🌵 Why Do People Think Succulents are a Good Idea? 🌵

Why Do People Think Succulents are a Good Idea? 🌵

Plants fill the environments with life, beauty, and even give a special touch of naturalness and freshness in the space. In this article we will talk about succulents in decoration, you will know everything about how to grow them and use them in your home, and garden follow. ♥

They get their name, succulents, for their high water-holding capacity, which is why most of them have fat leaves. According to the Feng Shui philosophy, succulents act as purifiers and guardians of environments, which is why they are so loved by decorators.

Minimalism, the diversity of shapes and sizes, and the friendliness of these plants made them the darlings! They are perfect for decorating various environments in the home, office, and wedding, yes, they have already become the official option for wedding favors. And it's not by chance, is it? They're cute! ♥

Succulents Funny vases


Those who prefer the most creative and young decorations can invest in the various models of funny vases. You can choose faces, characters, cute pets, and more.

Depending on the type of succulents, you can make an even more creative arrangement. As in the image in which the little plant appears to form a woman's hair.



Anyone who follows decorating blogs and internet trends must have come across succulents planted in cups. This is a really cool idea for miniature species, and you can use this arrangement at various points in your home.


Just be careful when assembling the soil, ensuring an extra layer of drainage, and keeping your plant healthy for longer.

Terrarium with Succulents


The terrariums are made in glass containers where it is possible to create a habitat favorable to succulents and other varied plants, forming a mini garden.

Because they are plants that adapt well to this type of space, maintenance is easy to do, and the result is incredible. You can choose the species you like best, the size of the planter, and set up your own terrarium.


To do this, simply choose where you are going to set up (it can be an unused aquarium, a bottle, a glass, or a proper container). Drainage elements, such as pebbles and broken tiles, charcoal, coarse sand, a substrate for growing succulents, seedlings of species, and mosses to decorate.

This is an excellent alternative to decorate the living room, bedrooms, and even lavatories, giving a touch of delicacy to the spaces.

Another exciting idea is to make several small terrariums and hang them on room dividers.

Hanging garden succulents: for outdoor environments


Those who live in apartments know how difficult it is to find space to create a different decoration and get out of the conventional.

For that, bet on the vertical gardens with succulents and see the incredible result that they bring to your balcony. You can place them on a wooden box attached to the wall or on decorative shelves and stairs.

There are also terrariums with exclusive handles to attach the plants to the ceiling and leave them hanging. The result is more life and creativity in your outdoor area.

Small Succulent Garden


Those who like to unleash their creativity can invest in miniature gardens. The idea is to set up a differentiated environment using only a vase.

In addition to succulents, you can add stones, miniature houses, plaques, garden ornaments, gravel, and other items. The result is magical and can be the highlight of your dining table, a sideboard, or a particular corner in your home.

Succulents at the Wedding


The succulents, who are from the same family as the cacti, invaded the universe of cerimonies and became a real fever among brides from all over the world. They are found in different sizes and colors; they are easy to care for, resistant, and, above all, charming.

Due to this versatility, these plants have been used a lot in wedding parties, giving a rustic and Mediterranean touch to the style of these celebrations. And this is because they increase the guests' contact with nature in a light and pleasant way.

Succulents in clay pots as a souvenir


There is no way to talk about succulents at a wedding and not automatically remember souvenirs. Because guests love to win succulents!

So the first suggestion is the traditional clay vase, which dispenses with magnificent ornaments and highlights what matters, the plant. A perfect combination because it unites the plant with the simplicity of the clay.

Succulents in cups as a souvenir


Another creative form of souvenir is to use succulents in a cup with a message of thanks from the bride and groom. I love this idea because it is simple and efficient!

That way, you can also use it as a decoration for the engagement, bridal shower, or wedding itself! And succulents as souvenirs are high requests because everyone loves this plant!

Succulents inside lamps as a souvenir


To transform the souvenir into a decorative accessory for the guests' homes, you can invest in succulents inside lamps. The result is incredible!

You can find several DIY videos on the internet explaining how to do it, and it's worth a try because it's not complicated!

Succulents in a paper bag as a souvenir

The last suggestion of a souvenir with succulents is with it in the traditional paper bag.

A practical and straightforward idea because it allows a personal and delicate touch to the pampering.

Colorful succulents in the bouquet


Innovate with a colorful bouquet that escapes traditional white and brings a strong boho style influence.

A bouquet of succulents is excellent for spring when the vividness of tones is even more evident. Orange, purple, red, and yellow form a stunning combination!

Succulents with cotton in the bouquet


Another bouquet option is the combination of cotton and succulents, mostly green and with some small white flowers.

A charming and very delicate mix for the bride. Perfect for winter weddings because of the sober tones!

Succulents with different sizes in the bouquet

The bouquet, which has different sizes and species of succulents, has a unique aesthetic effect.

You can vary the length of the flowers and leaves, but it is interesting to keep the same hue for greater visual harmony. Wreath of flowers

Forget the traditional wreath! The rustic version with succulents has been gaining more and more brides' heads over typical headbands.

You can choose to use more discreet flowers that form a single block of color, such as vibrant green, or invest in different shades, such as red, yellow, and orange. Mixing succulents with other flowers is also beautiful!

Succulents in Decorations Parties

Cushion for wedding rings

At your wedding, the cushion for rings can also be personalized. It can be "covered" with grass or moss and adorned with small, graceful succulents.

Groom Lapel

The groom's traditional lapel can also gain its own charm with the plant. For this, instead of a more formal flower, small branches or stems of succulents will be used, which will give a much more personal and unique aspect to the costume. Because the groom deserves it, right?

Godfather Lapel

The idea of ​​the label can also be used by the godparents with the use of stems, on average, with 3 centimeters.

However, it is interesting to remember that their bouquet must be more discreet than that of the groom because they cannot be confused!

Cake decoration


Yes, succulents can also be on your wedding cake! And they can be made with sugar by shaping the leaves.

One suggestion is to invest in white cakes and naked cake and dusted cake models that enhance this rustic aspect of this plant.

Candy Table


Succulents have such a strong aesthetic appeal in ceremonies that they even serve as inspiration for sweets. The delicacies can have the base of truffled chocolate, and the leaves are made of sugar.

Besides, they are beautiful adorning the candy table, because they take color and charm! Personalized cupcakes

In addition to the previous sweet, another dessert that will elicit praise is cupcakes inspired by the diversity of plant species.

Here, creativity will be a big difference, with models and options that will look like real works of art. I just don't know if anyone will have the courage to eat because it is too beautiful!

Wreath of succulents

Are you going to get married in a covered location? So, how about decorating the entrance door with garlands of succulents?

To get the look right, make sure that they have a darker wood color, to make the reception much warmer.

Hanging vases


Succulents, at the wedding, can also be present in small and medium-sized vases and jars, suspended on benches along the corridor, where the bride and groom will pass.

Table decoration


In addition to the personal touch with the succulents flower. You can prepare a beautiful arrangement for the centerpiece with some plants or just one if it is a more extensive and bulky species.

Succulents at an outdoor wedding


For outdoor celebrations, a good alternative is to shape the spaces with gardens, to create an entire array of succulents. The final result, besides being original, will be totally unforgettable.

Bridesmaids Basket


If you plan to have children as bridesmaids, a good suggestion is to look at the baskets that they will carry with colorful and varied species of succulents. We always think about flowers for the baskets, but why? Succulents can also be great options.

Place marking

Don't know how to indicate the place of the guests at their respective tables? So, how about using these adorable plants, in a minuscule version, with each person's name? It's a simple detail, but it oozes creativity and good taste!

Banks covered with succulents

Another exciting way to highlight the decoration with succulents at the wedding is to cover the ceremony benches with the plant. Think about this, especially if the reception is outdoors.

In addition to being different, they will undoubtedly serve as great backgrounds for photos of the ceremony!

How to Use Succulents in Decoration?

Succulents already have their own unique beauty. But they look stunning when the species are combined, and you can have the effect of their various shapes and colors. It is a visual spectacle. Know some tips to have this in your home:

♥ If the space is small, arrange mini pots with different succulents on a tray, for example;

♥ In larger pots, you can plant several types of succulents next to each other;

♥ As succulents are resistant, try planting them in unusual places, such as mini supermarket carts;

♥ An alternative for those who want to explore the rustic side of succulents is to place the pots or plant it directly on the ground, inside retro-style fair bags;

♥ Invest in a table center arrangement by placing different succulents planted inside an aluminum or wicker bowl;

♥ Combine sets of pots of different sizes, planting succulents of different heights also to compose a charming corner. With cacti they form a right combination;

♥ Succulents can also decorate the walls. Hang similar mini vases with succulents inside for a beautiful look.

♥ Try setting up an aquarium with succulents. You can fill 1/5 of sand and plant several succulents inside. Abuse plants with different colors. The look is super modern;

♥ On special lunch or dinner days, you can use succulents to make fun of the table. Put some of them in bowls, with a little bit of soil, to be charming;

♥ Inexpensive and straightforward decoration: enjoy the cans in your house, put them all together and plant succulents in each one. It is very contemporary. The same goes for glass bottles or wooden boxes.

Why are Succulents Most Recommended?

Simplicity and beauty in a single plant, the succulents are charming and the coolest of all: they are simple, with few colors and small variations in shapes. And as we have already said, those who do not have so much time available, do not require daily watering. Still, even so, they manage to maintain the beauty and charm of the environment.

Use in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are free. Creativity will be up to those who want to decorate.You can, for example, use several small vases on a tray to complement a decoration, with several different species.

Wild plants: both outside and inside

Want to use succulents to make the external decoration? You can. Want to use succulents in the interior decoration?

You can too. This variation is one of the great attractions of this type of plant. There is no reason not to invest in succulent decoration in the slightest.

What is the Ideal Environment for Succulents?

These plants like bright areas. Make sure to choose a space where the light reaches it, even if it is indirect.

Some species do not like direct light and burn. And an essential tip: to last, the vessel must have a drain (that hole below), which allows the water to drain.

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