper, it is worth putting some cute comics with that more retro style.


How about changing the traditional wardrobe for the old dresser that was on its side? Sand it, varnish it and give the furniture a new look. To decorate it, an old vase with flowers is a great choice!

• The walls are also used to use these style of bedroom style. Hang comics with portraits and paintings and bet on frames that make reference to older styles.

• Use reused frames or buy in stores, thrift stores, or bazaars. To give the piece a new look, paint it to look like it’s old.

• Demolition wood is very welcome in the room that follows this style.

• In other words, bet on reused wood to make the bedroom furniture, such as the shelf and the headboard.

The Charm Of The Shabby Chic Living Room

The Charm Of The Shabby Chic Living Room

One word that must accompany your construction of a Shabby Chic living room is romanticism. This is because this type of decoration is intended to create a very romantic and calm air. To start decorating a Shabby Chic living room think of wooden furniture with a worn look - very old style.

There are many new models already in this style, but it is worth guaranteeing some furniture in antique shops to give an even more exclusive look to your Shabby Chic living room.

Do Not Overdo The Quantity Of Furniture:

Do Not Overdo The Quantity Of Furniture

For bringing the feeling of spaciousness in the space, these style of living room must contain a few furniture - according to the available footage. However, elegance is the keyword of a Shabby Chic living room.

Therefore, shabby chic furniture needs to have details on the feet and arms. For the sofa, the finish must be worked and with a feminine touch. Light colors are mandatory for a flawless effect - make it match the shade chosen for the curtains.

The finishing touch of these style living room is on account of the accessories. Flowers and candles for an intimate look are welcome. Place them on the coffee table and sideboards, which may contain your mirror surface. In this way, the living room will take on contemporary contours in a totally classic style.



In the living room try to match the color of the sofa with that of the curtains. If the furniture has been there for some time, it is worth thinking about the idea of a cover that looks like the curtain of space. The tones should be more delicate and the floral or plaid look very beautiful.

The furniture can be made of wood, to give a more rustic touch to the environment. Don't forget the flowers. Take advantage of the tables and even the furniture to place a vase with delicate flowers, usually in pink or white.

Those who prefer to invest in metal chairs - remember that metal and wood are common features in this style of decoration - can use pillows to make them more comfortable.

Ribbons and bows match this decor trend. Apply them to pillows or wrap them around flower pots.

Shabby Chic Dining Room

Is the dining table at your house separate from the kitchen? Don't worry, you can apply the shabby chic style to it. If the furniture is made of wood, paint with more delicate colors. As for the chairs, bet on a mixture, some of wood and others of iron.

Now if you don't want to modify your table - or it is made of another material, other than wood - invest in plaid or floral towels, with very discreet colors that give a more romantic touch to the environment. While the table is not in use for meals, always leave a vase of flowers on top.

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