Wedding Favors Different, Fun, and Unusual ❤️

Wedding Favors Different, Fun, and Unusual ❤️

A wedding is a traditional party. And to break the rule of earning a well-married in every marriage, here are some tips that are becoming a sensation in today's marriages:

There are several wedding favors options of different materials that the couple can choose from. So, to make the right choice, you need to pay attention to details such as decoration, time and place of the party.

But mainly convey from the wedding favors the personality of the couple. Here are some of the best wedding favors ideas that will surprise your guests!

Wedding Favors Heart Pen Drive

Wedding Favors Heart Pen Drive

The heart-shaped flash drive is useful and, at the same time, themed wedding favor that promises to make guests happy. No need to choose a device with huge capacity. But leave a beautiful video or message recorded.

Wedding Favors Coarse Salt Glass

Wedding Favors Coarse Salt Glass

Some couples bet on wedding favors that turn away the big eye and attract good luck. As is the case with small bottles with coarse salt. This idea is different, exciting, and suits the superstitious grooms.

Wedding Favors With Hangover Kit

Wedding Favors With Hangover Kit

At the party, they can not miss joy, dance, drink, music, and some hype are allowed. And as always, you know that some abuse the dose.

So this is an excellent option so that the hangover is not the main memory of the celebration.

The kit is just a joke with the drunken guests. Also, it shows the affection and care of the bride and grooms towards them. These wedding favors can be offered in a custom box that mimics a box of medicine containing painkillers, for example. For possible headaches, antacid, for stomach upset.

Other suggestions would be to add tea or coffee sachet and also a sleeping mask. Plus, what more the couple wants to include in the package.

Therefore, the advantage of these wedding favors is that they can be made by the bride and groom themselves while minimizing costs.

Wedding Favors With Wood Magnets

Wedding Favors With Wood Magnets

Refrigerator magnets can get a more romantic and distinctive look, depending on the material you choose. Another idea is to make wooden pendants with guest names as an option for these.

So, not to bother or end up weighing the budget, the suggestion is more worthwhile when incorporated into more intimate ceremonies.

Wedding Favors With Flip Flop

Wedding Favors With Flip Flop

The popularity of these items is not by chance. Besides being a beautiful and symbolic gift, it is useful both at the time of the party and after. So, many people use everyday shoes received by friends and relatives.

Benefits of Custom Flip Flop

The utility is not the only advantage of custom flip flop. The list of reasons for adopting these sandals as wedding favors is almost uncountable. So let’s just highlight some of them below:


Most wedding party guests are already attending the event waiting to receive their slippers. This is because the dress coding of these places is usually an excellent sport or social.

Therefore, both women’s and men’s shoes make it difficult to dance more and enjoy the party itself. Thus, custom slippers end up playing an essential role in providing comfort to such dear people.


The possibility of daily use of slippers is one of the main advantages. So, it is possibly the point most considered by the bride and groom when choosing them as wedding favors.

In this way, the item becomes practical and very useful for families. Thus, custom slippers can be great options to offer as wedding favors of the lovebirds union.

Also, this success will make relatives and friends remember the party for a long time. At least until the end of the shoe’s life, which can last up to 10 years!

Wedding Favors Personalized

Wedding Favors Personalized

Custom objects always impress and make the guest feel special. Since it is understood that you cared about affection when preparing them.

In addition to rendering great different wedding favors personalized. So even better if this customization tells some big day story.

With that in mind, we have separated the chief personalized wedding favors that are thriving at wedding parties.

1 Mugs Wedding Favors Personalized

Mugs Wedding Favors Personalized

Regardless of the type of party, colored acrylic mugs are often the most prominent hit among brewers on duty.

So, to differentiate them according to the occasion, go for the transparent and caricature stickers. They may contain the bride and groom's name and date, for example.

2 Cups Wedding Favors Personalized

Cups Wedding Favors Personalized

Personalized cups are perfect for giving a different face to the wedding.

And the guests, after toasting the bridegroom's union, can bring the cups and glasses to their homes as a souvenir. So this detail can make the ceremony unparalleled!

Also, glasses are an affordable option and can be used on the wedding day itself. The most common model is a long drink.

However, it is still possible to make beer mugs and cups for sparkling wine.

The personalization is, at the discretion of the couple, can be a unique phrase, design, or groom's coat, for example. It really is a great memory!

The custom wedding glass is usually 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm) high and can hold between 150 and 350 ml. So it is usually clear acrylic (white or colored), glass, or crystal.

Personalized wedding cups or glasses can be made with the names of the bride and groom, marking the date of the event for example.

Or they may have drawings, photographs, and the various possibilities that only imagination can limit.

3 Keychains


We cannot deny that keychains are always the best wedding favors. Because the guests use a lot in daily life.

The nice thing about beautiful keychains is that wherever you go, you will have these little items with you. Whether in a key or in other products.

Therefore, they are wedding favors that can last long. You can make personalized keychains with the initials of the couple’s names, for example.

Or a couple of birds or in a wedding dress. The possibilities are endless!

Wedding Favors Cheap

Wedding Favors Cheap

The problem is that the party always ends up getting more expensive than you think, right?

At this time, making wedding favors cheap can be one of the cost-saving solutions. However, choosing wedding favors cheap does not mean neglecting beauty, whimsy, and quality.

They usually have low cost or recyclable materials. So it's very possible to give a new face to something that would be dropped, for example.

Or put creativity in action to create inexpensive pieces. Check out the gift ideas we selected!

1 Wedding Favors Cheap With Eva

Wedding Favors Cheap With Eva

You can create a pretty box, for example. They are wedding favors cheap in EVA, very easy to make and that surely the guests realized the affection you had for them.

To stuff these cheap wedding favors in EVA, you can put in candy or a well-married.

2 Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Who doesn't have to relax once in a while?

Bath salts provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Also, they can be an excellent choice for cheap wedding favors.

They are easy to make and if you put in a little bottle or a decorated bag. The result can be lovely! So you will only need salt, Epsom salt, and a blend of essential oils or herbs of your own. And ready!!

3 Wedding Favors Cheap With Truffles

Wedding Favors Cheap With Truffles

We don't even have to say why truffles are wedding favors cheap that are very pleasing, right?

Oh, and besides delicious, they are easy to make in a large quantity. So by searching a little, you can find simple recipes that carry few ingredients.

It may even be just chocolate and condensed milk, which is already a delight! Also, you can be creative and add your special touch.

4 Scented Candle

Scented Candle

Paraffin, wicks, mold, and essential oils are the only items you will need to make handmade candles. However, if you want to be bolder, you can whimsically decorate with dyes and leaves.

Wedding Favors Groomsmen

Wedding Favors Groomsmen

With the custom of gifting the increasingly influential godparents. So the buzz word is innovation.

Therefore, abusing creativity when choosing wedding favors is ideal. When creating wedding favors for groomsmen other than conventional, it is worth researching a lot.

Besides, it is worth searching for all kinds of inspiration. However, it is essential to analyze the tastes of the people you have chosen.

In general, wedding favors for groomsmen are a bit more refined than other guests. After all, they are somewhat more ‘special’, aren't they?

Whether you are getting married or are helping to arrange the wedding of a friend or family member. So it is worth betting on these super cool ideas that we present here.



The purpose of the wedding favors box is to make this moment a little more surprising.

Undoubtedly, it is a delight to choose each item that will be part of the composition. And so see the reaction of loved ones when they realize what it is!

So some couples choose to set up two wedding favors box: One for groomsmen and one for bridesmaids.

Others prefer to do this split between single and married. So they give a unique box full of treats to those in the second group.

When we design a wedding favors box for groomsmen, we should think of pampering that would please everyone.

Some make a box, especially for the bridesmaids and another, different for the godparents. This way, you can give something more specific that women and men alike. What to put in the box?

Wedding favors box ideas for groomsmen: Godfather's

♥ Manual
♥ Necktie
♥ Beer
♥ Whiskey
♥ Chocolates
♥ Beard Kit
♥ Scarves
♥ Cigars
♥ Canteen
♥ Braces
♥ Cufflinks
♥ Mugs

Bridesmaids Wedding Favors Ideas

Bridesmaids Wedding Favors Ideas

♥ Manual
♥ Corsage
♥ BeerBeer
♥ Sparkling
♥ Candy
♥ Beauty Products
♥ Scarves Room
♥ Diffuser
♥ Jewelry
♥ Personalized Face Towels
♥ Soaps
♥ Cups

Don't forget to customize your wedding favors box.

Customizing the wedding favors box for groomsmen becomes indispensable. They are super useful, fun, or both together. But it has to be customized to make a difference.

So be aware that customizing wedding favors box for groomsmen is always a differentiator.

Who doesn't like to get a treat with their own name written? This care states that the couple has thought of her.

In addition to the highlighted godfather or godmother's name, record the date of the wedding. And don't forget the initials or names of the couple.

The time to deliver the wedding favors box is up to the grooms. Or according to the ceremonial advisory who commands the progress of the event.

Just remember that the inside of the wedding favors the box must be structured. So they will be ideal for accommodating the pampering chosen for their godparents.

That is, it should be the ideal size and have an internal compartment for a bottle of wine, for example. Or have room for cups, chocolates, and so on. In short, think about it first of all!

How To Make Wedding Favors Box For Groomsmen?

How To Make Wedding Favors Box For Groomsmen?

Setting up a wedding favors box for groomsmen is not a difficult task. Just think of the pampering you intend to offer and find a pack of the right size to accommodate them!

Many stores sell decorated boxes made of MDF and cardboard. Although the second material is slightly cheaper, it is essential to remember that it is less resistant to weight and moisture, for example.

Another option is to buy the materials and make the decoration of the box. Such sites like Pinterest are packed with tutorials.

They teach you how to create pieces that have to do with your marriage proposal. Most of these Do It Yourself (DIY) projects ask for materials such as:

♥ Box (MDF or Cardboard)
♥ Fabrics
♥ Embellishments (Ribbons, Buttons, and Finishes)
♥ Hot
♥ Glue White Glue

Therefore, evaluate your situation carefully. To find out if the money and time invested in tutorials would not make buying finished boxes worthwhile.

Tips on How to Choose Ideal Wedding Favors?

Defined the way of marriage, wedding favors need to follow the same language chosen. So, right away, guests can identify the couple's personality, preferences, or lifestyle through them.

1 Deliver useful !

You don't want your wedding favors to be one more in the corner of the guest closet, do you? So choose something useful.

It's no good if you choose a beautiful wedding favors, but it has no use in the daily life of your guests.

So, in order not to throw money away, always look for options that they can use. Whether during or after the ceremony. Remember that you don't have to choose something costly, just be creative.

2 Send a message

The wedding favors that remain mostly in the memory of the guests are usually the ones that have meaning. So how about telling your story through them?

For example, if you are passionate about music, how about giving a CD or a Pen Drive with a unique collection made by you?

Or if they are in love with food, a gourmet gift. With a little treat produced by you. It could be cupcakes, cake in the pot, dessert in the bowl, for example. They can significantly please the guests.

3 Search references

Research with companies that specialize in organizing and providing wedding services, for example. This makes it possible to check wedding favors trends.

Also, check out specialized sites and blogs like this to get the latest news and tailor the ideas to your personal taste.

At this point, consider whether wedding favors can be made by a company or by yourself. Another idea is to create a label that lovingly identifies the couple.

How the Wedding Favors Tradition Emerged

How the Wedding Favors Tradition Emerged

According to history, wedding favors are said to have originated in the 16th century in England.

When the bride and groom offered their guests lace and ribbon, which represented the bond of love. Cute right ?!

Later the aristocrats reinvented the souvenir and gave it to people. Examples were porcelain, crystal, or gemstone objects with candy inside. So, in fact, this tradition eventually moved on to other special occasions.

Parties and celebrations were important and conducive moments to give guests a reminder of that unique moment.

Therefore, it was from there that wedding favors appeared in their various formats. That over the years have become even more creative, dynamic, and modern.

The right time to deliver the wedding favors to each guest is decided by the couple. Some prefer to give when they are going home.

Others prefer to deliver at the beginning of the party, leaving it arranged on a table for the guests themselves to remove them whenever they want.

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