Small Bedroom Ideas Decors: Amazing Ways to Make the Best!❤️

Small Bedroom Ideas Decors: Amazing Ways to Make the Best!❤️

Thinking about small bedroom ideas is a reality for many, whether they are environments used by singles or shared between couples. The challenge of decorating locations of counted measures is not impossible and does not need to lose its charm. With the right pieces and colors, every room can provide comfort, functionality, and beauty in decoration.

Besides, the modern small room brings a current proposal to the environment and is all about people who like to be always ahead of their time. Get inspired by My Easy Decoration ideas and see how small bedroom ideas can be the ideal solution to create a beautiful and organized bedroom even with little space!

Small Bedroom Ideas Decor:

Small Bedroom Ideas Decor

Increasingly, people are opting for a house or apartment that is not so big, but comfortable. And with comfort, comes the beauty of the environment, right? But what to do when you have several ideas but the space is small?

Check out some tips for small bedroom ideas decor that we separated:

Bet In Light Colors:

Bet In Light Colors

To start, how about a light-colored environment? It is worth thinking that small rooms need clarity since the furniture that occupies the environment gives a "loaded" air. Colors such as white, cream, baby pink, or even a light yellow, help to make the environment clean and harmonious. Thus, you can have a better view of the space when we think of small bedroom ideas decor...

The furniture can be the color you like, however, the tip is to work in neutral colors, which give amplitude, so choose furniture that is of solid color, but doesn't leave your favorite colors out, they can help in that final decoration detail.

Cheerful Bedding, Curtains, Rugs, And Cushions:

Cheerful Bedding, Curtains, Rugs, And Cushions

While the walls are filled with lighter tones, the bedding, curtains, cushion covers, and rugs, among other accessories, bring bright, cheerful, and flashy colors to the details of the small bedroom ideas decor.

For this, have enough balance when selecting colors, as the idea is that these pieces offer tonality to space, without leaving a very heavy and exaggerated air.

Opt For Functional Furniture In The Small Bedroom Ideas Decor:

Opt For Functional Furniture In The Small Bedroom Ideas Decor

The best way to "increase" the size of the small room and have space to store your things without looking cluttered is by choosing furniture with various functions! A bed with large drawers, for example, can be an excellent solution. Beds with feet can even have their charm and give, in fact, the impression of more space (due to the circulation of light). However the space under the bed is precious, and if you live in a small apartment it is best not to waste it!

Open Closets:

Open Closets

Another tip for small bedroom ideas decor is to use open racks and closets instead of the traditional wardrobe! As these models do not have doors, the circulation space between the bed and the wardrobe does not have to be so large and, as a result, the room does not seem so cluttered. Also, the fact that it is open increases the circulation of light in the environment and makes the room appear larger.

On the other hand, if the organization is not your forte and you prefer a closet with doors to hide the mess, opt for the ones with the sliding door! In this case, you can use doors with mirrors, in addition to making the environment look bigger you use the furniture for more than one function.

Use of vertical space:

Finally, use shelves, niches, or modular furniture to fill the spaces of your small bedroom ideas decor well! By using vertical spaces, in addition to gaining space for storage, you make the walls grow, making the environment look bigger! However, when it comes to reduced spaces, it is important to choose shallow furniture, that is, with little depth!

The Power Of Mirrors In Small Bedroom Ideas Decor:

The Power Of Mirrors In Small Bedroom Ideas Decor

The Mirrors are old acquaintances of those who are decorating and want to get a little extra space. They can come through the wardrobe door, as a headboard or placed on the wall.

Pay attention only to what the mirror is reflecting. Ideally, it reflects light from the window, but it can also reflect another wall. The important thing is that it does not reflect spaces loaded with information. Because then you will have two spaces loaded instead of one.

Bunk Beds And Mezzanines For Small Bedroom Ideas:

Bunk Beds And Mezzanines For Small Bedroom Ideas

Another interesting, though not as simple, use of vertical space is the mezzanines and bunks. Especially if you have a high ceiling. In this case, this can be a practical solution to avoid the lack of space but also very charming !!

It was the time that the bunk was that bed that you fought with your friends to stay on top. Nowadays there are thousands of super modern and stylish models. including DIY - to help optimize the room (or loft) space. In addition to creating an atmosphere full of personality, you significantly increase your circulation space.


Finally, opt for a minimalist and simple room when thinking about small bedroom ideas decor. Many objects overload the environment and make you uncomfortable. The best option is larger objects and in small quantities.

Wallpaper, textures, pictures, and photos are also interesting decoration options since they beautify the environment and do not steal useful space from the room.

Small Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Small Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Want to know a little more about small bedroom ideas for girls? I know that it is very difficult to accommodate so much personality in a small space. However, with a good layout of the pieces and a smart choice of furniture, it is possible to leave the corner practical and comfortable to serve as a backdrop for the daily activities of your princesses.

Little Space And A Lot Of Personalities:

Little Space And A Lot Of Personalities

When thinking about small bedroom ideas for girls it is very important to preserve the identity of each one - even if they are quite different. This is very important for the development of small businesses. Therefore, create a composition that meets the wishes and needs of the two residents. But also take the opportunity to include the girls in the project and teach them how to work as a team.


Small bedroom ideas for girls requires planning. You will need to study the measures, assess the needs, and also the possibilities. Therefore, the first tip is to put on paper all the information about the room. And also what would be the wishes for him. In this way, you can see more clearly what is possible to put into practice and what is just a dream.

As for the layout of the beds, some very charming alternatives can make the room beautiful. For example, the use of a built-in bed. These models, where the second bed is hidden under the first, are very suitable when space is reduced and there is a need to keep a corner of play or study. Thus, the room is free during the day, and only at night, the bed is extended in the environment.

The Colors In Small Bedroom Ideas For Girls:

The Colors In Small Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Defining the style that the room will follow is necessary, to plan the best color options in the small bedroom ideas for girls And, yes, to decorate a simple girl's room you can go from one wall in one tone and the others in another. This style, in particular, looks very modern.

Green, vivid color combinations with gray, and earthy tones are welcome too. Anyway, there are so many colors that can be used that we would be here forever to talk. A good tip is to go with Classic Blue, this year's Pantone color.

Small Bedroom Ideas For Boy:

Small Bedroom Ideas For Boy

Thinking about small bedroom ideas for boy in the decor may seem like a difficult task, but the truth is that with a little help the task can be simpler, and as we always want to give you extra help and inspirations for decor, we separate tips that will make this task easy, and the boy will still get a very stylish corner.

Colors In Small Bedroom Ideas For Boy:

Colors In Small Bedroom Ideas For Boy

When choosing the color palette, give preference to light colors and neutral tones, which are easier to combine and help in creating a more classic and timeless boy's room decoration, without the need to change it so soon.

Leave the strongest colors to be used in some furniture and accessories, which will complement and give charm to the decoration. If you want to make a wall more interesting, you can cover it with wallpaper or put some wall stickers to give a little extra touch to the decoration of a boy's room.

Use the Bunk Bed:

One of the ideas that parents look for when talking about small bedroom ideas for a boy is to use the bunk bed but in a modern way. You can use the space left over to set up some space for study or to store toys. And the staircase can follow a different shape with bold shapes and finishes, which goes beyond the conventional and brings personality to the room.

Study Corner:

Books and notebooks should not be kept in the closet, as they need a suitable place to be always at hand when the need arises. For that, it is worth having a study corner in the room, with bookshelves and a desk. The child will feel stimulated to read and study from an early age.

Chest in Small Rooms:

Another suggestion for small bedroom ideas for a boy for those with small rooms is chests. Because they have perfect internal compartments to store the most varied items.

Such a piece can be placed at the foot of the bed, under the window of small rooms, or even leaning against the wall near the entrance door. Shoes, clothes, and bags are some examples of objects that can be stored in the chest.

In addition to the chests, other pieces of furniture also optimize space in small rooms, such as chest ottomans, drawers under the bed, among others. Bet on practicality and invest in keeping the circulation free!

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

If you have a small room at home and are having trouble organizing and decorating the room, don't despair. The good news is that some very simple small bedroom organization ideas will make your life easier by making this task very practical and leaving the room feeling more spacious.

Beehives, baskets, and boxes:

One of the biggest worries of those who have a small room is about clothes, accessories, shoes, and toys. How not to leave all this scattered? How to make everything fit inside the closet?

Sometimes this is only possible with the help of organizers. Beehives, baskets, and boxes are very efficient in this sense, being able to store anything you need.

Hives are great options for small bedroom organization ideas that can be used to store clothes, lingerie, jewelry, small bags, etc. The baskets are great for toys and magazines. Organizing boxes, on the other hand, are a stick for every job. You can put on shoes, clothes that are rarely used, bedding, toys, documents, photographs, etc.

And where to put these pieces?

Well, hives usually fit perfectly inside drawers and wardrobe shelves. The baskets can be hung on the wall to decorate the environment and be at hand for those who need to get what's inside. The boxes can be placed in the wardrobe locker, under the bed, on shelves (if they are very cute).

Bet On Hooks As Small Bedroom Organization Ideas Options:

Bet On Hooks As Small Bedroom Organization Ideas Options

Another useful feature is to place hooks at strategic points. This way, you will no longer have to leave your clothes hanging anywhere.

Best of all, in addition to being economical and practical, hooks can be a decorative element. Put on the most stylish bags and hats, which will give a special touch to the environment. If you want the pieces to be more hidden, use the hooks behind the door. They will have the same use, but they will not be so visible.

Pallets and crates:

Those who want savings can take advantage of pallets, as well as fair cases when thinking about small bedroom organization ideas. The pallet can be placed on the wall to serve as a panel for the TV. It can also serve as a bed base for both single and double - Japanese bed style.

Another suggestion is to rotate the pallet so that it is placed under the bed. On top of it, you can put shoes or other objects you need, and then just pull it when you need it. As for the crates, with customization, you can make a nightstand, chest, shoe rack, puff, niches, among many other items.

Behind the door:

The lack of space makes us use every possible corner. The back of the door is not outside, no! You can use it behind the door for hooks, which will be used to hang everyday bags, hats, clothes, etc. You can also create a necklace holder, for example, so that they are always on display.

Another famous small bedroom organization idea is to take advantage of the door to put on a suspended shoe rack (made of fabric or plastic). Leave only the shoes you use the most there. Remembering that this piece can be multifunction, serving to store accessories, makeup, toys, among others. Some use it behind the door also to put a big mirror.

Drawers under the bed:

Another suggestion for small bedroom organization ideas is to use mattresses with drawers underneath. Some furniture stores sell this product, but in most cases, it is better to make a mattress base on demand, with drawers in the project. This is a good organizing tip for rooms regardless of the person who will be staying in it. However, it is the best option for a child's room, especially for two reasons.

The first is that the mattress base drawers can be quite spacious for storing toys, such as balls, strollers, etc. And the second is that it helps to eliminate the fear that some children still have of monsters and hauntings that stay under the bed at night.

The bunk bed never fails in the small bedroom organization ideas:

For those who want to know how to organize a small room with two beds, the famous bunk bed is an infallible idea to make better use of the little space you have in the room.

With it, the two people can be able to accommodate themselves in the best way and still free a good place to circulate in the environment or add other necessary furniture.

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