World's Most Wanted Wedding Dress Styles 2021 ❤️

World's Most Wanted Wedding Dress Styles 2021 ❤️

The wedding dress is, without a doubt, the greatest representation of the big day. Not by chance, most women are very dedicated to finding the ideal dress. It is a task that is not always easy! After all, among so many options on the market and even with the possibility of making a model the way the bride wishes, this search, in some cases, can take months!

They are usually composed of fine and delicate fabrics, designs, sophisticated cuts, and subtle elegance. The wedding dress, like the other types of dresses, has a wide variety of styles, models, cuts, colors, and materials.

Thinking about it, My Easy Decoration presents below a special content full of information and tips. These tips will help you not only select the ideal piece but also guide you through the preparation of this very special date: your wedding. Browse with us, enjoy everything we have prepared! And start planning to live your day with the wedding dress that is your face!

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❤️ Most Wanted Wedding Dress Styles of the Year:
❤️ Ideal models of Wedding Dress for Beach;
❤️ Plus Size Gorgeous For you to be Inspired!;
❤️ The Charm of Long Sleeve Wedding Dress;
❤️ The Romanticism of Vintage Wedding Dress;
❤️ The Power of Wedding Dress Colors;

❤️ Most Wanted Wedding Dress Styles of the Year:

Wedding Dress Styles

Very different wedding dress styles that reflect the ideas that designers and creative directors work for many months to make brides feel truly special on their big day. Different designs, designed for all women, and we are sure, you will find the perfect wedding dress styles.

Each woman is unique and the wedding day is one of the most special and personal moments in a person's life. Therefore, these particularities are transferred to the wedding dress. The wedding dress styles chosen by women must present elegance and brilliance. So that they are radiant and enjoy a true fairytale day.

Lace Wedding Dress Styles,

Wedding Dress Styles Laces

If you are more of the romantic style, then you will love these styles that we will be presenting. Lace wedding dress styles are considered timeless. In other words, it never goes out of style. So for those who love this style, use the abuse of income.

The biggest advantage of choosing a wedding dress style with lace is that it is very versatile. In short, there are no specific rules for the type of marriage in which income can be used. That is, the dress can be adapted for any ceremony.

Another benefit worth noting about the choice of lace is that it is not an entire fabric. That is, there is no need to make a completely lacy dress.

❤️ All the delicacy of ethereal wedding dresses:

Ethereal Wedding Dresses

It is a style of great delicacy, femininity, and fluidity. Skirts and flowing sleeves lighter than air. The transparencies, light lace, tulle, and organza give off a romantic ethereal vibe without any additional volume. So that the bride can reach the dance floor when the time comes. Without stressing about tripping over your dress or feeling heavy because of so much cloth.

Wedding Dress Styles Smooth ❤️

Wedding Dress Smooth

If you don't like a lot of details, know that plain wedding dress styles are super hot. In addition to giving elegance to the look, it also refers to sophistication and modernity.

The profile of the woman who opts for a plain wedding dress is more minimalist. In other words, they like a beautiful, clean, and extravagant look. They also shy away from traditionalism and therefore prefer more modern weddings.

A valuable tip for plain wedding dress styles is to use 100% silk fabrics. In addition to the soft touch, it is possible to reach perfection with them. Duchess satin, taffeta, machined silks, zibeline, and organza fabrics are also very suitable for these cases.

Deep Neckline Wedding Dress ❤️

Deep Neckline Wedding Dress

The deep neckline has been a trend in the wedding dress since 2018 when we talk about what was high in the Swan Lake collection, do you remember? It remains strong and in the hands of many stylists, it grows more and more.

Transparent Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Styles Transparency

A wedding dress style with transparency is not big news in the world of the bride. But, we could not fail to mention this trend simply because it is still very present in bride fashion. Be it just in the lap, in the whole dress, or just in the bodice.

Wedding Dress With Stones ❤️

Wedding Dress With Stones

We already know that boulder is a trend for this year. They bring an air of sophistication, personality, and prominence to the pieces.

The options for wedding dresses of this style are quite extensive. That's why we decided to make your life easier when choosing. Then check out each one below, and when they fit best:

Considered the glow style, the trend of the moment is to combine stones with more illuminated fabrics. These fabrics can be tulle for example, which has the power to make the dress more interesting.

Ideal Wedding Dress for Beach ❤️

Wedding Dress Beach

Speak, bride! If you are an up-to-date person, you may have noticed that many couples are running away from the obvious and having outdoor weddings. Like those beautiful, bare ceremonies that take place on the coast. And for everything to go as planned, it is important to pay special attention to the look of the big day, choosing the best wedding dress for the beach for that day.

As it is an external environment, close to the sea and nature, you will need to keep an eye on the details. The type of fabric chosen, the cutout of the model, and the finishes are some of the elements that deserve full attention.

Bet on a Minimalist Wedding Dress for Beach:

Wedding Dress Beach Minimalist

Minimalist wedding dress for beach models is on the rise. The trend arose at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Although it did not appear first for the beach party style, it is all about. That's because clothing is simpler and more fluid, giving value to the fabric and the way it is cut.

Wedding Dress for Beach Fabric:

Wedding Dress for Beach Fabric

The first point to be analyzed in your search for the wedding dress for beach fabric of dreams is, without a doubt, the fabric of the piece. As we are talking about a wedding that will be held on the coast. In other words, outdoors, it is interesting to invest in costumes that do not limit your movements and allow your skin to breathe well. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting too hot during the ceremony. Or also, finding it difficult to dance and hug your guests.

The best way out is to use the wedding dress for beach fabrics that are light and fluid, you know? The versions with very flowing skirts and that leave a little skin on display are very welcome. For this type of environment, the most suitable materials are:

• pure silk;
• Italian tulle;
• the chiffon;
• satin;
• the mousseline;
• crochet;
• cotton.

Do not wear the long veil:

Wedding Dress Beach Veil

An interesting tip is to avoid wearing long veils at beach events. In addition to not matching the proposal for the wedding, the accessory can bother you a lot. Even more, if it’s very windy in the day. If you are keen on the veil, prefer the shorter versions that go up to shoulder height at most.

For this type of celebration, experts in the field usually recommend replacing the classic veil with a sophisticated tiara, several hair clips, or a garland full of seasonal flowers. It is an alternative that is out and about among modern brides and talks very well with the wedding proposal.

Choose the appropriate accessories:

The complements are part of the wedding dress for beach. Therefore, if you follow a beachy aesthetic, you need a wedding dress for beach accessories that also follow that same style.

First, when choosing shoes, you should consider the type of beach wedding and the structure of the chosen space. Especially the surfaces. Will you walk directly on the sand or on a fabric? In this case, we recommend some very simple and flat shoes. Some sandals to walk cooler and feel the sand, or, better yet, go completely barefoot.

Many brides try to attract more attention with their jewelry and other wedding dress for beach accessories. Or simply generate contrast through them. That's why they use colors, shiny stones, and hair accessories. However, the beach is associated with beautiful simplicity. So loose hair with simpler hair accessories or garlands of flowers is perfect for the occasion.

Beautiful Wedding Dress Plus Size For you to be inspired! ❤️

Wedding Dress Plus Size

Bridal fashion also has exclusive collections and launches every year. The main trends of wedding dress plus size for those who are going to get married in the coming years are:

• High necklines,
• fluid fabrics,
• simple modeling,
• ruffles and cape dresses.

Best Models of Wedding Dress Plus Size:

The first step in finding the ideal plus size wedding dress is to know the part of your body that is most voluminous and choose a model that creates harmony with your silhouette. A great joker for the visual is the models that have diagonal cuts and details, as they help to draw and contour the body in addition to sharpening the waist.

There are two types of silhouettes in this style: evasé and empire. The wedding dress plus size empire is one that usually has a neckline in the bust region and a simpler skirt (with or without opening). Already the wedding dress plus size evasê is the owner of a versatility that allows it to be used by women of all biotypes, in fact, he is one of the darlings by brides today. With a nice fit, it marks the waist area more and has a wider base. It does not mark the hip and is ideal for those who want to smooth the curves.

Trends that don't go out of fashion for Wedding Dress Plus Size:

Wedding Dress Plus Size

1. Lace Without a doubt, lace remains a favorite among brides, due to its elegant refinement and timelessness. You can use lace in several ways!
2. Look for an overlay, a delicate decoration, or a subtle detail. The lace exudes romance and feminine charm.
3. Sleeves A few years ago, sleeves were out of fashion, but that has passed. The sleeves will make you a glamorous and elegant bride, it is classic. They are available in different lengths and styles.
4. Corset The corset highlights your waistline and enhances your natural curves. There are wedding dress models plus size for all tastes, with and without embroidery.

If you feel beautiful and comfortable with your body, the same should be true for your dress. The dream and desire are yours, so you should choose a model that you feel good about!

When the woman feels beautiful, she is powerful and happy! Looking at these photos, notice that all the brides are smiling and beautiful! Each in its own style.

Details and applications of Plus Size Wedding Dresses:

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Day or night, the dress can present details that enhance the bride's look. In celebrations at night, the brightness may be present in greater quantity. Pay attention to the type of fabric, too much embroidery or too much shine can stand out too much when applied to places on the body, such as bust and hips.

A trick to diminish the silhouette is applications on the side. Or the draped wedding dress plus size models (those that look like they are attached with pleats), they are the must-have of the moment and their “pleats” bring a feeling of thinning of the waist.

❤️ The Charm of Long Sleeve Wedding Dress:

Wedding Dress Long Sleeve

Wedding in the cold, style, or just to hide your arms: The wedding dress long sleeve is the preference of many brides has incredible modeling.

The long sleeve wedding dress is a great resource for brides who get married in winter. Allied with woven fabrics more closed or with lining. However, a wedding dress long sleeve can also be used in any season.

One of the advantages of the wedding dress long sleeve is that it is ideal for religious ceremonies in places that have stricter rules about dress, as it helps to cover the neck and back better, but it also depends a lot on the chosen neckline.

Another positive point is that this model makes production more sophisticated, referring to the dresses of modern princesses, such as Kate Middleton.

Boho style long sleeve wedding dress:

Wedding Dress Boho

One of Mariée's darling styles, the wedding dress style long sleeve boho combines very well with outdoor ceremonies. If you are thinking of making your wedding this way, bet on dresses with light fabrics and delicate embroidery. In this selection, the sleeves convey fluidity and romanticism.

Fallen Sleeve:

Wedding dress long sleeve that reaches just below the cuffs. They are usually made with a thin or transparent fabric, so as not to make them look heavy. This type of sleeve is very glamorous and favors almost every type of bride, especially when accompanied by rounder skirts.

Three-quarter sleeve:

 Three-quarter Sleeve

It is a classic and elegant style of long sleeve wedding dress. Usually, the sleeves reach up to the elbows, or a little lower, between the elbows and the wrists.

Bell Pepper Mango:

Wedding Dress Bell Pepper Mango

Tight sleeves from the shoulders to the elbows, where it begins to widen to the wrists. They are indicated for brides with a medium-low or short stature.

What accessories should I use with the long sleeve wedding dress? As the dress already draws a lot of attention by the model, avoid wearing bracelets and necklaces. It is suggested to combine the wedding dress long sleeve with a beautiful pair of earrings or head accessories. ”

Wedding Dress Long Sleeve

This care must be taken especially in cases where the dress has embroidery close to the neck and on the sleeves. Whether on the whole sleeve or just on the wrist. These details enrich the production enough. So it is not necessary to adorn these body parts with other accessories.

❤️ The Romanticism of Vintage Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Vintage

It is not new that designers and famous brands have incorporated the trend of vintage or retro in their wedding dresses. Inspired by the 1920s through the 1970s, the vintage wedding dress look has already been adopted by celebrities. Also, it has become the favorite of many brides around the world since the beginning of this decade. And it still makes the head of a lot of brides today.

The vintage wedding dress exalts delicacy and romanticism and adopts a light look with fluid skirts. Made in very fine and delicate lace, like Chantilly lace, and light fabrics like muslin, silks, and tulle. Being the point d'esprit, our favorite.

Usually, the models are in an off-white color, or in tea and nude tones, running away from traditional white. The vintage bridal look should accompany the wedding atmosphere, which, if in vintage style, is marked by soft colors, pastel tones, DIY elements, and Provencal objects. But the retro bridal look also combines with rustic elements in the decor, or with the Boho Chic style, mini weddings and country wedding in general.

Tips for choosing the best vintage wedding dress:

Wedding Dress Vintage

We know how difficult it is to find the ideal wedding dress, especially when you are looking for something vintage. Thinking about it, we went for tips to get the purchase and care of a vintage wedding dress right.

No skin on display:

Until the 1990s, vintage wedding dresses were very formal and covered much of the body. So if you want a dress that has a back, or a bold neckline, an antique piece is not for you.

Do a vintage wedding dress search on social media:

Wedding Dress Vintage 2

Just as when you cut your hair, you end up taking some references of the style, it is interesting to separate inspirations for the clothes of the big day. Create a folder with pictures of dresses you like - Pinterest and Instagram are great for these searches.

Consider the conditions:

The most difficult part of buying a vintage wedding dress is getting a good fit. Because the dress doesn't always fit like a glove and alterations are often not an option. Before falling in love with the models, pay attention to the size, experiment, look at the seams. And still be sure that it is possible to adapt it to your measurements, if necessary.

Also, look at the fabric in general, see if there are no stains. Remember that he probably already went to the laundry, that is, that stain will not come out so easily. Tears or any deficiency in the tissue. If it's love at first sight, trust you. When it comes to vintage pieces, they circulate very fast. What's in store today may not be tomorrow, so make sure you choose.

❤️ The Power of Wedding Dress Colors

Wedding Dress Colors Trends

Was never married in white your dream? Perhaps you are part of the group of modern brides who, more and more, want to find wedding dress colors and fun for their big day. And there is no problem with that! On such a special occasion, the bride must be true to herself!

However, it is necessary to be attentive to some details so as not to make mistakes when investing in a wedding dress colors for the wedding. The type of ceremony, the composition of the look, and even the decoration of the environment must be analyzed.

If you found this idea interesting and intend to bet on a wedding dress colors on the day of your marriage, continue reading this post. Let's solve the main doubts on the subject!

Simple Wedding Dress Colors:

Wedding Dress Colors

Just because it is a colorful wedding dress does not mean it cannot be a simple wedding dress. There are several colors that, together with cuts and simpler materials, can leave a bride simply beautiful and elegant. Also, simplicity can be in the details. A wedding dress with colorful embroidery or colored prints is suitable for brides who want to dare without shocking. What about?

The Importance of Wedding Dress Colors Blue:

Wedding Dress Colors Blue

The blue has a special vibe and becomes a great ally in your wedding decor. Therefore, this color is the darling of many countries and carries meanings that attract good luck. Next, we will detail a little more about what the wedding dress colors blue can attract.

The Chinese understand that color feeds the spirit and expresses the depth of human experience. Also, in ancient China, the colors blue and green were considered complementary. In other words, the colors together represented nature, renewal, vigor, and vitality. Therefore, you can add discreet details in blue or water green to the wedding dress.

Wedding dress colors pink:

Wedding Dress Colors Pink

Another very common wedding dress colors are pink wedding dresses. Extremely romantic, the pink wedding dresses stand out and look like a princess for any bride. Currently, leading designers have brought models of pink wedding dresses in their collections.

❤️ Yellow wedding dress colors:

Wedding Dress Colors Yellow

The wedding dress colors yellow are extremely radiant! Indicated mainly for day weddings and free ones, wedding dresses in this color are being super used in pre-wedding shootings and are also gaining space on the big day. Among the colorful wedding dresses, this is without a doubt the most cheerful.

❤️ Red wedding dress colors:

Wedding Dress Colors Red

But can a bride wear a red dress? Or do you always have to get married in white? It is not a frequent question, but now and then it appears here. In the East, it is a tradition for brides to marry in red to attract luck. There a bride in white is unusual in most countries.

The bride who marries the colors red wedding dress has a strong, dramatic, passionate, and unconventional temperament. A true leader by nature.

The dark red symbolizes elegance, refinement, and leadership. If you don't want to take the risk of seeing someone else at the altar dressed in red, don't forget to tell your mother, bridesmaids, and the groom's mother to avoid them choosing the same color.

❤️ Tips for those who choose wedding dress colors:

In addition to matching the type of ceremony chosen, the dress style also require other care. The entire composition of the look, the details of the decoration, and even the personality of the bride must be taken into consideration when making this choice. This is a very important day and everything has to go according to the couple's dream!

Look composition:

To create a spectacular look, you must double your attention to the accessories you will use together with the style. This is because when the dress already has colorful details it is much easier to miss the hand and end up sinning by the excess. You don't want that, right?

Avoiding flashy or colorful jewelry and accessories is a good idea, as they should decorate well with a veil, wreath, and dress. Makeup is no different: the ideal is that it has shades that match the colors present in the dress, as this ensures a more harmonious and less loaded look.

Decoration and ambiance:

The decoration and ambiance of the ceremony are two more items that must be taken into account when choosing this type of piece. After all, the colors present in the chosen place must be in harmony with the tones of the bride's dress.

Before making your choice, carefully observe the color palette that will be used to compose the atmosphere of the ceremony and try to find a tone that does not escape this selection.

The personality of the bride:

Those who choose wedding dress colors probably have a strong and daring personality. After all, the bride needs to be safe and feel stunning. And it's okay if you're not ready to leave the white.

Think that the dress is practically an extension of your body and should reflect who you are. So, if you are still a little unsure, it may be better to use a dress with only colorful details. The most important thing is that you feel good, comfortable, and powerful with it, regardless of color!

Now you know how to choose the model you can bet on this option without fear. It is worth bearing in mind that it is essential to be careful when deciding which stylist will make it. After all, this is a very important step. Therefore, only a specialized and reputable professional in this market can produce a unique piece and with the quality you deserve!

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