Stars: 37 Ideas for Those Who Love Stars in Decoration! ✨

Stars: 37 Ideas for Those Who Love Stars in Decoration! ✨

Did you know that like a light that shines in the dark, stars are the symbol of truth, spirit, and hope? Furthermore, the Star is the union of the mind with the mediation of the soul.

It is for this reason that the stars are present in our daily lives in various situations. Therefore, they have become prominent in the world of decoration and have won thousands of fans around the world!

So if you want to add this magnificent element to your decor, keep reading this article! You will discover the best trends and inspirations! See everything you will find here:

• Find out what are the trends in the decoration of the environments;
• Inspirations of party decorations;
• Nail art inspirations and more!

Stars Trends – Objects

Stars Trends – Objects

The decorative objects make all the difference and give a highlight to any environment!

Therefore, the stars could not be left out of trends! There are several options for light fixtures, pillows, rugs, etc. Just choose the one that best suits your decor!

Stars Pictures

Stars Pictures

Decorating the house with stars pictures is an enjoyable task! In addition to being much cheaper than traditional paintings, of course!

The freedom to choose from numerous star picture options allows you to use your creativity! This way, you will leave your home more colorful, modern, and clean.

The layout of the posters also does not follow the rules: they can use in a symmetrical, asymmetrical way. Besides, they can be used in an upright position or even supported on furniture and shelves. Other options that will make your home more elegant and sophisticated is to opt for frames! They look perfect when combined with the right colors!

Stars on the Ceiling

Stars on the Ceiling

Generally, one of the most common ceiling decorations is one that has star-like lighting in children’s rooms. However, there are many other possibilities, if followed by some tips, that can leave the ceiling of your home merely amazing.

A good tip when making a ceiling decoration with stars is to know the minimum height of the ceiling. Therefore, the cap to be decorated must be 2.7 m. in height. Since some possibilities end up ‘lowering the roof of the home.

When the measurements are lower than this, then choose crown molding to increase the space. Besides, it is always important to remember the color rules. Light tones add amplitude to the environment, while dark tones leave the ceiling lower and bring warmth.

Rips in the ceiling and LED lighting are good possibilities, as well as using coverings that continue from wall to ceiling. Remember that when using colors, it is important to add elements of the environment that have tones similar to the color left on the ceiling.

Stars Wallpaper

Stars on the Ceiling

Sometimes all you need is to renovate your home decor. And for those who want to change the look of the home, but are restricted to the delay or the work that the changes can bring. The best is to invest in wallpaper.

The wallpaper decoration offers practicality and agility in the installation, without causing inconvenience. Besides, there is full availability of models, such as every day, printed or textured.

They provide sophisticated decor that meets the personality of the residents. The star’s wallpaper couldn’t be left out, right?

Kids Bedroom with Stars Decor

Kids Bedroom with Stars Decor

Who doesn’t like to watch a starry sky night, right? Stars are enchanting, mysterious, and magical. Children will love it! They still have a feeling of calm, warmth, and indescribable peace. Therefore, this is a beautiful and perfect theme for the children’s room.

An excellent tip for parents who love to get their hands dirty and like this DIY proposal. It’s the painting. So, how about painting the stars on the wall?

Opt for a darker or gray color, and use your creativity to paint the stars in the colors that match the room.

Kids Bedroom with Stars Decor 2

Another super cool tip is to use the stickers! They are a big bet on decoration and replace wallpapers. The effect is incredible. Have you thought about sticking them to the ceiling? The children will be delighted!

Finally, invest in mobiles, a string of lights, and a star-shaped luminaire. So, these elements will give an extra touch to the decor. Besides, they are ideal for cleaner proposals and create an atmosphere of tranquility. Christmas lights are beautiful in this proposal. We love it!

Stars in the Bathroom

Stars in the Bathroom

If the bathroom is no longer alive, there is no longer any reason to procrastinate that renovation you planned so long ago.

Therefore, having a well-decorated bathroom is not only synonymous with beauty, but also with more excellent hygiene and well-being. Because living in a well-planned environment dramatically affects our quality of life.

So how about making your bathroom more charming by using stars in the decoration?

Stars in the Bathroom 2

You will live up to your expectations, making the most of the potential that this environment has. But, for that, it is necessary to have some bases and fundamentals of decoration or, in other words, INSPIRATION.

It is evident that decoration has its bases and principles, but it can leave absolutely all that aside. For nothing works without inspiration sprouting in mind.

Therefore, it is only with this element that it is possible to create harmonious and coherent combinations that are capable of telling a story. Thus, the decoration draws attention for its class and elegance.

Stars at Beach House

Stars at Beach House

Excellent beach house decoration is one that makes you feel on the coast, even without going to the beach. Therefore, cozy spaces, hammocks, and everything that refers to the natural are welcome in this style.

But, the elements that characterize the beach are also essential, they leave the environments with the coastal climate that we love, and they are still very charming. The stars couldn’t be left out of this, could they?

Stars at Beach House 2

So, be sure to bet on the traditional shells for the decoration of the beach house. Use and abuse anchors, boats, starfish, and items related to surfing. So they make the house much more inviting and cheerful.

Another extra tip is to use the blue and green color next to your decor. You can mix neutral tones with more vivid colors like blue and white. Finally, the floral print is also in perfect harmony with this style of decoration, inspired by these compositions.

Stars Party Decoration

Stars Party Decoration

Hang, hang, and hang! It is the essential rule for a star-themed party. So, hang stars everywhere, and your party will be perfect! Enjoy and get some ideas of stars that can be attached to your buffet!

Besides, candles with or in the shape of stars cannot be missing! They give a touch of sophistication, refinement, and personality that you want so much for your stars theme party!

The lights are examples of how to light up your party even more with the brightness of these beautiful stars!

You can use the stars in a format better known to us or as it originally is. Then just use led points to illuminate a single area or a large part of the buffet. A hit!

Star Wars

Star Wars

The Star Wars theme as traditional, as several generations are loyal fans and who accompany films, series, and video games. So, if your boy is one of the class, then follow this mission of preparing a beautiful Star Wars party decoration to mark time and space. Okay, can we go?

Star Wars Invitations

As there are several remarkable characters, the idea is to choose the one that your child likes the most. If by chance, he likes Darth Vader, you can use the mask to be the invitation format, for example.

To make it more interesting, in the interior where the party data inserted, you can put a photo of your child’s face as a beautiful watermark! It will give the impression that he is wearing the mask. Imagine?


Star Wars 2

You can create a beautiful ship with birthday balloons only. Thus, guests will enter not only the party itself but in this vehicle that can take them on the most significant intergalactic journey.

In the corridor that leads to the cake table, you put a black carpet with several stars. Then, you must spread them spread on one side and the other the totems of the main characters of Star Wars. It will look great!

Guests table

Want to give a shock of colors? If the walls covered with black fabric or paper, place blue towels on the white tables and chairs.

However, if the environment does not favor it and needs to make it brighter, do the reverse. In other words, leave the walls clear (minus the panel) and choose to use a blue towel with a black table and chairs or invert.

To decorate the table, you have two good options (if you like). The first option is to place the dolls of the characters.

The second option is to place a personalized Star Wars pot with toys and sweets to please the guests.

Star Wars Birthday Cake

Star Wars Birthday Cake

At the table, you can spread out all the characters in the watch and battle position. Besides, you can place a rocket or space shuttle in each corner. So you will remind everyone that you are on a critical space mission. In order not to distract anyone, opt for a blue towel to tell you of the sky.

Stars Nails

Stars Nails

Beautiful nails? Blame it on the stars!!
Nail polishes are women’s best friends, aren’t they? Well, how about making a very different decoration, but very cool for the club or everyday life?

The chosen decoration is the star’s nails! They are beautiful and stylish and very charming. Check out the inspirations we’ve separated for you below:

Stars Nails 2

If you plan to read more articles about nails, so be sure to access our item of the best trends of decorated nails for you to be inspired! Click here to learn more!

How to Decorate Stars on Nails Step by Step

Step 1

The first thing you should do is choose the colors that match each other. You can use metallic colors, for example, which are so fashionable. Choose the colors you prefer and remember to combine mattes with metallic ones.

Step 2

After choosing the range, you are going to use, coat your nails with the base color. Take care not to apply too thick a layer.

Step 3

Then, when the layer is dehydrated, it’s time to draw the stars. You can paint the stars with a permanent fine point marker. Another suggestion is to use a stick or toothpick.

If you choose the toothpick option, then you can make asterisk stars with the tip of the toothpick.

Step 4

Be original and abuse your personality! In short, you can choose to paint your nails in various colors, for example. You decide.

Step 5

When the nails have dried well, then it is time to apply a layer of transparent enamel on them. It will make the design more resistant and will not disappear quickly. This way, you will already have your beautiful nails with stars!

Stars in Christmas Decoration

Stars in Christmas Decoration

Let’s talk about the Christmas star, which is also known as the Bethlehem star. It is placed on top of the tree or even on top of the nativity scene.

The star has become an ornament, a typical Christmas decoration for our homes. Therefore, it reminds us of the guiding star (the star that guided the wise men) to the birthplace of the baby Jesus.

The standard star has four points (representing the cardinal points). Besides, it also has a tail that resembles a comet. But we also use the five-pointed star (which resembles man, with his head, arms, and legs).

Stars in Christmas Decoration 2

The Christmas star represents the light of the world, which is Jesus Christ. She guided the wise men, who, seeing an intense fire in the sky, followed the brightness of the star. From that, they found the baby Jesus in a cave in Bethlehem.

Therefore, stars are traditional in Christmas decorations. Many people like to buy them ready-made. However, there are many ways, methods, strategies to make stars to decorate Christmas trees and also to decorate houses.

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