Green Walls Decor Most Wanted 2021 For You To Copy 😍

Green Walls Decor Most Wanted 2021 For You To Copy 😍

Having green walls can bring a lot of joy and liveliness to your home. The effect of well cared for plants in any room of the house is proven to be positive, reflecting on our physical and mental health. Even those who live in small spaces can and must have an area dedicated to green, even if your garden has to climb the walls.

The presence of a green wall in the decoration brings many health benefits, being possible to have it inside and outside the home. When indoors, the vertical garden retains volatile organic compounds, helping to purify the air.

In the case of outdoor environments, the green walls renews and complements the appearance of the place, in addition to combating heat islands in the urban setting. And the best: with the variety of types, it adapts to different environments, whether for those who do not have space in the home or those who wish to renew the decor. Check out our tips on how to create a vertical garden and get inspired!


♥ What Are Green Walls?;

♥ Why Green Walls Indoor Should Be The Most Desired Of The Moment;

♥ Easy Ways To Make Green Walls Decor In Your Home;

♥ Why Room With Green Walls Are The Best Trend Of The Year;

♥ How To Make Green Walls In Kitchen?;

♥ Beautiful Sage Green Walls Kitchen For You To Be Inspired;

♥ The Bests Green Walls In Bedroom Ideas;

♥ The Charm Of The Green Walls In Living Room;

♥ Beauty And Freshness Of The Green Walls In Bathroom;

♥ Reasons To Have Green Walls Office;

♥ Curtains For Green Walls: Which colors go best?;

♥ The Best Green Walls Outdoor Models For Your Home.

What Are green walls

What Are Green Walls?

Imagine a living panel, filled with plants. Now, think that it has several features that make it look like a conventional wall – only better.

This is the green panel, also known as green walls, living panel, or vertical garden. The coating integrates nature with the architecture of a building, giving a biophilic design to the places, making them more pleasant and sustainable.

There are countless possibilities for applying green walls, which vary according to the layout of space, types of plants, as well as the choice for interior or exterior. The feature can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. green walls are used on the facade or external wall to dissipate heat and prevent the building from heating up, in addition to transforming it into a garden.

Why Green Walls Indoors Should Be The Most Desired Of The Moment

Why Green Walls Indoors Should Be The Most Desired Of The Moment

It is possible to have green walls indoor inside the home, even helping to purify the air. It is important to remember that each plant needs different care, therefore, pay attention to the amount of light received in the place where you are going to create a vertical garden.

It is not necessary to give up green walls indoor due to lack of space. In addition to contributing to well-being, o green walls indoor complements the decor of the environment with elegance and harmony. For compact rooms, give preference to types that can optimize space, such as the use of flower boxes or vases exposed on shelves.

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Reasons For Having An Green Walls Indoor In Your Home

They are mounted on a wall or pillar. The advantage of having a green wall indoor is that it does not take up as much space. And, in addition to beautifying the buildings, especially softening the look of the concrete, it also improves the comfort of the interior spaces.

The green walls indoor act as an acoustic barrier. They also help to renew the air and increase the humidity levels in the room. And, regardless of where they are installed, they will inevitably end up as a focal point, offering more color, texture, shine, and movement for the decorations. These are the reasons that make the system gain more supporters every day.

Where and how to use vertical garden indoor?

You can set up a green wall indoor at various points in a residence. It is even possible to completely involve a house with plants - in fact, including its top, since today there is the technology of green roofs. In the courtyard, we can have a vertical garden mounted against walls and fences. But the trend is to have a vertical garden inside the buildings. It is said that it is not advisable to have plants in the room. However, nothing is said about the rest of the rooms. Then, you can consider building a vertical garden in other locations. This includes the entrance hall, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, dining room, and living room. Besides, corridors, balcony, service area, and office. Just try to keep these structures away from electrical outlet points as far as possible. Also, let your creativity run wild. Many call green walls also live pictures. This is exactly what you will need to keep in mind. Plants will, over time, develop, grow and die. In other words, this situation will be constantly changing and will always need maintenance. But it is precisely these cycles that will make the element more interesting.

A little green corner to call your own

In the interiors, the green walls give greater beauty to the place, in addition to providing benefits related to thermal comfort.

Among the internal options for green walls, the artistic panel, a vertical garden with the use of laminated glass, stainless steel sheets, aluminum or ceramic sheets, deserves special mention, integrating artistic expression combined with biophilic design.

green walls Interiors

Easy Ways To Make Green Walls Decor In Your Home

Easy Ways To Make Green Walls Decor In Your Home

Fever among clients and professionals, green walls decor can take on different shapes and shapes. They have been used interchangeably on internal and external walls. Be composed of a single plant species or mix several. And, in general, those who chose one of them do not usually regret it. According to fans, the experience is worth the investment.

Green Walls Easy Ways

The Power Of The Vertical Garden

The green walls decor proposes the integration between nature and the concrete of urban spaces. In addition to a decorative element of weight, the vertical garden allows the creation of healthier and more sustainable living environments, with higher air quality and greater thermal comfort for all.

The hustle and bustle of the big city, the lack of contact with nature, and the low air quality have encouraged more and more architects and landscapers to look for alternatives to combine the urban lifestyle with something more balanced and healthy. Research shows that contact with plants increases our self-esteem and reduces our tensions arising from this fast-paced way of life..

Using Green Walls As Art

It is not only in large buildings that green walls can be used to give that touch of art to the environment. This is also possible in your apartment, you know? With a little inspiration combined with the right tools and plants, it is possible to make one of the most beautiful and admired green walls decor in the region.

The good thing about this is that, in addition to looking good in the photo, you can also discover gardening as an excellent hobby to de-stress and enjoy your free time.

green walls Easy Ways 2

Green Walls Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants:

Ideal for environments with little space, choosing green walls decor with a vertical garden and hanging plants makes the cultivation of flowers and plants more practical, in addition to ensuring a beautiful and differentiated look.

They can be used on apartment balconies, or even green walls with a vertical garden and plants suspended in internal corridors of the house. With low cost, it can be made with wooden plates, boxes, and even recycled materials such as pet bottles and plastic packaging.

The hanging garden can be installed on the wall or suspended by ropes attached to the ceiling. Using old windows and doors also makes them look very charming. If you prefer, use simple shelves to support the pots. Unleash your imagination!

How to make a hanging garden:

The possibilities for mounting green walls decor with a vertical garden and hanging plants are endless. Being a great option for people who love a do-it-yourself project.

Greener on the Balcony:

To keep the atmosphere warm, the balcony gained a long wooden deck, in addition to a comfortable armchair accompanied by two ottomans in the corner. green walls decor with a vertical garden can be positioned next to the sliding door, for example. Or it can be arranged in the style of shelves, with some vases spread over its length.

green walls Hanging Garden

green walls Decor 2

Other Amazing Ways Of Green Walls Decor:

One way to help nature is to give a new use to items that have been left out. How about reusing home objects to create green walls decor? Among the best known, there is a technique that consists of using suspended pet bottles for the creation of the vertical garden.

Abuse of Materials:

The pallets in the decoration are more and more in high and do not stay out of this; are great as a support for creating green walls decor. Did you change the window and don’t know what to do with the old woman? A vertical garden is a solution that composes the space with creativity and a lot of charm. Stairs are other allies of green walls decor; any corner will come to life with the exposure of this union.

When it comes to creating green walls decor, there are no limits on the reuse of objects. You can use aluminum roof rails to those door shoe racks. Unleash your imagination and decorate the house with natural elements!

Here are exclusive tips that My Easy Decoration has prepared to compose green walls in every room of your home!

green walls Decor

Why Rooms With Green Walls Are The Best Trend Of The Year

Why Room With Green Walls Are The Best Trend Of The Year

Indoor environments, especially apartment balconies, can also be used and give that special charm when thinking about room with green walls.

Will it be on the balcony? On a wall in the room? This choice of green walls room will define which plant styles should be chosen for the location. Ideally, there should be good lighting and a wall that can be waterproofed. Also, pay attention to the circulation area: remember that the foliage will also occupy a larger space than the support.

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Nowadays, the room with green walls proposal has exceeded people's expectations. The projects are elaborated, taking into account the most varied situations. To design a vertical garden, you will develop projects that take into account the conceptual advantages offered by vertical gardens, which are quite numerous:

- Provide increased thermal comfort and acoustic insulation for indoor environments;

- Promote the reduction of temperature, including that of the external environment, especially in the vicinity of the vegetable panels;

- Its assembly and maintenance are technically and economically viable;

- Reduce the thermal amplitude of walls and walls, which contributes to greater durability of buildings;

- They contribute to the increase of biodiversity, because they become habitats of other living beings, as is the case of butterflies and birds;

- Due to the high concentration of plants per square meter, they contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, the gas responsible for the increase in the greenhouse effect and climate change.

How To Make Green Walls In Kitchen?

How To Make Green Walls In Kitchen?

Anyone who thinks that the final colorful touch in a kitchen is only made through furniture is wrong. Other options are the plants and the composition of the green walls in kitchen! Besides, wallpapers can be great allies in decorating the space.

In addition to being practical and functional, the kitchen must be cozy and welcoming. And for that, green walls in kitchen are the right answer! Be it composed of spices, herbs, or even ornamental plants! They transform any environment, adding harmony, and giving a sense of well-being.

To grow plants in the kitchen, the secret is to choose the right species, which thrive indoors. The decorative plants will give life to the kitchen decor and some of them can even increase your lunches and dinners, providing a more pleasant moment. Besides, planting and growing these new residents can become a beautiful hobby for you and your family.

The green walls in kitchen with plants can be arranged in a vertical garden, on the bench, on the shelves, in hangers, in the window, or even on the table. Check out our tips!

Types Of Plants For Green Walls In Kitchen:

Types Of Plants For Green Walls In Kitchen

Fresh ingredients for your recipes and new smells for your kitchen. Irresistible, agree?

Before we indicate some herbs that are easy to grow and that taste great as a spice for various foods, let's talk a little about care in general. Herbs are plants that need sunlight at least at some point in the day, must be watered regularly, and can be fertilized every three months.

♥ Basil: Great seasoning for sauces, it is also called basil or basil. As it can reach 60cm, it is recommended that it be grown alone in a pot. It is a plant for the kitchen that requires a lot of suns. Therefore, the environment must always be in contact with natural lighting.

♥ Rosemary: Like basil, it needs plenty of sunshine. But not water. The land where this plant is located cannot be soaked. Semi-shrub and delicate, it is great for enhancing the taste of vegetables.

♥ Chive: This bulbous plant can do well in gardeners - or collective pots - in the kitchen, as it needs little space for growth. For chives to become a delicious seasoning for soups, for example, take care that the soil is always well fertilized and watered.

♥ Mint: It can also be grown in collective pots and requires good light, but not direct sunlight to grow. The two most common species are Mentha spicata - with smooth leaves - and Menta crispa - with curly leaves.

Green Walls In Kitchen With The Beauty Of Succulents

Green Walls In Kitchen With The Beauty Of Succulents

To decorate the kitchen environment, succulents are easy and resistant plant options for the kitchen - beginners in cultivation can choose them without fear - and resistance.

Although it needs light, as it is a natural plant in almost desert regions, it requires little water to grow. The soil must be rich in nutrients and the shallow pots because the roots of the succulents are short.

Beautiful Sage Green Walls Kitchen For You To Be Inspired!

Beautiful Sage Green Walls Kitchen For You To Be Inspired!

the sage green walls kitchen has achieved a prominent place in the world of decoration. In fact, this color has already been defined by some experts as the “new neutral”. This shows that this color has become a great discovery in recent years, both in fashion and in interior design.

Among the explanations for this role is the fact that salvia green is a faint color, with simple tones, yet sophisticated, easy to decorate, and not binding. Because it is a light color, it also favors environments without light, allowing a cheerful decoration without being banal or predictable.

Also, if you choose sage green walls kitchen, know that this tone is facially combined with several styles, from contemporary and essential to classic or vintage. This allows for various combinations without encountering major limitations. Arguably it is a color that brings tranquility, luminosity, and freshness to the environment. At the same time, it manages to be vibrant, cheerful, and full of energy. Therefore, may this protagonism be very welcome!

The Charm Of Sage Green Kitchen Walls With Oak Cabinets

The Charm Of Sage Green Kitchen Walls With Oak Cabinets

Oak furniture has an impossible to copy style. Rustic, they combine with elaborate environments, but not only with places that have this characteristic. The decor is democratic concerning the presence of wood in the most diverse types of environments. And it fits well in various styles, from country and boho chic to Scandinavian, creating very good compositions with modern environments, but also giving the charm to environments with an old touch.

Imposing, oak wood refers to the quality and long-lasting products. Several pieces of furniture can be manufactured in oak, hardwood from the northern hemisphere, which in addition to having different types and finishes of varnish (which results in different colors), can be worked on to create chairs and cabinets.

The Bests Green Walls In The Bedroom Ideas

The Bests Green Walls In Bedroom Ideas

With attributes of prosperity and tranquility, green walls in bedroom are indicated for the creation of mentally balanced environments.

Besides, this shade provides relaxation. This decreases the intensity of emotions and increases the awareness and understanding of individuals.

Why bet on green walls in bedroom?

green walls in bedroom provides a stimulus to people’s health and well-being. Its light tones are suitable for environments that seek calm and tranquility.

Sleepless nights can drain all of our energy, productivity, impair our thinking, and alter our mood. So, if you are looking for affordable and natural alternatives that can improve the quality of your sleep, pay attention to the next topics.

green walls Bedroom Plants

green walls Bedroom 2

Give a new life to the headboard with the pillows:

Known to scare away the evil eye, avencas are the darlings of indoor environments. They like heat, light, and humidity, but avoid excessive sunlight. In Feng Shui, avencas are activators of wisdom and spirituality.

Besides, these plants are perfect for green walls in the bedroom with minimalist decor.


Ferns are tropical plants widely used in green wall decorations in the bedroom because of their exuberant aesthetics. They are popular due to their energetic character: they absorb negative energies, purifying the place of bad vibrations. To grow them, you need sun and water up to three times a week – but be careful not to overdo it, as any excess can kill your plant.

How about a hanging panel with succulents?

Succulents help with emotional protection. They are extremely versatile plants, as they are small and have several species. So they are perfect for creating the green walls in the bedroom of your dreams!

You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to compose your room. They adapt to dry places and do not need much care: just water once a week or when your land is very dry. Its most popular example is cacti.

green walls Bedroom Succulents

The Charm Of The Green Walls In Living Room

The Charm Of The Green Walls In Living Room

Tired of the appearance of your room, but is the budget a little tight to do a complete renovation? The solution can be much simpler and cheaper than you think.

We are talking about the green walls in living room. It is an affordable option to give more personality and a totally new look to your environment.

What Kind Of Plants for green walls in living room?

You need to know the plants that can be grown in the environment you want to install green walls in living room. If you are going to install it in environments that receive little incidence of sunlight, you need to look for suitable plants, such as:

1. Money in bundles;
2. Anthurium;
3. Fern;
4. Flor--lipstick
5. Maio Bridal veil, among others;

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Another detail that needs to be observed when choosing plants for green walls in living room, is that they cannot have very large roots, because the vertical garden has no structure for them to develop, and can damage the structure of your garden.

Observe the installation location green walls in living room, and select the plants that suit that environment if there is a lot of lighting, wind incidence, etc. Do not put plants that have different needs for development in the same place, for example, do not mix fern (needs little direct lighting, needs constant irrigation) with cacti (lots of direct lighting, little need for irrigation).

Taking the necessary care, you will always have a beautiful vertical garden at home. See now beautiful inspirations for you to choose the one that fits your home.


No matter what size of wall you have free, available. It is possible to create a vertical garden with lots of flowers and foliage even in small spaces. Study how the support of this structure will be.

There are numerous mounting possibilities. The vases can be fixed to a frame on the wall, supported on niches and shelves, or attached to the ceiling with some rope or cable, whatever.

Beauty And Freshness Of The Green Walls In Bathroom

Beauty And Freshness Of The Green Walls In Bathroom

The green walls in bathroom have never gone out of style, but in recent times, with the diverse amount of items for decoration and coverings available on the market, this color has gained even more reasons to invade your bathroom and every other room in the house! The bathroom is almost always the smallest space in the house and less likely to have a special decoration.

But to show that it can be a well-decorated environment, with lots of sophisticated, fun, and even minimalist possibilities, we brought this hint of green walls in bathroom that reminds us of nature. After all, every corner of your home needs to be carefully decorated to keep your personality!

Green Color Benefits

Green Color Benefits

Even without many people knowing, green is a wildcard in the decoration, especially when we are dealing with the bathroom, this room that often lacks energy. The green bathroom calms and brings tranquility to the body and mind, so it provides a very relaxing space, ideal for enjoying a good bath and performing your daily tasks of hygiene and personal beauty.

The green bathroom provides more energy, as it is the color of living nature, associated with personal growth, renewal, and youth, adding a little freshness and comfort to your routine.

Ways To Build A Green Bathroom

Ways To Build A Green Bathroom

The green bathroom can be created both by implementing this color on the walls or the floor, as well as in the furniture and accessories. You can choose one of these options, or all, as long as it is used with balance. As green is not a vibrant color it can be used a lot in the space without saturating it, however, still a green bathroom in every corner is not advisable, since what leaves the sophisticated environment is exactly the mixture of colors and textures.

The green bathroom decor can rely mainly on white walls and details, to produce a space that can go from classic to modern. Other colors that may be present in the environment, without much emphasis to not mischaracterize the green bathroom, are lavender and several shades of blue. Another accessories to further complement the room are plants and flowers, accentuating the naturalness of the space.

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Green Walls In Bathroom Flooring

There are plenty of options to create the green walls in bathroom coating, from a traditional painting to the use of greenish tiles, however, the way that has been most used today, is the application of glass tiles.

They are ideal for the green bathroom, as they allow the creation of various patterns on the walls, whether located or floor to ceiling. The bathroom with green tiles is very sophisticated, combining mainly with modern spaces, but being able to form creative coverings in a more traditional green bathroom.

Reasons To Have Green Walls Office

Reasons To Have Green Walls Office

The green walls office bring several benefits to the users, besides being beautiful, they increase the well-being of the users. Many companies are investing in bringing more green to the interior, knowing that healthy offices are more productive. Studies show that increasing the well-being of its employees results in an improvement in job performance.

The quality of the indoor air directly interferes with the conditions of comfort, well-being, and productivity, in working environments, which are generally air-conditioned. The plants work as air purifiers and help remove toxic gases, in addition to bringing more beauty to the place.

Why green is important in the office:

Green is suitable for warm spaces with little ventilation because it is a cold and raw color. The green energy reflects participation, adaptability, generosity and cooperation. This color attenuates emotions, facilitates correct reasoning and increases awareness and understanding. It passes security, protection, decision. With a great feeling of space, freedom, harmony and balance.

With natural aspect of green. This color reminds us of life and its higher vibration reflects the feeling of raw. The green color produces a sedative and relaxing effect, although it can cause drowsiness, tiredness or irritability, if not used correctly.

That is why choosing to have a green wall office helps people to create a balanced, soothing and calm environment around them. In addition to symbolizing harmony and balance. The Green walls office gives balance and reduces tension.

Curtains For Green Walls: Which colors go best?

Curtains For Green Walls: Which colors go best?

It is super normal to have doubts about the combination of colors during the decoration project, after all, we don't want to create something too overloaded or that is over, is it? For this reason, it is nice to take into account some harmonization suggestions to achieve an exquisite result.

Curtains for green walls, fortunately, match almost any type of color. However, everything will depend on the chosen tone, the type of decoration you want, and the entire composition. It is a matter of combining feeling, good taste, and study on the color palette used.

Here are some tips with the main combinations so you don't miss out on your decor with curtains for green walls:

♥ Green + white: if green is an easy color to match, white is considered the most versatile shade on the face of the Earth! It combines with everything and helps to create a light, quiet, bright, and fresh decoration. It is an excellent choice to match any shade of green.

♥ Green + blue: if you think you should choose either blue or green you are wrong. These two shades full of personality can be combined in an environment, especially when you want cool, fun, and informal decor. The tip is to measure the intensity of the tones and achieve a very harmonious result, which does not weigh the eyes.

♥ Green + beige: this is a classic combination and does not give much chance to error. Except for lime and leaf greens, any other shade can be mixed with beige to achieve a romantic, soft, warm, and inviting decor. You will surely get a very sophisticated result with these two colors

♥ Green + brown: any shade of brown looks great with curtains for green walls. If you want to create an environment that refers to nature, country life, or simply a more free and organic lifestyle, consider using this combination of walls and furniture. It can look good in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and balconies.

♥ Green + pink: this is a great option for those who like a more fun decoration or who are looking for youthful and modern trends to decorate any room. Very focused on rooms for children or teenagers, this alternative can also leave a female office or bathroom very differentiated.

♥ Green + orange: those who are connected to the boho or vintage trend will achieve a very interesting result by investing in curtains for green walls combined with orange elements. You have to be careful with your choices to not overdo it, but other than that, you will certainly make wonderful decor!

♥ Green + gold: the shades of dark green are the ones that best match gold, a noble and highly sophisticated color. Because it is visually striking, it should be used sparingly, having a predominance in decorative objects such as table decorations, furniture structures, paintings, textiles, or lighting items.

green walls Outdoor

The Best Green Walls Outdoor Models For Your Home

By bringing more green to your home, it becomes much more full of life and freshness. Besides, the look of the green walls outdoor is incredible! Which is always a good reason to bet on something new in the decor.

Currently, green walls outdoor are being widely used in large buildings, building facades with sustainable proposals, as the green panel creates natural acoustic and thermal insulation, in addition to also serving to control the natural lighting that affects building facades.

Check out some tips on how to create outdoor green walls in your home in different environments:

Small balconies:

Lack of space is present in many apartments and small houses. But that cannot be an excuse for not adding green walls outdoor on small balconies and bringing cleaner air to your home.

In the absence of square meters, the most suitable option for outdoor green walls is to actually verticalize your garden. They can have different shapes and houses from decorative species to fruit in your home.

The balconies are much more charming with the use of plants in green walls outdoor . The species chosen can be those that are half-shade, that receive the sun for part of the day, such as ferns, peperomia, elephant’s paw, and even, you can make this environment more comfortable by using a wooden floor or furniture wooden.

green walls Outdoor Small Balconies

green walls Urban Jungle

Creating an urban jungle:

Yes, human nature once again calls for the rescue of its roots. The problem is that the life system we create – and in which many are trapped – does not always allow us to take up residence close to plants and animals.

In fact, there wouldn’t even be room for so many people in the woods and forests. The only way is to take a weekend break to a farm or environmental reserve park.

Vertical gardens and balconies

There are things you need to look at before setting up a vertical garden on your balcony. For example, see if there is a wall available for this and if it is strong enough to support the entire load.

Also, think about how the plants will be watered and study how this water will be collected. And what color and texture do you want to obtain from the plants, to compose the aesthetics of the living picture?

Think about all of this and start your green walls outdoor project.

green walls Outdoor

green walls Outdoor Pool

Green walls outdoor in the pool area:

The green walls outdoor in the pool area match any size of outdoor space, plus you can adapt the style of the pool to the decor and style of the garden.

The garden + pool combination can result in several possibilities. You can choose landscaping that highlights the pool or even bet on different formats and styles of pools.

If you are looking for a more natural-looking garden, your pool can become a paradise beach! For this, you should bet on coatings that mimic the color of white sand and the crystalline bottom of the sea, for example.

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