Which of the 6 Taylor Swift Homes would you choose to live in? 😍🏡

Which of the 6 Taylor Swift Homes would you choose to live in? 😍🏡

Singer Taylor Swift, 26, is at the height of her career, reaping the rewards of her latest album, 1989. While laying songs at the top of the charts, she collects houses in the four corners of the United States. Taylor Swift is gaining a reputation in the real estate world. It is also considered one of the largest investors of its generation. The pop star’s real estate portfolio is more extensive than usual.

She owns several properties across the US, including a 21 million mansion in Beverly Hills, Manhattan (worth 42 million), Westerly, Rhode Island (14.9 million), and Nashville (two homes worth 3, 7 million).
She already owns six properties, including a mansion in Beverly Hills and an apartment in New York.

1. Taylor Swift Mansion in Beverly Hills


Taylor Swift is the newest owner of Goldwyn’s Beverly Hills farm. The American actress and singer paid $ 25 million for the property that occupies an area of two hectares.


Designed by architect Douglas Honnold, the property was commissioned by film producer Samuel Goldwyn in 1934. It is a mistake to think that Taylor’s home is a vast mansion with dozens of ultra-luxurious rooms.

The singer has remained true to the cozy roots of her hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania. The result is an engaging, retro-style environment that is the blonde’s face.

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Tucked behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, the residence features a six-bedroom, five-bath Georgian-style design, plus a two-bedroom guest apartment above the garage.

A curved staircase defines the foyer, while the formal dining room is lined with french doors opening onto a brick terrace.

The property also has a library, games room, projection room, garden, terrace, tennis court and swimming pool.

If Taylor Swift’s dream was to live in style at one of the world’s most desirable addresses, it has just been fulfilled.

Taylor Swift’s mansion is now part of American history. On Thursday night, the Beverly Hills City Council declared Taylor’s home a National Historic Landmark.

The house was built in 1934 by Samuel Goldwyn, co-founder of filmmaker Goldwyn Pictures, who became MGM. The house has hosted the Hollywood elite, including Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, and Frank Capra.

2. Taylor Swift’s House in New York


How not to love Taylor Swift? The girl is talented, very (very!) Well dressed and still has Instagram with the best photos. And there she shares some of her cute life, her sweet cat and her apartment… curious!


As people discover everything on this Internet of God, they found unpublished photos of her apartment, and I, say, did not expect it to be so.

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The photos above prove the provenance of the clicks below (certainly from real estate site)!
The singer bought a townhouse, that is, a four-story house in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, valued at $ 60 million.

The information comes from the newspaper “The New York Times.” The four-bedroom, 480-square-meter property underwent a complete renovation at the hands of architect Leopoldo Rosati in 2012, according to public records of the sale made at the time.

The woodwork of the rooms is Italian, and the windows would have been changed recently. On the lower level, there is a private cinema, gym, hot tub, and bar.

While the kitchen has underfloor heating, the living room has its own fireplace. The master suite also has a small bar, double walk-in closet, and a warm and...

Beautiful outside viola, inside… I found it intriguing. Taylor hasn’t lived in this apartment for a long time (less than a year, maybe), but it seems she didn’t have time to renovate. I found the decor with haunted house touches, a bit of rustic Victorian… in the middle of the trendy Tribeca neighborhood.

I thought Taylor’s house would be more romantic, contemporary, a bit of an ostentatious Pinterest thing. Still, I was impressed by this overdose of woods (the slats on the ceiling give it a rustic touch too much), velvet, and boudoir country feel.

It’s not ugly, it’s a little manly and quite different from what I imagined it, but in fact, it looks very cozy! What did you think about the house, liked it, or expected something different ?!

3. Taylor Swift’s Los Angeles Home


Her house is just a charm, super cozy, with a romantic feel, just like your style. From the foyer with retro wallpaper to the backyard, that’s so funny! The house is full of details that are worth paying attention to.

Singer Taylor Swift has opened the doors of her Los Angeles home to Vogue. The singer starred in the new picture by answering 73 questions for fans while touring her home.

Taylor revealed that the best moment of her career was the recording of the “Bad Blood” video, which brought together artists such as Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, among others.

He also said that the most enormous pride of his career is his Grammys and that he would like to receive an honorary doctorate degree since his friend Ed Sheeran has and feels superior for it.

She also told Vogue that the best gift she ever received was an olive tree, which her boyfriend Calvin Harris planted in his backyard during Christmas.

4. Taylor Swift’s home on Rhode Island.


The house is situated on the southeastern corner of the Rhode Island coast. The village of Watch Hill is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the American state.

It is in the highest portion of the region, approximately 20 meters above sea level. Designed by a Philadelphia architect, the property was built following 1930s standards.

The residence has 8 rooms spread over 21,165 m², which still have gardens, lawns, and more than 210 meters of the coastal area. An open-air swimming pool and gym are an afterthought.

The residence has four floors and 16 rooms with its level covered by a white oak laminate, a large fireplace and a panoramic window that reveals the view that expands from Block Island to Montauk Point.

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The house also overlooks the historic Watch Hill lighthouse. Even on the first floor is a library.

On the second floor is the master suite, which features a marble fireplace and two tubs, and four further guest bedrooms (two of which have fireplaces).

Two more guest suites are located on the third floor, as well as a bar and the main room which have access to the terrace.

The house has two kitchens: one on the first floor and one on the ground floor, which is complete with a games room, bar, fireplace, and deck access on the outside area of the house near the beach.

In the lower part of the house is located the garage, which has a heating system and holds five large cars. It also has a heated studio, materials room, and a guest toilet.

The famous celebrations given by the singer on the 4th of July holiday with her squad of models and celebrities are always rolling in this stunning seven-bedroom, nine bath home.

The property overlooks Block Island Sound Island and Montauk Point Park. Taylor purchased the 1,114-square-foot property in April 2013 for $ 17.75 million.

5. Taylor Swift’s House in Nashville – Tennessee


Taylor Swift bought a property valued at about $ 1.4 million for her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Built-in 1920, the property has three bedrooms, has a bluestone terrace, and a large outdoor fireplace on a 5,000 m² plot.


“It’s a magnificent house. Taylor will always visit them and is very excited for them,” said a source close to the 21-year-old.

Like the house in Nashville, the blonde has also invested in a new Los Angeles mansion, where she spends most of her time.

“Taylor just bought her a nice house in Los Angeles, where she is all the time and was paying a fortune in hotels,” another source tells Us Weekly.

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It is no surprise that the singer is so generous to her parents, as they have been incredibly supportive of her career.

Taylor recently said that his father Scott is his biggest fan, and he loves to publicize his work.

“My dad is adorable, optimistic, and positive. He thinks every new song I write is the best. He sells my t-shirts and distributes guitar picks to the fans.”

The singer had two properties in Nashville. A modern penthouse in a condominium is also a large brick house.

It is speculated that the mansion has custom wood and a handmade plaster ceiling. Some say the house is occupied by the pop star’s parents.

6. Taylor Swift’s House in Reading, Pennsylvania


Before moving to Nashville at age 14, the pop star spent much of her childhood in a suburban six-bedroom home in Pennsylvania.

Taylor Swift was nominated for a 2019 Grammy Award for Best Pop Album.

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, and is an American singer and songwriter of the most popular today.

His pop-country style and lyrics, composed of narrative songs about his personal life, receive a lot of media attention. Since releasing her first album in 2006, she has become a boom.

A native of Reading, Pennsylvania, Taylor spent her early years on a farm where Christmas trees were grown in Montgomery County. The artist’s family-owned several Quarter Horse horses.

Of course, her first hobby was English horseback riding as her mother put her in a cell for the first time when she was nine months old.

Taylor even competed at the rodeo circuit. As a teenager, she devoted her time to musical theater and soon to her singing career, turning her attention to country music. His references were names like Shania Twain and Faith Hill. Nashville was the natural way for this girl, who was undoubtedly born to shine.

Many albums and awards later, songs that don’t leave the minds of millions of people around the world, she also calls fashion.

Her style is more pop than country, and girls from all over take inspiration from her to make up the wardrobe.

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