28 Valentines Day Decor Ideas to Melt Your Heart ❤️

28 Valentines Day Decor Ideas to Melt Your Heart ❤️

And for a celebration to match, Valentines day decor ideas romanticism more than welcome! There are several ideas to celebrate, from breakfast together in bed to a super elaborate dinner. With a champagne toast.

In the decoration, from a card to an environment full of balloons, flowers, and treats, everything will depend on the tastes you and your love share to make this day even more special.

2 Valentines Day Decor With Heart Curtain:

Valentines Day Decor With Heart Curtain

They can be made of paper, plastic, or fabric but regardless of the material, they cause a super romantic effect on the environment. Perfect to give a more intimate atmosphere, our tip is to use the heart curtains on empty walls or even the edge of the bed, like a clothesline.

If the idea of Valentines day decor for home is to have a cleaner environment, nylon thread is a great option when making them, but if the idea is to bring something rustic, use cork thread. It looks beautiful!

3 Valenines Day Decor With Love Notes:

Valenines Day Decor With Love Notes

Make small declarations of love and spread it around the house. Here it is worth using post-it notes cut in the shape of a heart and stick to the bathroom mirror , the headboard, the door, and the breakfast table. The loved one will start the day already knowing how loved she is that will make her day much better.

4 Photos Of The Couple:

Photos Of The Couple

Separate your best photos as a couple and make a clothesline with some dry branch, it is very rustic and the cost is almost zero. Another idea for Valentines day decor for home is to use the Christmas light cord and attach the photos to it using a small clip. Place at the head of the bed or on an empty wall. It is a charm in addition to being super affectionate.

5 Flowers:


Use and abuse the flowers during that day! It is worth making arrangements or even a beautiful bouquet. Red roses are undoubtedly the best-selling flowers when it comes to Valentines day decor for home. But you don't have to stick to them alone. Other flowers that look beautiful in arrangements are tulips, begonias, ectromelia, and lilies are some of the options. They have a variety of impressive colors and are sure to make your home much more romantic.

6 Valentine's Day Decor For Home With Balloons:

Valentine's Day Decor For Home With Balloons

Heart-shaped balloons can make the mood even more romantic and special. How about surprising your loved one even more with a beautiful valentines day decorations for home with this theme?

7 Decorative MDF Letters:

Decorative MDF Letters

Used in party decorations, such as wedding and birthday decorations, this type of Valentines day decor for home can also serve as a glove to create a charming atmosphere on Valentine's Day.

The tip is to personalize the initials of the names with bright colors that match the decoration of the chosen environment. Oh, and the advantage of using this feature is that the souvenir lasts a long time and can be used to decorate the environments any other day of the year.

8 Valentine's Day Table Decor

Valentine's Day Table Decor

When it comes to set table, take advantage of the year of pastel tones to escape a little from the red and white valentine's day table decor. Bet on the mixture of pink tones with white, gold , and green tones. Use and abuse the flowers, leaves, vase, and mimosas bottles. Can you set up one or more small arrangements, or maybe create a trail with pots? There is no such thing as a valentine's day table decor. So use what you have at home, mix it up, and make a table full of the things you love!

9 Invest In Thematic Objects:

Invest In Thematic Objects

To celebrate the date in style, separate objects that have to do with a valentine's day table decor. When setting up a table for two or even serving meals in bed on a decorated tray, for example, remember to present utensils that refer to the occasion, such as heart shapes or red .

Besides, give your personal touches to the decorations of the valentine's day table decor. They can include candles, place mats, a napkin folded differently, bowls, cups, and cutlery not used in everyday life, a handwritten note, or also a flower arrangement.

10 Prepare A Special Menu:

Prepare A Special Menu

Are the couple a fan of Japanese cuisine? Or do you prefer the more robust dishes of Italian cuisine? Do you like to bet on hamburgers and their traditional side dishes? Or do they give priority even to recipes considered traditional for the romantic date, such as fondue and raclette?

Think ahead of time about the couple's gastronomic preferences and make your choice. Then, to enhance your valentine's day table decor, make a menu, hand or print, informing the starter, main course, dessert, and drink to celebrate the date. Place on the table and leave with the other themed ornaments.

11 Transform The Shape Of The Food:

A special date allows certain extravagances, when it comes to valentine's day table decor, right? So, why not invest in foods arranged in a way that symbolically express love? After all, the intention is really to create a mood of romance with a Valentine's Day decoration !

You can cut the heart-shaped ingredients, such as bread and toast, bake cakes and pies in the same shape, as well as using specific molds still in that style to present the components of the dish, such as arranging a portion of rice. Besides, it is also valid to form a heart with varied foods, such as, for example, on a board of appetizers with cheeses and cold cuts.

12 Don't Forget The Candles:

Don't Forget The Candles

Aromatic candles are great options when it comes to valentine's day table decor. Because in addition to creating a more intimate and cozy environment, they leave the place with a delicious aroma. You can choose a scent that you know will please your love! It is these details that make all the difference when it comes to surprises.

Besides, you can combine candles with various objects, such as plants, fabrics, and paintings, among others. It is also possible to choose colored options. Not only betting on the traditional white, to complement the valentine's day table decor.

13 Crockery For A Simple Romantic Dinner:

Crockery For A Simple Romantic Dinner

Every detail makes a difference when it comes to valentine's day table decor, even the fabric napkin, however, there is no need for major investments to transform this moment into something so special. Crockery and dinnerware with prints and delicate details can certainly help you in the valentine's day table decor.

However, if you do not have this more elaborate crockery at home, use the most basic ones, the white crockery is perfect for these occasions, and take care of other details for the simple romantic dinner like a beautiful cloth napkin, use sous plat, in the arrangement of flowers and etc.

14 Valentines Day Decor In The Bedroom:

Valentines Day Decor In The Bedroom

15 Path of the heart:

Early in the morning, before the person wakes up, you can make a path with small hearts or petals like Valentines day decor in the bedroom . Even breakfast or some special gift. If using candles, be careful only to keep them away from each other and away from any flammable parts.

16 Surprise Box:

Select the person's favorite objects and treats to make Valentines day decor in the bedroom. Well besides some pictures of the couple and make a surprise box! Every detail inside makes a difference. Not to mention the emotions you can cause. For sure, your partner will feel special and loved.

When we talk about relationships, many things come to mind. Especially those that we consider essential for the relationship to work. Sometimes a delicate gesture, a small flower, a gift, champagne, perhaps, is missing. But there is no lack of love and companionship that matters.

17 Balloons And Rose Petals:

Balloons And Rose Petals

These items are the best things when it comes to Valentines day decor in the bedroom. From rose petals to balloons, it is a sure hit with this sophisticated setting. Anyone who enters this room will certainly be surprised, especially with this secret message written in rose petals on the bed.

18 Low lighting:

Low lighting is essential to have a romantic mood on Valentines day decor in the room. And the ideal option for this is candles. Keep the bedroom lights off and leave only the candles to light your decor. Another option for you who want to escape the candle is the Fairy light, better known as micro led. It is worth placing them on the ceiling imitating a starry sky or above the headboard. The effect is very similar and as effective as that of the candle.

19 Breakfast in bed:

Do you want to start the day celebrating this date? How about waking up your love with a nice bed of coffee on Valentine's Day? A valentines day decor in the room here is also important, you can use flowers, balloons, whatever your creativity allows. Ah, I loved the idea of heart-shaped waffles (you can make the normal recipe, bake in the pan, and cut)!

20 Cushions and pillows:

Together, they transmit comfort and make Valentines day decor in the room even more beautiful. So you can add a few different heart-shaped pillows (but no picture on the pillow), or even a simple, romantic phrase (the traditional “Love you” is good enough).

21 Gifts Cannot Be Missing In Valentines Day Decor:

Gifts Cannot Be Missing In Valentines Day Decor

Place a special gift right in the center of the bed. In case you plan to go out to exchange gifts, deliver something simple first and then, just during the surprise in the room, give the real one.

22 Champagne, wine, and chocolates:

Choose that drink that you love to drink together and combine it with another romantic delight: chocolate. You can put them on the bed or on a separate table. Tip: prefer the simple and avoid inventing fashion. Many want to "decorate" the room too much. They cut out phrases to paste on the bed and invent a lot of DIY stuff and that only pollutes the room. So be careful not to overdo it, okay?

23 Valentines Day Decor Easy And Economical:

Valentines Day Decor Easy And Economical

See Tips for not spending too much on Valentines day decor:

24 Create an environment with music:

Music is another way to create the ideal environment for Valentine's Day. They are not exclusive elements for decoration, they have the function of offering an ambient sound for an even more romantic mood. But they also look great on Valentines day decor - from this day on and on!

A Marshall speaker connected to any device amplifies the music you want to be heard throughout the house. On the other hand, the magic of a record player could not be more romantic. A vinyl record playing during dinner is perhaps the perfect setting for a candlelit dinner for two.

25 Do It Yourself:

Do It Yourself

Is money tight? So it's a good idea to get your hands dirty and make yourself a valentines day decor and gift for your love. Just knowing that you spent a lot of time and caprice doing this, he/she will already love it!

Among the options are: making a scrapbook/photo album with your best moments together, a heart-shaped pie of his / her favorite flavor, a box decorated with your photos, a personalized picture frame, or how about making the famous 5 senses box (with 5 gifts, one for each sense of your loved one)? The options are endless, it all depends on your commitment and your boyfriend's taste!

26 Focus on sentimental, non-material gifts:

After all, on this date what matters is not the material value of the gift, but the sentimental one! Letters, declarations, tributes, princess/prince treatment - your love will appreciate these small and valuable things, after all, a relationship is made of them!

27 Serenade:

Do you have guitar skills? Great! There is not? Turn around! Your boyfriend knows that you are not in an artistic career and will forgive you if you detune. Your serenade can be so beautiful and romantic as to make your partner cry, or so funny and cute that he/she will die laughing - what matters is the gesture!

28 Surprise your love with notes around the house:

How about the invitation to the romantic night of the two of you? Fill the atmosphere of suspense and leave hidden notes for the house, car, and even work of your beloved (a), with tips of what will be the surprise of the night. This Valentine's day decor worthy of Hollywood films costs nothing and will earn you points in romanticism!

Assemble a declaration of love on video:

Gather photos and videos of the two of you, put together the best and funniest moments together and put together a video, ending with a beautiful statement at the end! You can invite your love to watch a movie and exchange the DVD for your home video - this surprise will make this Valentine's Day remarkable!

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