Sunflower is tacky? Find out why the flower became a fever in 2023! ✨🌻

Sunflower is tacky? Find out why the flower became a fever in 2023! ✨🌻

The beauty, exuberance, and meaning of the sunflower make it a highly sought after plant for ornamentation.

In addition to these factors, it is believed that the flower brings luck and good vibrations to the environment, being widely used in Feng Shui because it has characteristics of the Sun.

Used in arrangements, planted in the pot, or in a garden, the sunflower is a highlight in any decoration. It is associated with success, fame, longevity, nutrition, warmth, and power.

When a sunflower is offered to a person who has started a business, the person wishes for success and good fortune.

Sunflower attracts money

Sunflower guarantees positive vibrations for the environments and for the people who cultivate it, while making any place even more beautiful and colorful.

If you plant at least one sunflower in your home, you and your entire family will have more strength and vitality.

If given as a gift, it symbolizes good energy, new experiences and luck for the person. This is because this plant is ruled by the Sun, known as the star-king for its grandiose power.

The yellow petals represent money and that is why it is widely used in sympathies and rituals to attract prosperity, achievements and happiness. Here are some:

Sunflower of wealth

On a Sunday morning, plant 11 sunflower seeds. Envision the flowers growing and that you are feeling the heat and energy of the Sun in your body. With great faith, think that your finances will improve. Take care of the plant with care.

Sunflower sympathy to call money

On a Thursday, dig a hole in the earth and place a coin of any value along with seven sunflower seeds. Seal the hole with earth and splash water, saying "sunflowers grow with my money". Pick up a few more seeds and throw them around. Take good care of sunflowers to attract prosperity and money.

Sunflower in Home Decoration Trends

Sunflower in Home Decoration Trends

There is something bright and cheerful about the sunflower. Perhaps it is the beautiful yellow color of its petals or the memories of the summer days.

So, whatever it is that attracts us, it also makes us want to bring it into the home. It could be a vase full of sunflowers picked from our garden.

Sunflower Trends

Or merely a child’s painting posted on the refrigerator door, sunflowers have their place in the decoration of our homes.

To maintain balance and bring the best of the plant to your environment, we have separated some tips:

Sunflower Wallpaper

Sunflower Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a worldwide trend in interior decoration. Today it is an indispensable item in the best decoration projects.

So they are the darlings of the most renowned architects, even to the most straightforward projects. Just below, you will see that a sunflower wallpaper makes all the difference in your home decor without making your environment look tacky.

Sunflower Painting

Sunflower Painting

A sunflower painting can add a environmentmodern and sophisticated touch to the . Even more so if you combine it with the yellow color!

Sunflower Objects

Sunflower Objects

We find these beautiful sunflower objects for those who like a more rustic decor. They are perfect for giving life and joy to the environment!

How to Decorate with Sunflower Tips

How to Decorate with Sunflower Tips

1. Think of using sunflowers as a brushstroke in your decor. Although they are beautiful, you don’t want them to overload the room.
2. They must be a subtle piece that can be added to any environment and decor, whether rural, modern, or eclectic.
3. Buy two or three sunflowers at the florist and place them in a vase. This is perhaps the easiest way to decorate with sunflowers.
4. Put it in a place where you will see it every day so that it illuminates the room.

Sunflower Tips

5. Frame an image of a sunflower. If it is large, it can be placed on a cupboard in the dining room or in the lobby to give a little warmth and welcome.
6. Use bathroom accessories with sunflowers, such as hand towels and soap dish. These simple touches are an easy way to decorate your bathroom with sunflowers.
7. In the decoration, you can use cushions with sunflowers, as well as other flower prints (mixing the sunflowers with different flowers as if it were a bouquet). Placing these pillows on a sofa in your living room during the summer can help you change the heavy fabrics used in the winter to something lighter and brighter.

Sunflower in Party Decoration

Sunflower in Party Decoration

A sunflower party can be the ideal option for a birthday or baby shower theme, for example.

This is one of the most beautiful, famous and loved flowers in the world and is therefore very popular for decorating celebrations. Therefore, adult and children’s events can be decorated with the Sunflower theme.

Sunflower Party

There are currently many references to follow when it comes to decorating environments, cakes, sweets, as well as creations of souvenirs and invitations.

With consistency, you can set up a complete party with lots of sunflowers! It is an excellent idea for those who want a bright celebration, connected to nature, and with a lot of charm.

Sunflower Wedding Decoration

Sunflower Wedding Decoration

Be sure to check out this beautiful sunflower wedding decoration inspiration! See how the details became super romantic and delicate!

Sunflower Party Decoration Tips

Sunflower Party Decoration Tips

How to make a decoration using sunflower? After all, can you only make this ornamentation betting on fresh flowersf? This is a common question that can make many people insecure when making this decor. However, it is not so restricted! The decoration of the environment can be done, yes, using natural and fresh flowers. They can be placed in medium-sized vases if they are on a table, or large, if they are on the floor.

Complete with stones, gravel, or even dirt. The ideal, if you are going to use sunflowers in nature, is that they are harvested/purchased on the day or, at most, the day before.

After all, if you buy long before you have wilted and not-so-beautiful flowers on the day of the party.

Artificial Sunflower

Artificial Sunflower

An exciting alternative, mainly to preserve the beauty of the sunflower and not suffer the risk of damaging it, is simply to invest in artificial sunflower.

Many florists, craft, and variety stores sell artificial flowers. And they are really a “hand on the wheel” for those who want to decorate and keep everything intact until the end of the party.
In addition to natural and/or artificial flowers, you can use and abuse other elements inspired by the Sunflower flower. For example:

1. Coined panel
2. towel stamped
3. frames with sunflower appliques
4. sunflower Toppers
5. Twinkies in a sunflower shape
6. cake decorated Good,

In short, these are just a few ideas on how you can make Sunflower party decorations.

Christmas Tree with Sunflower Turned Trend

Christmas Tree with Sunflower Turned Trend

You can associate bright sunflowers in your home garden, but now flowers are a Christmas tree trend, and we have to say. . . We love!

Christmas trees adorned with sunflowers are booming on the internet, with a thousand and one references, and we would be lying if we said that we are not obsessed with them.

Decorating the Christmas tree with sunflower is fashionable and the bomb idea on Pinterest. The search for the term on the inspiration platform increased by 66% and not for nothing, right? This is a different and simple way to renew the mood of your party.

Sunflowers work very well when combined with Christmas ornaments and lights. The flower still adds a colorful and fun touch to the silver bells in cool tones and golden stars.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

In the painting, the series of paintings “Sunflower” by the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh stands out. The paintings were produced between 1888 and 1889 during their stay in the city of Arles, in the south of France.

Van Gogh painted a total of seven pictures in the series, which are interpreted as representing the renewal of life from the continuous cycles of life and death.

-Sunflower Benefits in the World of Decoration;
-Sunflower brings Balance.v
Precisely because it is a flower of strong tones, the sunflower should be used with caution in the decoration.

As it is a flower of bright colors, it’s reading within an environment is focal; therefore, it should be used with balance and moderation in the decoration.

Despite making the environment more beautiful, you need to take some care when using sunflower decoration.

Because it has a vibrant tone, it is always good to observe the surrounding colors and use common sense not to mix without too much discretion. Therefore, if the environment already has many colors and prints.

Sunflower is a Style

There is no limitation on the use of the flower, as long as there is common sense for harmony in the sunflower decoration. In fact, it is a plant that goes well in many styles.

In other words, you can compose the decoration in any style, depending on how you use it, decorating with the rest of the composition.

In a more stripped-down style, it goes very well in contrast to a complementary color like blue, for example. In a more classic style, it can be used with more delicate objects such as a crystal vase.

However, in classic environments, its regular use is essential. A flower pitcher, a print on a small object, or a garland.

The coolest and out of the obvious, you can use without moderation, daring of the applications: wallpaper, a set of different prints, or a very striking floral arrangement.

Sunflower in Composition

The sunflower can be inserted into any room in the house. And it can also appear in different ways in the decoration.

One of the most uncomplicated and most comfortable options to ornament is the natural flower. It can be used to give just a touch of color to any corner of your home. Besides, she can put a single flower in a bottle or arrange a bouquet in the vase.

In addition to the natural flower, there are other ways to make a sunflower decoration. Just insert the bulb in some objects and give a touch of color to the environment.

The most traditional decorative objects for stamping the sunflower are pillows, tablecloths, paintings, wallpapers, and garlands.

Sunflower as a Concept

Depending on the use, sunflower decoration can also fit several concepts. Even in environments for adults and also for children.

An example is how to use the flower in the wallpaper. There are concepts of art that are created with more delicate lines and pastel tones that go very well in children’s rooms.

Other types of art are created with a more classic language, which can go in any environment depending on the style, without limits for creativity.

Understand the benefits of the Sunflower plant

The sunflower plant is a flower that stands out in all gardens or in decorating environments. It grows and develops well at high temperatures, supporting indexes close to 40 ° C!

Because it is so versatile, it brings several advantages to the home of those who grow it or to the home of those who receive it as a gift. Check out the main benefits below.

Sunflower Bring strength

The sunflower is a flower that likes light and space. To achieve these goals, it moves, rotates its stem following the trajectory of the Sun, and manages to face and survive the weather. ⠀

Sunflower Creates a feeling of comfort.

As it is always following the solar route, the flower harmonizes light and shadow, encourages reconciliation, suggests warmth, warmth, and comfort for the body and mind.

The Sunflower Encourages Friendship

Its yellow color means joy, dignity, respect, happiness, and loyalty. These are indispensable attributes for the conquest and consolidation of friendship. ⠀

Brings success and exuberance

For presenting characteristics that resemble the sun, the sunflower allows good vibrations in spaces, always related to beauty, exuberance, luck, and victories. ⠀

Stimulates love and happy life

The energy of its color and the grandeur of its shape are attributes that encourage a happier life, surrounded by good feelings, such as respect, solidarity, honesty, and love.

See more curiosities about the sunflower.

The sunflower is a plant with a lovely flower that makes a difference in the garden or in the decoration. It is a species that stands out by far both in color and shape.

In addition to a great gift and an irreverent alternative to gardening, landscaping, and the composition of environments, there are other curiosities about the flower:

• it is one of the symbols of Easter because it reflects the search for light, which is Jesus. In the same way that the plant follows the sun, Christians make Christ “the way, the truth, and the life”;
• its seeds are used in the production of cooking oil, biodiesel, the manufacture of lubricants and soaps, in addition to serving as food for birds;
• its stem contains a fiber that can be applied in papermaking; • its leaves and seeds are used as an anti-flu, diuretic, expectorant, against stomach, lung, throat, organic weaknesses and headaches, intermittent fevers, including malaria, ulcers, wounds, bruises, abrasions and as a stimulating tonic, mainly for the children’s appetite;
• the Aztec temples were decorated, and the priestesses were crowned with their flowers;
• the Maya made a petal extract indicated as an aphrodisiac; • in Mexico, the petals are sauteed in oil and then consumed to ensure the happiness of the bride and groom at the wedding;
• the Hungarian folk tradition says that it is enough to put sunflower seeds on the window, at the beginning of pregnancy, for a boy to be born;
• one of the Brazilian beliefs states that putting plant seeds in the sun cures infertility;
• in Spain, eleven sunflower flowers are believed to bring luck.

Indeed, after knowing the meaning of the sunflower plant, it gains a privileged position among the flower options for your home and to present those you love with all the energy and positivity.

If you intend to plant and grow the seedling at home, it is worth betting on the tips highlighted here in the post. So, did the sunflower enchant you? How about enjoying beautiful arrangements with this charming flower?

Beyond its meaning

The sunflower‘s stem can reach up to three meters in height, and the plant has several uses.

Especially its seeds, which are used in the production of cooking oil, biodiesel, and in the feeding of birds.

Besides, the sunflower can be used in the manufacture of lubricants, soaps, and the fiber in its stem is used to produce paper.

The American Indians cultivated the sunflower to feed themselves, using the grains of the flower.

According to the story, Francisco Pizarro found several Inca objects with images of the sunflower flower molded in gold, referring to the sun god.

Sunflower flower in Greek mythology

Greek mythology presents a legend that explains the appearance of the sunflower flower.

Clítia or Clície was a nymph who was in love with Hélio, the god of the Sun. When this one changed it for Leucothea, Clície began to weaken. She sat on the cold floor, eating and drinking, eating only her own tears.

While the sun was in the sky, Clície did not look away from him for even a second. However, it is during the night, his face would turn to the floor, then continue to cry.

Over time, his feet took root, and his face became a flower, which continued to follow the sun. This is how Greek mythology explains the birth of the first sunflower flower.

The sunflower flower in Spiritism

In the Spiritist Doctrine, the sunflower flower is considered the reminder that life is better when the positive aspect of events and people is given more importance.

For Spiritism, Divine Light feeds the soul, just as sunlight feeds a sunflower flower.

In the same way that the sunflower always moves in search of the sun, Spiritism recommends that people try to see the best in all situations.

The sunflower, while turning to the sun, fails to pay attention to the wrong view of events.

Thus, for Spiritism, the sunflower is an example to be followed, always seeking the light, beauty, and strength that emanate from the sun.

Learn how to plant a sunflower

To plant a sunflower, you don’t need much effort. Just know the correct technique, regardless of the location in the pot or on the ground.

If you are going to leave it indoors, for example, just use a large pot and invest in smaller seedlings.

If the idea is to color the garden and other outdoor areas, bet on larger seedlings so that they can reach their natural sizes a sunflower can reach 1 to 4 meters in height!

To facilitate planting, use a wet paper towel and place the seeds inside, folding it.

Then wrap it in a plastic bag and let it sit for 48 hours. This makes the sunflower seeds germinate more quickly, ready to be placed in the soil.

The soil, in turn, needs to be drained and have a hole about 50 centimeters deep or just 5 centimeters for a standard pot.

In the latter case, it is also important to use elements that facilitate water drainages, such as stones, gravel, or even pieces of tile or bricks. Then, remember to water it daily, so that the seeds “grow,” and the seedling begins to appear.

5 tips for caring for Sunflower

When summer comes, and the sun begins to warm the climate, sunflowers use all their energy to become splendid and full of life flowers.

However, it can be challenging to know precisely how to care for these beautiful flowers.

For this reason, we have prepared a list with five tips to care for sunflowers and ensure that you can extract the maximum beauty from your flowers.

Water care

One of the most challenging questions when it comes to caring for flowers is how much you should water them (quantity, frequency, time, etc.), and it is no different for sunflowers.

Sunflowers love to drink water and need it a lot, but excess can bring big problems.
So, our first tip is to water your sunflower once a day. Despite this, if it starts to get dry, you can give it a glass full of water that it will soon return to its natural beauty.

Just be very careful not to overload it with too much water. The accumulation of sunflower loosens the soil, and with excess water, they may find it difficult to stand.

Besides, the main risk of using a lot of water is the rotting of the roots, thus affecting the health and beauty of your sunflower.

Check the temperature

Like us, humans, flowers also need to adapt to the environment in which they live.

Some can adapt more efficiently, while others may die before being able to adapt.

For sunflowers, it is advisable to keep them exposed to external climatic conditions, as they tend to grow lusher.

So try to ensure that they stay at room temperature.

However, if you grow your sunflower indoors, some care is needed during the summer months. Keep the windows open, so that it will be possible to ensure that your sunflower remains ventilated.

Just take care that the sunflower is not exposed to a powerful breeze, thus preventing the leaves and petals of the flower from being harmed.

If the day is sweltering, check that your sunflower is not “wilting,” as this means that it needs a little more water.

Feed your sunflower

Did you know that some vitamins and fertilizers can be used to add extra energy to your flowers?

They may not look as tasty as some of our meals, but they usually have an excellent result for your sunflower.

In terms of nutrients, it is what he needs to stay well and grow healthy. Some options used by florists are Tecnutri forth-flowers, earthworm humus, organic products (animal or vegetable residues), mineral fertilizers, and fruit and vegetable foliage.

If you want to know how to care for sunflowers, this is the most essential tip you will likely find.

If you are growing your own sunflower, then you can look for the nearest Garden, a local florist, or produce your own compost with organic leaves and fruits. Your flowers will thank you for the care and the extra energy!

Check the brightness

While it is not true that sunflowers turn to the sun throughout the day, these flowers need a lot of light.

Don’t you believe me? Then look for more information about heliotrope species.

Despite not being heliotropes, sunflowers love sunlight, living up to their name. So, make sure they are close enough to a source of natural light.

Be careful, as intense heat can hinder your development. Remember that a large glass panel amplifies the temperature in flower and can bring about the opposite effect.

Add vodka

You are not the only one who needs a drink every now and then! Vodka, like sodas and aspirins, has the effect of smoothing the stem of flowers and can prolong its life for a few days.

You can add a few drops of vodka to the water and pour it into the pot or flower bed and watch your sunflower come back to life, even if they are withered.

This is the most fun way to care for sunflowers. However, remember that excess is just as harmful to them as it is to you!

The wikihow site has some more tips, how about checking them out? Now is it easier to take care of your sunflower?

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