Tiffany Blue: + 35 Unique Blue Dream Styles, the Color of Love! ❤️

Tiffany Blue: + 35 Unique Blue Dream Styles, the Color of Love! ❤️

The blue dream of Tiffany blue has become a trend worldwide! Check out more than 35 trends of dresses, nails, decoration, and much more! ❤️

The aesthetics of tiffany blue is undeniable, we see from Instagram feeds with themes dominated by color, to looks, and specific scenarios in photo essays on the theme. It is undeniable that the striking color is darling.

Some people also like to use color for home projects, baby rooms, details, and indoor environments as a whole. The color harmonizes well with light shades like white and cream and can work from the retro Victorian touch to a more modern footprint.

About events, the greater demand for tiffany blue is in charge of the bride and groom. Many love that their godmothers are using color, either to harmonize the photos or because it is the main theme of the party. The truth is that it has a tiffany blue godmother for all tastes!

See below everything you will find in this article:

❤️ Tiffany Blue History; ❤️ Tiffany Blue Dress; ❤️ Tiffany Blue Roses; ❤️ Tiffany Blue Nails; ❤️ Tiffany Blue Wedding; ❤️ Tiffany Blue Bridesmaid Dresses; ❤️ Tiffany Blue Home Decor.

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue

There are countless shades of color in the universe. Some are clearer and smoother. Others are darker and more intense. That is why it is so difficult to name them all. But some companies, like Pantone known for its color systems widely used by the printing industry and home decor have been dedicated to doing so. An example is “Tiffany blue”.

Also called “Blue 1837”, it is a very refreshing color, almost like turquoise mixed with water green. It has been a strong trend in interiors since the year 2016, mainly at debutante and wedding parties. And even today, it shows that it still has a lot of strength in design projects.

The “Tiffany” was named after the famous jewelry store Tiffany & Co. – which happened to be opened in 1837. For many years now it has been using a small box in this same color to pack its products.

Thus, many stylists, artists, and designers came to see this tone as synonymous with quality and sophistication. And that is the message that they try to convey to their customers.

Did you know?

Did you know that turquoise blue, that color that mixes blue and green, is the color of the Universe? Astronomers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, claim that the Universe currently has a color between pale turquoise blue and navy green, and should change to red as it ages.

This pale turquoise blue is what human eyes would see if all the light in the Universe were combined, that is, it is the average color of it. When the average color of the visible light spectrum is known, the age of the stars can be determined. Interesting, isn’t it?

On planet Earth, turquoise blue is usually associated, for example, with the waters of the Caribbean seas and, in the luxury market, with the exclusive brand of jewelry Tiffany & Co.,

Tiffany Blue Dress

Tiffany Blue Dress

Tiffany blue is a great choice for festive occasions like weddings and graduations, but it is not limited to formal looks, it is versatile enough to go from party rooms to the beach and parks.

Whether it’s the vibe of the ocean that the tone conveys tiffany blue dress. Its ease of marrying perfectly with other bright palettes, like reds, or else that classic doubt that hits every now and then – aka, “Is that blue or green?”, It doesn’t matter.

Over here, we are color lovers. And we have several reasons for you to know exactly how to use turquoise and join the mermaid team. You can now browse the gallery, see ?!

Despite its popularity, many people have doubts when using color, we have separated some models of tiffany blue dresses that will encourage you to bet on this production.

Combining Tiffany Blue Dress According To The Color Circle

Combining Tiffany Blue Dress According To The Color Circle

The color wheel is the best way to find a palette of colors that match each other. There are several ways to use this tool. It is possible to use complementary colors, analogous colors, or even decomposed colors. Check out:

1. complementary colors – are those that contrast with each other and are in opposite positions of the circle. In the case of tiffany blue, orange-brown, with a warmer tone;

2. analogous colors – these are side by side in the circle, perfect for creating unity. With tiffany blue, we have flag green and purplish-blue;

3. decomposed colors – the combination of three equidistant colors to form a triangle. Ideal for choosing accessory colors. For tiffany blue, we have yellow and pink.

Now that you understand more about the possibilities of color combinations, it’s time to know how to effectively use the tiffany blue dress. For the most basic, the secret may be in the details.

Using Key Parts

Using Key Parts

If you don’t mind calling attention to your clothes, tiffany blue is the perfect choice to compose your looks. A beautiful blazer in color can be much more versatile than you think and a dress in that tone has the face of summer!

Tiffany Blue Roses

Tiffany Blue Roses

Tiffany blue roses do not exist in nature, but still, these beautiful flowers were created artificially by a man by genetic variations.

What Are The Meanings Of Tiffany Blue Roses?

What Are The Meanings Of Tiffany Blue Roses?

Roses are fragrant and beautiful flowers that symbolize romanticism among people who love each other. The tiffany blue roses, according to the Um Como website, express confidence, loyalty, affection, and discretion.

A bouquet of blue roses is a beautiful gift to give to your loved one, a friend, or a family member. Symbolically, the blue rose also represents mystery, the search for the unattainable and, in literature, love.

The Legend Of The Blue Rose

The Legend Of The Blue Rose

There are many legends about the blue rose, but there is one, in particular, about a sultan father of a very beautiful, yet stubborn, girl. The young woman, of childbearing age, did not want any suitor as a husband, says the blog Dalva Amaral.

To get rid of her father’s insistence, the girl established that she would marry the man who brought her a blue rose. The sultan spread his daughter’s decision across the city. Despite the enthusiasm of many, the difficulty in finding such a blue rose seemed to them an impossible mission.

However, a young man thought of impressing the beautiful young woman by carving the figure of a rose in a sapphire, but he was rejected and expelled from the sultan’s palace, as the princess wanted a real blue rose.

Another man, a spartan, consulted an old witch who lived far from the palace to teach her how to make a blue rose. The witch taught her the trick of using a blue pigment on a white rose for 24 hours.

The Love

The Love

The next day, the spartan ran to the palace, taking the “blue” rose with him. The sultan, seeing the man with the rose in his hand, was excited and ran to his daughter to show him the blue rose.

The young woman, who besides being beautiful and stubborn was also very intelligent, took the rose, and crushed its petals, proving to her father that it was a cheat.

The sultan no longer knew what to do until, one day, his daughter, from inside her room, heard a bard humming the most beautiful melodies. The enchantment was so great that the girl invited him to go up to his balcony, where they sang together and exchanged poetry.

Love was born between the two and the princess asked the bard if he would marry her. He happily says he accepted, but the princess reminded him of the promise she had made to the sultan.

The young man told him that he would get the tiffany blue roses the next day. And so, the next day, he appeared in the palace with a beautiful pink rose and introduced her to the sultan. The latter, astonished, said that the princess would not accept her, but that he would still show her to the young woman.

Tiffany Blue Nails

Tiffany Blue Nails

Blue is one of the colors that never go out of style. Therefore, you can continue betting on her both in clothes, shoes and in detail, such as colored hair and nails. As in fashion, nail styles change with each season.

Although they are not very common and generate discussions about them, tiffany blue nails have been gaining strength again in 2020. With the launch of more different enamels, metallic, matte, with shine, the nail with different colors has won over women.

Betting on tiffany blue nails is to have a light tone with a touch of turquoise in the background. So bet on this modern and feminine color without fear of making mistakes. If you want to add some fun in that shade, paint a layer of enamel with silver glitter on top. The effect is beautiful!

So if you want to have tiffany blue nails inspirations in 2020, check out the ideas below.

The Color Of Fashion In Your Hands

The Color Of Fashion In Your Hands

Tiffany blue has always been synonymous with balance, and its lighter versions add a touch of youthfulness to any look. Of course, with your nails, it would be no different. Its varied tones are found in the most different nail arts, which can be executed simply or more elaborately.

It exists in the Pantone card and is defined as a delicate blue, almost pastel blue since a pastel color has a lot of white in the mix and the Tiffany color has a little more blue. There are variations in color, but you can be sure that it is very easy to find some nail polish whose color is similar to tiffany blue.

This color of enamel suits all tastes because it is a delicate and modern color at the same time. She is modern because according to color research, she is thriving on the subject of parties, everyone wants the Tiffany blue decoration!

Tiffany Blue At The Wedding

Tiffany Blue At The Wedding

Tiffany blue wedding: the new color of love! The tiffany blue wedding promises to keep pumping! The new color of love is easier to match than red and brings sophistication to your big day. Take advantage of our tips and inspirations that we brought in a post to make your wedding the event of the year! What is a tiffany blue wedding?

In Chromotherapy:

In Chromotherapy

Refreshing and refreshing color, soothing and soothing. It calms the nervous system and inflammation, as well as helping to cure eczema (thyroid gland). It can also serve as a skin fortifier. A wedding in tiffany blue is, above all, happy! Three situations will always make us smile:

❤️ A cute baby;

❤️ A bride – with a New Bride wedding dress (have you already chosen yours?);

❤️ A turquoise sea. There is no way not to smile with that color.

The nuances allow unusual combinations, allow boldness, translate joy. Simple or sophisticated, day or night, a wedding that has blue as a background may surprise you in its combinations.

Romance And Delicacy

Romance And Delicacy

Also, the decoration of a wedding requires delicacy, harmony, romanticism, and a touch of sophistication to make it perfect, the choice of colors can be fundamental for all of this to happen. The color tiffany blue means tranquility, serenity, and harmony.

It is used in the decoration of the most varied spaces, favoring a feeling of tranquility. It is really a charm, which allows the most diverse combinations with incredible beauty. His style applies to the most varied forms, from the bouquet to the organization of the guests’ tables.

Tiffany Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Tiffany Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid has a fundamental role in your marriage, after all, you must have a feeling of great affection towards that person, whether adult or child. In addition to being one of the cutest moments of the ceremony and everyone is eager to see that moment. Therefore, the choice of tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses should be made with great care.

Here are the tips for you to choose the right dress for your lady or flower girl.

1 – Harmony With The Style Of The Wedding

Harmony With The Style Of The Wedding

Respect the style of your wedding to choose your bridesmaid’s dress, maintain a linked identity between the dress and wedding. Harmony with the marriage must be maintained, being romantic, cheerful, relaxed, colorful, and so on.

2 – Respect your wedding time and place

If your wedding is during the day, outdoors, ask for lighter, more cheerful, and colorful clothes. The use of colors like beige, tiffany blue, light pink, nude, white, floral prints are excellent choices. Meanwhile, for parties in the evening and more traditional, they combine with more refined fabrics, with satin, lace, embroidery, and more discreet colors.

The application of stones (like pearls) can be used in any situation and gives an incredible charm to the dress. For you who will choose the white color, the colored bands give an incredible touch to the dress. The choice of colors in the lady’s dress has been growing more and more in the ceremonies, but don’t forget that you need to have harmony with the party.

3 – Respect The Lady’s Age

Respect The Lady’s Age

It seems to be a very simple thing to say that the age of the lady must be considered, but many brides sin in this respect. You can believe that we have seen marriages with a teenage lady looking like a child and a child lady looking like a teenager.

For children, dresses should be chosen reminiscent of dolls and princesses, this choice represents the sweetness and tenderness of the child. Long, round dresses are great options.

As for teenage or adult ladies, tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses should be less elaborate and the ideal length is short, midi, or long and can be rotated or straight, it is up to the bride and lady and the colorful dresses are the most used.

4- The lady is not a mini bride

Your flower girl is not a mini bride and therefore it is not recommended that the dress be a replica or similar, after all, the bride has a unique role in the wedding. You can and it is super advisable that you harmonize your dress with the lady’s dress, for example, if your dress is glamorous, the dress needs to follow the same line.

5- I Have More Than One Lady, Should The Dresses Be The Same?

I Have More Than One Lady, Should The Dresses Be The Same?

If your ladies are equal or close in age, it is recommended that the dresses are the same, bringing greater harmony and synergy between them. But if they are very different ages, you need to respect the age when choosing (as we mentioned in the topic above), not forgetting that the dresses need to have the same language.

6- Let the lady participate in the choice

You have your preferences and you are the one who knows all the details of your wedding and as we have already mentioned, the lady’s dress must have harmony with the whole, so the priority to choose the dress is yours.

But, it is loving to let the bridesmaid participate in that choice. Show her the options you liked and listen to her opinion, if she is too small, show her mother. Let her try out the options and see which one feels better. She also needs to be feeling beautiful and comfortable this day.

Tiffany Blue At Home Decor

Tiffany Blue At Home Decor

Thinking about using tiffany blue in your home decor (or turquoise blue)? Are you part of the team that loves color? And that group that has difficulties in visualizing the blue in the decoration of the house?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, this post is for you! Turquoise blue, also known as “tiffany blue”, is a really beautiful color, and incredible as it seems, easy to use in decoration.

In moderation and in the right places, turquoise harmonizes very well with different shades, such as white, black, gray, pink, and even coral. It can be used in small details or in large areas, without losing its charm. Do not believe it?! Then check out our selection of images and then tell me what you think!

Tiffany Blue Walls

Tiffany Blue Walls

For those who like to dare, painting the wall with tiffany blue paint leaves the environment unique and full of personality! It can be an internal wall or just a small piece. And in this case, it is worth investing in paintings supported or hung on the wall (notice how the picture is enhanced with the contrast of the color on the wall. Too much right ?!).

Tiffany Blue With White

Tiffany Blue With White

It is a pair that has no mistake. The neutrality of white brings delicacy to the composition. Check out:

Anyone who wants to paint a wall in tone but is afraid of getting sick, an idea is to paint a corner that is not constantly within their field of vision, such as the toilet wall. As you don’t look at this wall all the time, the probability of getting tired of the color is less – not to mention that the toilet gains a special charm…

If you are more discreet, an option is to cover sofas or armchairs with fabrics in color. And be sure to notice how cool blue looks with gray. A less obvious option than white, but it also leaves the environment soft and delicate, highlighting the vividness of our blue.

Tiffany Blue In The Details

Tiffany Blue In The Details

Cushions, carpet, furniture, and even the fridge! It doesn’t have to be all together (of course not!) – even if some of the items were replaced by another more neutral color, the room would still be beautiful and super modern.

Tip – old furniture can be renovated with a new dye. Bet on turquoise and give life and personality to the piece in a very economical way.

Tiffany Blue With Strong Colors

Tiffany Blue With Strong Colors

A modern and lively palette. If this is your option, bet on brushstrokes of neutral colors in the environment to find the perfect balance. In the photo below, the architect chose neutral furniture and abused the colors in the adornments and details. More inspirations: furniture, lacquered tabletop…

House Suggestions:

House Suggestions

• Retro Rack, from Shop Design.

• Spiral centerpiece.

• Ceramic cachepot,

• Pillows.

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