Sticker Paper: Learn How To Choose The Ideal Model ????

Sticker Paper: Learn How To Choose The Ideal Model ????

The subject of today the article is about sticker paper in decoration. You talked about home decor, then the famous stickers or wallpaper come to mind, right?

Be aware that adhesive papers are a big trend in wall and furniture decoration. Moreover, they are also widely used when it comes to modifying the decor of the environment.

They can be used on the wall, and there are many very innovative design stickers with different colors. See everything you will find here:

?? Sticker Paper on Furniture;
?? Ideas and Trends for Every Environment in Your Home;
?? Know the Difference Between Sticker Paper and Wallpaper;
?? How to Choose the Best?
?? How to Paste?
?? How to Remove?

Sticker Paper In Furniture

Sticker Paper In Furniture

When it comes to decorating, furniture sticker paper is a good, easy, and inexpensive alternative.

Because they are considered as a practical and full of advantages of visual renewal of your furniture . Also, they have a super simple application, since it requires no glue and specialized labor.

Sticker Paper In Furniture 2

The significant advantage is that sticker paper can have multiple functions. For example, it can help protect furniture, or it can give a new look to an older item.

So those who are tired of the look of their furniture can use the stickers to give them a look. It is possible, for example, to make a large sticker with a photo to stamp the wardrobe door.

Another alternative is to use various stickers in different colors to remodel a dresser, for example.

Sticker Paper In The Kitchen

Sticker Paper In The Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen by applying sticker paper on a wall to mimic tiles is a great choice!

Tile Sticker paper

There are currently several types of stickers that mimic typical tiles. They are square and can be sold separately. So you can choose the combination of stickers you prefer to cover your kitchen wall.

Also, it is cool that this form of decoration can only be used on one part of the wall and not on the whole.

So you apply the new decoration quickly and conveniently, creating a unique environment of your kitchen without a headache.

Sticker Paper On The Refrigerator

Sticker Paper On The Refrigerator

As one of the largest appliances in the room, the Refrigerator draws a lot of attention. That's why some people like to customize them, so they look new.

Therefore, stickers are an ideal alternative to make your Refrigerator super personalized and with your style.

Know that you can create a multitude of stickers, just choose the one that suits you and enjoy the new look of your Refrigerator .

Sticker Paper In The Bedroom

Sticker Paper In The Bedroom

Sticker paper is an exciting option to modify the room. They are usually charming and easy to remove. Also, they simply renew the ambiance, making the double bedroom more beautiful and stylish.

There are several types of sticker paper that you put on your wall . However, always take into account room size, wall color, picture size,

Only then do you try to give it a personal touch to make it very characteristic and personalized!

Sticker Paper In Double Bedroom

Sticker Paper In Double Bedroom

When talking about a double room, the first thing that comes to mind is a cozy, comfortable, and peaceful environment.

Therefore, for a good composition, be careful to choose the wall stickers. You should evaluate the possible coverings of the bedspread and bed pillows, wall colors, and materials of the furniture.

Sticker Paper For The Kids Room

Sticker Paper For The Kids Room

Decorating with sticker paper in the kids room is a simpler, more accessible, and cheaper way to change the environment. Because it is not necessary to go into works, so just choose the model and apply directly on your wall. Also, colorful and fun sticky papers have a direct bearing on children's development.

They contribute to the improvement of motor and cognitive skills, reasoning, speech, and hearing, among other functions. So use and abuse the various sizes, colors, and shapes the market has to offer.

Baby Room Sticker Paper

Baby Room Sticker Paper

Thinking about baby room composition is an extraordinary time for those who are waiting for a child to arrive.

Room decor is becoming more modern, and adhesive papers make up some of the most current trends.

Remember that they do not need to be applied only to the wall. Therefore, you can renovate some pieces of furniture using enveloping.

Thus, you do not need to invest in new furniture for the baby room if you do not want to. Sticker paper is your great ally at many times!

Sticker Paper In The Dining Room

Sticker Paper In The Dining Room

One way to break with the monotony of the dining room is to apply color to the walls. Neutral tones can make the environment very tiring.

To arouse the appetite and sharpen the taste, it is recommended to apply the shades of green or red. So use and abuse the sticker paper as an ally to this color rendering that will make all the difference.

You can choose adhesive paper from various themes such as cinema or gastronomy, for example. Other alternatives include motivational phrases, clocks, famous proverbs, city symbols, and more.

Sticker Paper In The Living Room

Sticker Paper In The Living Room

As in the dining room, the living room also requires a beautiful sticker paper decoration.

It is in this environment that most people opt for a larger sized wall sticker paper. It can be fixed to the wall behind the sofa or next to a closet, for example.

Models such as trees dropping leaves or signs with inspiring phrases are trends for rooms with more modern and stripped decor.

Already if you are looking for something more discreet. Then there are geometric models in golden or pastel colors that will give a delicate and minimalist touch to the environment.

Sticker Paper In The Bathroom

Sticker Paper In The Bathroom

When talking about the bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind is the small environment, right?

So the idea is to choose to stick the sticker paper on the shower box wall, for example. It will look beautiful and in the right place to make your bathroom even more attractive.

Another alternative is to play with the environment. You can set the wall aside and use the sticker paper in another way.

Fixing an elegant model in the glass case is very interesting, or even in the mirror, with some phrase or a simulation of a frame.

Sticker Paper In The Office

Sticker Paper In The Office

If you have a business, be it an office or home office. You know how vital and influential an environment has on the bottom line.

Therefore, the most practical and economical way to decorate your office is to invest in sticker paper for the wall.

You can find various models and styles. Thus, you can make your home office more classic, more modern, or with fun air.

What's the Difference Between Sticker Paper and Wallpaper?

There are some differences between one and the other. Therefore, it is your preference to choose which one is best for you.

Adhesive Paper

Adhesive papers are elementary, practical, and inexpensive. Now, they make a difference in any environment. However, it gives an incredible impression of dimensionality.

In other words, you will have a feeling of depth if you are glued to a wall, for example. The advantage of this paper is that it can be installed by anyone, even a child. So your application is super simple.

It can be sold in rolls or cartons, and some come with the cutout around the drawing. They are also easy to wash and change more often.


Wallpaper has some different characteristics from sticker paper. It should be applied with a specific glue.

Therefore, it is necessary to hire a professional who knows the work so that the final result does not present bubbles. Not hard to apply but requires care and attention

Wallpaper is also found in many different prints, colors, and patterns.

Another difference is at the time of material acquisition. Wallpaper is sold in rolls. Each standard roll is 50 cm wide by 10 meters long.

Remember that there is the possibility of customization, but not all companies do this type of service.

How to Choose the Ideal Sticker Paper?

How to Choose the Ideal Sticker Paper?

For you to choose the right sticker paper for your environment and not to err in decoration, follow the tips we have separated for you!

Match Colors Well

When choosing your sticker, be careful to select a color that matches the environment and the rest of the decor.

The sticker paper is usually large and catches the eye. Therefore, searching for palettes or opting for neutral colors is a great strategy not to go wrong.

Analyze Room Size The sticker paper must be proportional to the size of the room you choose. There is no point in choosing to paste a large model if your environment is small, for example.

This way, you will be visually polluting the place and also devaluing the beauty of the sticker paper.

Analyzing the Items Around

You need to reconcile the stickers with the existing decoration, such as paintings and colored walls, for example.

If you already have a colored wall, choose stickers that integrate perfectly with the environment so as not to leave it polluted or spoil the decoration.

How To Paste Sticker Paper?

How To Paste Sticker Paper?

To stick the sticker paper has no secret since it already comes with glue on the back. Therefore, you will not need the help of a professional to glue it. So it will depend on where you want to paste and also on its size.

If the model you choose is a large size and you want to stick it on the wall, for example. Then you will need the help of a ruler to slide the parts under the wall.

Asking someone else for help in this situation is also a suggestion. So you would not suffocate and would feel more comfortable when positioning and fixing it on the wall.

How To Remove Sticker Paper?

How To Remove Sticker Paper?

But many do not know that removing stickers is much simpler than it sounds. So this is another significant advantage of the product.

So whenever you get seasick or want to renew a room, remember that replacing stickers is a great option. Below are the tips we have separated for you to successfully remove your sticker paper from the wall:

Use the Hair Dryer

This is the most effective way and prevents the sticker paper from tearing. Then simply pass the hot-jet dryer over the adhesive for a few minutes. This will soften the glue.

Then turn off the dryer and start peeling off the label, being careful not to get burned if the object has become too hot. After removing the adhesive, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Hot Water

Take a cloth and soak in warm running water. Then rub a detergent sleeve over the glued surface.


Know that both cooking oil and essential oils can take off the sticker paper. So just wet a cloth or paper towel with the oil you have at home and rub over the waste.

For this technique, it is essential to test on a small region of the object first to avoid smudging.

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