Wedding Decoration: Tricks Decorators Don't Want You to Know ❤️

Wedding Decoration: Tricks Decorators Don't Want You to Know ❤️

Hello dear readers, in this article we will present some super tips for you to be inspired by wedding decoration.

You will also find out what are the trends in this year's wedding decoration. We have summarized everything you will find in this article:

♥ + 50 Templates and Ideas;
♥ Ideas (Main Trends);
♥ Decoration tables;
♥ Rustic style;
♥ Decoration in the church;
♥ The Wedding Bouquet;
♥ How to do a decoration on your own;

Learn The Key Elements That Cannot Miss in Wedding decoration;
Each detail has its meaning and becomes very important to form the final result of decoration.

Therefore, you need to plan and make decisions very calmly so that the wedding decoration comes out the way you dreamed.

So if you are going through this beautiful moment of your life, it is worth checking out these ideas.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Let's start with the decoration objects, then you will see the trends by environments. Finally, we will give you tips on how to make your own wedding decorations without spending much.

Ready? So get inspired by us and make your wedding decoration perfect.

Wedding Decoration With Acrylic Plates

Wedding Decoration With Acrylic Plates

Acrylic began to gain space when they developed the chairs with this material. They were so successful that some designers began using acrylic in the development of other objects.

Since then, this material has become part of the world of events and wedding decorations. You can use acrylic signs to write the name of the bride and groom or leave notes, for example.

Remember that several objects can be used that will give charm and elegance in your decoration.

Wedding Decoration With The Neon Signs

Wedding Decoration With The Neon Signs

In this type of material, you can use to write the bride's name or some beautiful phrase. Neon brings sparkle and charm to your wedding decoration.

Besides being a strong trend, it refers to the more retro style in the decoration. You can use the signs on several occasions at your wedding. Be it on a photo panel, at the bar, at the ceremony, or on the runway, for example.

There are several types of fonts and colors for this object. So you can choose and customize your style.

Wedding Decoration With Organic Background Panel

Wedding Decoration With Organic Background Panel

For this year, the main idea is to opt for natural and organic backgrounds in your wedding decoration.

In addition to giving a naturalness to the environment, the panel will be beautiful in the photos.

The wedding background panel will be able to determine a specific space for the photos. But, your guests will love it too. That's because people can have fun taking their own pictures.

Remember that photos are fundamental to record a moment so important that it is the celebration of the wedding. So pay attention to these models, and be sure to rock your choice!

Wedding Decoration Table

Wedding Decoration Table

Decorating the wedding decoration table will depend on the style of the tables and also the concept of your decoration. Therefore, you must choose an experienced professional to be able to harmonize the details.

Note that the pastel colors form a beautiful decorating set ideal for wedding ceremonies. Besides, the rose gold style cutlery is super high and will add a special touch to your wedding decoration table.

Wedding Decoration Table 2

For larger tables, care is more excellent. Care should be taken that the decoration fills the entire table. However, we have to take care that the decoration does not get too polluted.

If you choose towels, the rule is the same. So just take care that the fabric is not loaded with the decoration you choose. Therefore, opt for plain fabrics that give lightness to the environment.

The Charm Of Rustic Wedding Decoration

The Charm Of Rustic Wedding Decoration

Considered the sweetheart of the moment, rustic wedding decoration is taking over wedding decoration.

Note that the light tones of wedding decoration predominate. So pastel colors are vital to contrasting with rustic furniture.

Then use and abuse the curtains, flowers, petals, and everything that brings romanticism and lightness to the environment. Besides, the rustic wedding decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Also, make a photo panel with your best couple of moments. In addition to telling a story, it will be part of your wedding decoration.

Finally, opt for nude style wedding cakes. They talk super well with the rustic wedding decoration.

Wedding Decoration In The Church

Wedding Decoration In The Church

In this part, we will show the latest trends in wedding decorations in the church. So if you belong to a religion that follows the protocols that need to perform the church ceremony, these tips are for you!

To make the decoration of the church more modern and less loaded, the idea is to use flowers and more discreet objects.

Wedding Decoration In The Church 2

Discreet details and the same tone give charm and romanticism at the entrance to the altar. Notice how this type of decoration harmonizes with the church. It is beautiful!

Next, we will highlight the flowers. They are timeless, meaning they never go out of style. Then choose the type of flower that best suits your preference.

Finally, avoid flashy rugs with white fabrics and red roses. This style, besides being outdated, ends up dazzling the couple and the environment. So the idea here is to be careful not to make your wedding decoration out of trend.

Wedding Decoration With The Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Decoration With The Wedding Bouquet

The Bridal Bouquet, is considered as a must-have accessory in the celebration of a wedding. However, few people know its real meaning.

Bouquet flowers mean joy and attract good luck in the relationship. So remember that each type of flower has a meaning as well. Because flowers are considered timeless, you can choose the type to suit your taste.

Check out the models we have separated for you to be inspired and choose the bridal bouquet that you like best.

The Bride's Bouquet In Wedding Decoration

The Bride's Bouquet In Wedding Decoration

This type of wedding bouquet can be used as long as the shape is further disrupted. Some cattails and different flower types bring a more modern mix to the bouquet.

This different customization makes the bouquet go out of traditional style and look for a more asymmetrical look. Another important note is that for this style of bouquet, the stems should be showing.

The Bride's Bouquet in Wedding Decoration Tip 1 Wedding Bouquet

Next, the trend of the moment is the bouquet style wedding bouquet. This trend comes with everything this year because it combines so well with the rustic style wedding decoration.

So it is perfect for use at weddings like in the field or at the beach, for example.

Bride's Bouquet at Wedding Decoration Tip 2 By Cascade Bouquet

Bride's Bouquet at Wedding Decoration Tip 2 By Cascade Bouquet

In this type of bouquet, you can insert brooches and jewelry that you want to be in your wedding decoration.

So not to get too traditional, we should also deconstruct the bouquet a bit. In short, you can make it very beautiful and modern by inserting different sized plants and flowers.

The Bride's Bouquet at Wedding Decoration Tip 3 With The Single Flower Bouquet

The Bride's Bouquet at Wedding Decoration Tip 3 With The Single Flower Bouquet

Carolina Herrera was the brand that started this trend and has now become a worldwide fever.

Then the unique flower came to add the minimalist style. In other words, the bride who chooses this type of flower should wear a smooth dress without details.

Finally, remember that your wedding bouquet cannot match the flowers of the wedding decoration.

That’s right, your bouquet must be unique and personalized. So use and abuse your creativity and make a bouquet that is your face.

Do It Yourself Wedding Decoration

Do It Yourself Wedding Decoration

The idea here is to show you how to do a complete wedding decoration and what are the essentials you need to have. In other words, let's cite elements that your marriage cannot miss at all.

So if you want to save money and make a beautiful wedding decoration, check out the tips that we will pass.

But it is worth remembering that it is not an easy task. So notice if you have the time and energy to run after everything you need ok?

The Importance Of Locating A Space In Wedding Decoration

The first step in making a beautiful wedding decoration is to place a proper space. So if you find a beautiful space, you don’t have to spend a lot on decorating.

Next, we will divide the decoration steps into three steps.

The Cake Table In Wedding Decoration

The Cake Table In Wedding Decoration

The cake table is considered the most complicated part of decorating. This scenario has to be beautiful and in harmony.

For it is on the cake table that will be taken the photos that will be recorded forever. There are thousands of models and table settings to choose from. So let’s show some models to get you inspired:

So let's start with the classic style. But what would a classic style be?

It is nothing more than a table with two flower arrangements with a cake in the center of the table.

The Rustic Wedding Decoration Style

The Rustic Wedding Decoration Style

We will also give the option of wedding decoration in the rustic style. This style is very high and has many decorative elements that we can combine.

The good thing about rustic is that any object that we will position will be highlighted. This is because the furniture is a stronger shade and contrasts with the decor.

The Side Vases

The Side Vases

Besides the cake table, another super important item for your wedding decoration is the side vases.

For this element, there are several material options, such as tableware, metal, crystals, and stones.

You can choose what you like best. Then all the models will match the rustic style very well. In addition to the types of materials, you can also choose different flower pot size.

But remember that the bigger the vase, the more flowers you will need to decorate it. So if we need a vase, we will also need the most beautiful flowers!

Wedding Decoration Flowers

Wedding Decoration Flowers

Both types of flowers look beautiful for this occasion. However, it is known that in the past, there was a lot of prejudice when choosing the artificial flower.

But today we can find beautiful arrangements that look a lot like natural flowers. So know this is no longer a problem.

So the only difference in opting for natural or artificial flowers is in the budget. In other words, natural flower arrangements are priced higher than artificial ones.

Lastly, remember that you will need a professional to assemble these arrangements for you.

So he will know the techniques and will also harmonize the arrangement according to the wedding decoration.

Wedding Decoration Cake

Wedding Decoration Cake

For your wedding decoration to be perfect, the cake is an element that can never be missed. Then we will show you two types of cakes that you can choose according to your preference.

You can choose natural or artificial cake. Although natural cake is more perfect, we know that there is a big difference in values.

If you choose the natural cake to select professionals who leave the cake with a beautiful design.

The Wedding Decoration Sweets

The Wedding Decoration Sweets

Besides the cake, if there is one thing that gives a charm on the table are the wedding sweets. So sweeties will be great allies to fill the cake table. In addition to delicious, they can also serve as decoration.

Therefore they will take away the need to have more accessories on the table. Next, you should think about the brackets for placing these candies. This way, they will look good and also create harmony with the wedding decoration.

The idea is to position at least 3 candy holders on each side of the table of different sizes.

Wedding Decoration Cake Table Bottom

Cake Table Bottom

This part is also essential, and some people let it go. So the interesting thing here would be to opt for decorative rugs or plants. Plants can be ferns or bouquets, for example.

The green color of the plants gives a beautiful contrast to the wedding decoration. This is because the green color is more neutral and ends up leaving the environment less polluted.

Already in rustic decoration, the tip is to opt for super high cages. In addition to giving an air of romanticism, this element will make your cake table beautiful.

It would be interesting for you to put lamps or candles inside the cages. Also, you can even position the cages from largest to smallest. So you create a beautiful look.

The Guest Table In Wedding Decoration

The Guest Table In Wedding Decoration

The guest table is the second step you should think about in your wedding decoration.

So if you are going to rent a place that already has a table and chairs, then the decor will depend on what style the furniture is. You can make it natural if it is beautiful and wooden.

Then you can put a pretty flower arrangement on top or at most a delicate zebra crossing. Thus you preserve the romantic and rustic style.

But as we already know, most ballrooms do not have beautiful tables. So the tip here is to use the towels.

Glass Bottles For Wedding Decoration

Glass Bottles For Wedding Decoration

Many professionals have been betting on the reuse of glass in party and wedding decoration.

With a little creativity, the glass bottles become a real work of art. That's why it became a fever in wedding decorations. In addition to being sustainable, bottles can add that special touch to the guest table.

Then you can choose to buy the bottles as there are various designs and sizes on the market.

Another alternative would be to create it in a more handcrafted style that matches your wedding party decor.

It is also worth remembering that for the guest table, it is essential to have a set of at least three accessories. This way, you can fill the table with a well-distributed decoration.

The Wedding Decoration Ceremony

The Wedding Decoration Ceremony

This is the third and last part you will have to worry about in wedding decorations. The first super tip they are doing at wedding ceremonies is hearts on the lawn.

Decorating The Lawn With Hearts

Decorating The Lawn With Hearts

For this decoration, you will need a maximum of 400 hearts, placing 200 on each side. This amount is enough and will be super romantic.

So, being on the lawn and having wooden sticks, the idea is not out of the rustic concept. So it will super match your wedding decoration. Hearts are made of colored paper that you can choose according to your preference.

The Carpet

The Carpet

The rug is an optional wedding decoration element. So if you like this style, check out some tips to get inspired!

Remember that there is no right carpet style. So it will all depend on the setting and your style of wedding decoration.

The most suitable rugs for the ceremony are the Persian treadmills and the Aubussons. They refer to the classic style.

But if you are looking for something more contemporary or modern. So striped or smooth treadmills are the most suitable.

Flower Petals

Flower Petals

If you do not want to use the carpet at the ceremony, petals are a good alternative.

In addition to being beautiful and romantic, they add charm and natural air to your wedding decoration.

Decorate the aisle that leads to the altar with the flower petals you prefer. The idea here is to take pictures with possible colors and positions of the leaves. This way, you can analyze if the petals are talking to the wedding decoration.

The Sideboard

The Sideboard

Another no less critical item that can not be missed in wedding decoration is the sideboard.

The sideboard is supporting furniture and will form the altar of the bride and groom. It is in this environment that the union of the couple is consolidated. Therefore, this furniture should be chosen and decorated with love and attention.

Also, you can decorate the altar with curtains and awnings. This gives a romantic and sacred mood for the ceremony.

What You Can't Miss at Wedding Decoration

What You Can't Miss at Wedding Decoration

The Welcome Drink

The welcome drink is the best way for you to impress your guests as soon as they arrive at your reception. Then you can serve champagnes, sparkling wines, or fritters.

But if you want to surprise, you can also serve very refreshing lemonade served in bottles.

These little bottles can be decorated with the colors of your wedding. Then you will have one more fun element for your party.

The visual identity

This part is fundamental and involves your entire wedding decoration. Consult a professional and see what prints, fabrics, and colors you can match. So you can use all the elements that make up your wedding decoration.

The Food Station

The food season is something that cannot be left out of your wedding. So no matter what you are going to put there.

But your guests need to be free to serve themselves whenever they want. So use your creativity to choose the type of food season and how to decorate it. Lastly, use colors and prints that catch the attention of the guests.

Wedding Decoration With Scrapbook

Having an object that guests can leave new messages for the couple turns out to be a fun activity. Use plates, boxes, or acrylics that can be used as wedding decorations and also useful for the guests.

Unique Wedding Decoration For Kids

Having a space just for children at your wedding is not only interesting just for them. But for moms too.

Therefore, you can opt for a smaller table with sweets and treats. This will enable children to reach meals more easily. You can also set up another table with crayons and papers for children to play and have fun with.

Wedding Decoration With Photo Booth

Besides fun, this space will make a difference in your decoration. There you and your guests will be able to create unique portraits with a different environment. Surely your guests will love, and you can save that moment forever.

Wedding Decoration With Tags in Ballad

The little signs in the club became fever, and besides decorating your party, they will make the most fun moments.

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