Wall Mirror: Meet The Models That Are Trend This Year 😍 👑

Wall Mirror: Meet The Models That Are Trend This Year 😍

In interior decoration, the use of wall mirror is one of the most used by architects and designers. Find out how to choose yours!

The wall mirror is an old acquaintance. With it, everyday tasks such as shaving, makeup, cleansing the skin, check the look, among others, become much more comfortable and practical.

However, in addition to functionality, it can also serve as a beautiful decorative object in the environment.

With the wall mirror, any room gains personality and becomes more valued, as well as transmitting the feeling of spaciousness in space.

It can be either a piece that fills a small space or one that covers an entire wall.

Also, the wall mirror can match any decorative style, color, and texture. See everything you will find in this article:

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Wall Mirror For Bathroom Trends

Wall Mirror For Bathroom Trends

The wall mirror for the bathroom is a piece that cannot be missed in the project. After all, it is essential when it comes to grooming, putting on makeup, shaving, and looking after the overall appearance.

Not to mention it’s a joker in the decoration. See tips for getting it right and the top wall mirror for bathroom models for this room.

Choosing the right wall mirror for each bathroom or toilet should be carefully done.

So that it has the necessary practicality and at the same time composing with the other finishes of the environment a perfect decoration.

Wall Mirror For Living Room And Dining Room Trends

Wall Mirror For Living Room And Dining Room Trends

In interior decoration, the use of wall mirrors in the decoration of the living and dining room is one of the most used by architects and designers.

“Playing” with the material in this room just makes it seem like the most sophisticated house.

The possibilities are really endless! Mirrors can be applied to walls and furniture.

Besides, you can also choose to have mirrored elements on all sides, such as chandeliers, candlesticks, trays, vases, picture frames, and more.

Wall Mirror For Bedroom Trends

Wall Mirror For Bedroom Trends

Much more than reflecting our image and helping with daily beauty care, wall mirrors have high decorative power in any environment, including bedrooms.

They help bring new sensations and warmth to the environment, and we know these are essential things in our sleeping and loving corner.

Wall Mirror For Hall Trends

Wall Mirror For Hall Trends

By choosing to completely cover a wall of a smaller space, your environment will appear to be broader and more pleasant.

Therefore, the feel of those on-site will be changed entirely. In addition to amplitude, the use of a wall mirror in the hall helps in lighting the room.

Wall Mirror Round: Formats That Are Trend

Wall Mirror Round: Formats That Are Trend

The small round wall mirror is ideal for low walls. So you can choose to create a composition of small mirrors on the wall, for example.

Another exciting place for small round mirrors are toilets and toilets, use them on the sink countertop wall.

Wall Mirror Large Round

Wall Mirror Large Round

Unlike the small round wall mirror, the large round wall mirror should be used in large environments with towering walls.

One tip is to use large mirrors in the lobby to create that impact on the reception or perhaps even the dining room. If your bathroom is large, it is also worth betting on a more giant round mirror.

The Power Of Wall Mirror Rectangle

The Power Of Wall Mirror Rectangle

Those rectangular model looking glass are most sought after for those who want to decorate a modern environment.

If you wish, you can also use this horizontal looking glass that will look beautiful. Besides, it can also be placed on a piece of furniture as long as it is the same size as the piece.

Using this mirror has no restrictions, so you can adapt it to your environment.

Bet on the rectangular wall mirrors for a non-square look:

hallways and washrooms gain a multiplier effect with a real mosaic made up of mirrors of various sizes.

If you want a more luxurious look bet on the classic rococo frames. Those who prefer a clean look can invest without fear in frameless mirrors.

The Best Of Wall Mirror Large

The Best Of Wall Mirror Large

The large wall mirror enhances the decoration with more charm and beauty, whether in an intimate or convivial environment.

Besides, it is functional because it gives the feeling of depth and breadth to space. Hence, an adornment is indispensable in a small environment.

There are several purchase options available in the market, as well as different frames and shapes.

The frame is not a must for looking glass, especially for those who are going to compose modern, clean environments.

But if your intention is to value the piece and space, even more, it is worth betting on a frame, even those little ones. One of the most wanted and desired large wall mirror frames is the Venetian style.

In other words, they are those classic carved wooden frames full of designs, usually painted in metallic shades like gold and copper.

This type of frame is perfect for classic and refined proposal environments.

For an environment with rustic, country, and boho proposal, the right choice is the wooden frames, which may or may not be worked.

In modern, minimalist environments, smooth, thin, color frames like black and white are the best options.

Wall Mirror Lights: Dressing Room

Wall Mirror Lights: Dressing Room

The dressing room looking glass is one that is used by actresses and movie stars in the preparation of their makeup.

It contains lamps on its sides, which are directed at the person, totally eliminating the shadows. It is the right choice for those who like and enjoy makeup time and prepare their look more perfect.

The best way to choose the lamps for the dressing room wall mirror is to pay attention to the Color Reproduction Index (IRC), which is usually on the packaging.

This index represents the color fidelity to sunlight, which is considered ideal.

And the closer to 100, the more faithful the colors you’ll see in the wall mirror.

Its most comfortable height is the one that allows you to reflect the person sitting comfortably for your use.


This way, they can have the LED strips embedded behind the mirror near their edges but keep the pieces hidden visually.

Thus allowing only the passage of light, framing the sides of the wall mirror.

And remember, you need a PowerPoint for LED power, which should preferably be embedded, hidden.

Wall Mirror Panels: Wall Mirror Panels In Hallways And Lobby

Wall Mirror Panels: Wall Mirror Panels In Hallways And Lobby

Mirror panel can also be used in corridors, it is useful for those who are passing and want to quickly check their look.

You can have your own panel matching the size of each mirror to the space you choose. To perform this type of service request budget with glassware, you trust

The most commonly used mirror type for wall mirror panels is the flush.

In addition to the practical benefits, it is a beautiful piece of decoration. It differs from the others by the bevel cut at its ends. Because of this, they finish the edges and act as a frame.

It can be found in various sizes, shapes, and designs. However, it can also be custom made in multiple measures.

Panels In The Living Room

Panels In The Living Room

The living or dining room mirror panel adds a touch of refinement and organization.

Mirrors may be used spaced together or grouped together without spacing, which may also be flipped or not.

In the living room or other environments, the wall mirror panel can be arranged in the floor to ceiling columns. In one of the walls filling entirely or just in a specific area of the wall.

Besides, wall mirrors can be combined with other shades, such as the bronze mirror. What counts is to unleash creativity and make the environment much more beautiful.

Wall Mirror Panels In The Bathroom

Wall Mirror Panels In The Bathroom

A wall mirror panel in the bathroom is an item that deserves due attention. You can choose a double-edged mirror with a more sophisticated design, for example.

The wall mirror panel, besides making the bathroom seem more substantial, can make the decor of the room stand out more.

To add a modern and clean touch to space, the mirror can be applied to the corner walls next to the sink. This will further enlarge the bathroom. Besides, the double-edged finish also looks excellent on drawers.

Panels in Bedroom

Panels in Bedroom

A wall mirror panel in the bedroom will look perfect on the headboard, for example.

The beveled mirror highlights the space of the bed, enlarges the room, and brings charm and beauty to the environment. The crystal chandelier and mirror look great when paired.

How to Buy the Ideal Wall Mirror?

How to Buy the Ideal Wall Mirror?

Here are some tips for making a mistake in buying a wall mirror:

Defines the Main Purpose of Wall Mirror

Does your looking glass fall into three types: functional, decorative, or expansive?

The decorative mirror, on the other hand, does not have as its main characteristic its reflectivity, but rather its “decorativeness.”

This means that the ability to modify the environment does not mean it cannot reflect an image, it means that image reflectivity can be a secondary function, which can be distorted or faithful.

The functional mirror is one that makes its reflectivity function of a faithful image. That being its main feature, an object of use. Therefore, in this segment, you can define some products as a framed mirror, bathroom mirror, makeup mirror, or dressing room…, etc.

Expansive wall mirrors are those that occupy an end-to-end wall. Thus they provide great depth to the environment, widely used in living rooms, dining rooms.

Characteristics of your environment

In which environment will your looking glass be installed? This indeed defines a lot, and the primary situations are bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

Bedroom: Most of the time, functional and in some cases decorative flat wall mirrors are used;

Room: In this environment, we use more decorative and expansive wall mirrors.

Bathroom: Already in this environment, we can use the three types of wall mirrors, functional, decorative, and expansive.

Characteristic of the furniture of its environment

Another very effective way to choose your wall mirror is to always try to imagine what the mirror would look like in your environment.

Therefore to be considered the color, finish, and shape of the furniture. Whether they are rustic or modern, the way of the wall mirror can be square or rectangular geometric.

How To Fix Wall Mirror

How To Fix Wall Mirror

Glaziers are often sought to install looking glass in homes, apartments, and commercial environments.

It is a product highly valued in architecture and interior decoration for bringing sophistication. In addition to offering the feeling of spaciousness in the spaces in which it is present.

But do you know how to ensure that the installed parts are securely fastened, without endangering user safety or damaging wall mirror surfaces?

Essential Points for Fixing

Before drilling the wall, make sure that no gas and water pipes or electrical cables are in the area where you intend to drill the hole.

There are electronic detectors that allow you to locate hidden cables or pipes. Prepare it all!

Check the measurements of the looking glass and the surface it will be placed on before installing. As well as cleanliness and absence of moisture in the place. Attention to spacing!

The center of the wall mirror should be at eye level. The average is 1,65 m. Or slightly lower if you have shorter people in the family.

The wall mirror should be positioned above your head so that taller people can use it too.

Make a final check before drilling begins

If you need to pierce tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, mark the hole position with a piece of tape.

This way, the drill won’t slide on the tile. After that, mark the holes with the help of a bubble level or following the line of the tile joints.

Then make sure that the second hole is aligned horizontally with the first.

Drill slowly and without using the percussion function. Drill a hole deep enough that the dowel is flush with the wall just behind the tile.

This will prevent cracking of the tile when tightening the screw. The elements must be installed inline and as far apart as possible. Because it helps to look more uniform.

Choosing the right wall anchor to fix the looking glass

For a brick or concrete wall, use 6 mm universal bushings with a drill of the same diameter. For more massive wall mirrors, 8 mm bushings and drills are advisable.

For very heavy looking glass (over 20 kg), the anchor bolts are the best option.

What not to do with Wall Mirror

Never use a smoked wall mirror in your home. It darkens the environment, leaving it heavy and sad. Give preference to those of crystals.

Wall mirror on the ceiling ever! You don’t want your house to look like a business place or look like a Motel. Never adopt this idea.

Forget about the jagged looking glass. They confuse the view and, depending on where they reflect, eventually distort the environment.

Use them only for small objects in the decoration, such as pyramids, little elephants, owls, picture frames, etc.

If the looking glass is broken, is it bad luck? No one knows if this is true, but… if yours breaks, throw it away, because it always makes a wrong impression!

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