Decorating with Unicorn Became a Magical Trend! 🌈

Decorating with Unicorn Became a Magical Trend! 🌈

You have certainly come across recently, with some product related to the mythological unicorn. They are present in blouses, socks, mugs, backpacks, and even slippers have entered the wave of colorful beings.

Indeed, these items of teen desire have become a world trend, being increasingly present in fashion, decoration, beauty …

The friendly animals went viral on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube posts, quickly becoming a fever among children, teenagers, and even adults.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that the unicorn trend is not only for children but for people of all ages.

The creatures make many people’s heads: the famous purple, pink, blue, and multicolored hair are direct reflections of this fashion.

The supposed animal, with natural horse shape and spiral horn, usually described with white or silver fur and details with rainbow colors, is associated with strength and purity.

Unicorn Decoration in Environments

Unicorn Decoration in Environments

A colorful house may be ideal for people who have fallen in love with this new decorating trend. The tones used for the rainbow also vary according to the owner’s own taste.

The important thing is to dare to be creative and adapt to the environment so that it becomes as colorful as possible. The style, as mentioned in the previous item, is also used as a lifestyle for many people.

Unicorn Decoration in Environments 2

Clothes, hair, and makeup show this clearly. Therefore, unicorn decoration is only a consequence of the success of this new theme. Other commonly used decorative objects in the form of a unicorn are:

• Pillows.
• Vinyl stickers.
mirror frames.
• Furniture of all types: ottomans, headboards, etc.
• Wooden, metal, silicone, and plush figures (not necessarily toys).
• Pictures (pictorial representations of medieval, modern, minimalist, street art, and others).
• Unusual and curious objects: showers, various tools (scissors, tweezers, among others).

Kids Bedroom Decoration with Unicorn

Kids Bedroom Decoration with Unicorn

Choosing the theme of the child’s room is not an easy task, as there are infinite possibilities. Each one is more beautiful than the other. At this time, it is necessary to take into account the tastes and routines of both parents andchildren. Because depending on age, they already can decide what they like best.

Kids Bedroom Decoration with Unicorn 2

Some themes are traditional and timeless; they never go out of style, but some options gain notoriety and are on the rise: this is the case with the unicorn room.

The unicorn room fell in love, became a trend, and is a preference among children. And parents can bet without fear since it is possible to make a decoration all focused on the theme. Although there is also the possibility to only use elements that refer to the magical universe.

Unicorn Bedroom Decorating Tips

Unicorn Bedroom Decorating Tips

It is necessary to take into account that a specific theme may be on the rise today, but it may cease to be in favor of the children in a short time.

In the case of the unicorn room, it is possible to bet all the cards to keep all the decoration in the place aligned or to bet on specific objects that refer to the theme.

Unicorn Bedroom Decorating Tips 2

There is the option to carry out the project without significant investments, with a reduced lifetime. Or invest in the right furniture that lasts longer and applies the theme to props, wallpaper, and pillows, for example.

That is, you can bet on elements that, over time, are easy to remove without significant damage, maintaining what, in fact, had a high investment in the long run.

Unicorn Theme Options

Unicorn Theme Options

Before defining what the unicorn room will be like, it is necessary to understand if the idea is to lose the fears of investing heavily and dive headlong into the theme.

Then you can bet on the boldness that the playful world can offer, or be more conservative and use elements to refer to the theme in some points of the environment.

Unicorn Theme Options 2

In both cases, many options can be used to leave the unicorn room the way the child dreamed. If you want to choose to get into the theme, you can use artistic painting on the walls and ceiling of the room.

It is also possible to develop furniture designed with colors and shapes that make reference to the theme. If the option is for a neutral base, a more frugal tip is to work with ready furniture and incorporate the theme with decorative objects. Examples are trousseau, comics, pillows, lamps, among others.

Today it is already possible to find unicorn-themed objects at very affordable prices in department stores and party houses. Still, a good option is to use stickers that can be applied to cabinet doors or even on the wall.

Harmony of the Unicorn Room

Harmony of the Unicorn Room

The unicorn can appear in different ways in the decoration, but it is essential to maintain harmony when choosing. Therefore, it is always good to have a qualified professional who helps in choosing everything to harmonize all elements.

Several devices can make the environment beautiful without weighing your pocket. Also, the professional will know what aesthetically can have a more significant effect.

Because it can add elements that make a difference always respecting the budget. And, in the case of the unicorn room, there are many options available, and care must be doubled.

Harmony of the Unicorn Room 2

In addition to the unicorn itself, clouds and rainbows are elements that can compose the environment. The light colors and pastels are easy to mix with white furniture and blend well with the unicorn theme.

Parents can still get their hands dirty to create elements that refer to the unicorn theme. If they have manual skills, a good option is to work with felt decorative objects.

With that, you can do various things, such as pets, cloud-shaped pillows, mobiles, and whatever else your imagination can achieve.

Include children

Although being accompanied by a professional is essential to develop a beautiful unicorn project that fits in your pocket. During the process of preparing the unicorn room decoration project, it is essential to talk to the child and put them apart from the decisions.

So that you do not create any frustration with the idea she had in your head and end up not liking the result. It is essential to talk to the child and ask him what he wants for his room, what he likes, what colors. Then, from there, make the set, with her participating in everything.

Thus, the child appropriates the room and has the environment as his own. Also, it is safer, since the autonomy given with limits has a very positive influence on the child.


Harmony of the Unicorn Room 3

The lighting in the unicorn room is always a relevant part of a decoration project. Whether because it makes all the difference in the final result or because it ends up taking up a good portion of the available budget.

In addition to options that change the physical structure of the environment, such as LED strips embedded in fixed furniture or panels.

To create a more relaxing indirect light effect, and spots with spotlights, other simpler ones can refer directly to the unicorn theme. Since they can have format or paintings, stickers, and colors alluding to the idea.

If you choose more straightforward solutions, without interference from work or break-breaking, it is possible to use floor lamps composing with the decoration or bench. There are also wall lamps on the market whose lighting source is the battery.

Care when setting up a unicorn room

Regardless of setting by betting on the decoration, totally focused on the unicorn. Or just using elements that refer to the theme, it is necessary to take some precautions when choosing furniture and objects, since it is an environment for children.

A children’s room has its peculiarities. It is important to use fewer corners, have more rounded edges, avoid glass, use coatings that can withstand more impact and that are more resistant.

Besides, you can use lighting with a color of 2700k or, at most, 3000k, which will give more coziness and calm.

Unicorn Decoration at Parties

Unicorn Decoration at Parties

The trend in decoration unicorn and rainbow are mainly used in theme parties. An exciting feature is that the unicorn theme has won over both children and adults, so it can be used without restrictions.

The unicorn decoration won an essential space in 2016, ranging from makeup and hair to the honor of parties and environments, such as bedrooms, for example.

Unicorn Decoration at Parties 2

The rainbow appears together with unicorns when the theme is presented at events, and incredibly it has become one of the few genderless ideas, as they are used by both men and women.

Unicorn Decoration at Parties 3

Thus, for children, it is totally free, and you can go out for a reasonable price if done creatively. The decoration unicorn and rainbow do not require exclusive utensils, and, as long as it has many colors, it is possible to create the right decoration.

Unicorn Decoration on Handmade Objects

Unicorn Decoration on Handmade Objects

The unicorn decoration at parties and environments also gave rise to objects and handicrafts made or adapted exclusively with the theme. The popularity of handicrafts combined with architecture is growing and is already quite familiar.

Unicorn Decoration on Handmade Objects 2

That way, you should imagine that when an environment is decorated with unicorns and rainbows, objects and even furniture are planned to fit perfectly in the background.

Unlike the production of objects made in mass worked on the themes, handicrafts can pass more exclusivity to the environment. But it is not a rule since, in decoration, what counts is the creativity and well – being of the owner.

The Origin of the Unicorn Trend in Decoration

The “pro-unicorn” movement emerged through blogs and social networks, especially in the United States. In mid-2011, the Seapunk movement gained strength thanks to online reproduction, initiated by Tumblr profiles.

The practice is responsible for combining the aesthetics of punk with some references from the marine world (sharks, dolphins, starfish, mermaids, and the like). The montages, infused with memes, became garments, encouraging the reproduction of the style.

Upon gaining certain notoriety, several elements were incorporated into the style, one of them, of course, the unicorn, that’s when this lifestyle boomed. Ripped jeans, round glasses, tie-dye, and colored hair were crucial ingredients.

The change really occurred, along with world fame, when Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Azealia Banks, among many other pop divas, appeared in the media with looks totally inspired by Seapunk, already carrying the unicorn darlings.

Songs, concerts, and clips started to count on the glorious presence of the mythological animal, which quickly became a reference for the teen universe.

The passion between fashion and unicorns

As noted earlier, the mythological animal has been extremely popular with children for a long time. Due to playful, attractive, and vivid characteristics. Currently, however, unicorns have gained space in fashion shows, celebrity looks, hair dye, nail polish, cell phone cases, home decor … Anyway, these fantastic beings have taken over trends.

The market soon incorporated them into the most different businesses. World-renowned brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen presented collections full of bright, multicolored, and eccentric clothing and accessories.

Christian Louboutin, a famous shoemaker among celebrities, came into fashion with his boots made with “unicorn skin”. The item is entirely covered with metallic sequins that reproduce the rainbow effect.

Meaning of the Unicorn Archetype

The unicorn archetype is associated with goodness, luck, freedom, healing, alchemy, elevation, and magic. According to legend and history about this myth, he is a being with magical,purifying, regenerative, alchemical, healing, enchanted, and miraculous powers. The unicorn is considered a symbol of Light and Spiritual Strength.

Is there a biblical meaning?

In the Old Testament of the Bible, several passages symbolically allude to an animal with only one horn.

He who may have been a Siberian unicorn (there are indications that this animal lived in other regions and had contact with humans) or a rhino or mammoth:
• Psalms 22:21 / 29: 6 / 92:10
• Job 39: 9-10
• Numbers 23:22
• Isaiah 34: 7
• Deuteronomy 33:17

This is probably due to a wrong translation from Hebrew into other languages. The original Hebrew term Re ’em was replaced by the word Monokeros, in the Greek-Septuagint Greek translation, meaning “one horn” or “unicorn.”

In the Vulgate Bible, translation from Greek into Latin, the Hebrew term Re ’em is used, which means rhino. While in the translation of the Bible by Martin Luther, this term was replaced by the German word, Einhörner, which means a horn.

In the most contemporary translations of the Bible, the term Re ’em is translated as “wild ox” or “buffalo,” to dissociate the relationship of the animal, in the biblical sense with the mythological being.

Probably the meaning of the unicorn in the Bible has nothing to do with the winged white horse, which is usually associated with its symbolism.

Even so, and yet, the animal mentioned in the Bible had only one horn and was very strong and vigorous, showing a sense of strength and power in the biblical passages in which it is mentioned.

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