The Best Coveted Wooden Crates Ideas of 2021❤️

The Best Coveted Wooden Crates Ideas of 2021❤️

For some time now, the decoration has won some unusual items, such as the decoration with wooden crates and wooden crates. Although different, the items that have their main function in the storage of products can guarantee beautiful decorations and with a little creativity, you can transform wooden objects into furniture.

If you never thought of turning that old wooden crates into something for the home, now is the time to see how the item can be used.

Ready, with wooden crates in hand, it’s time to start customizing. And there is no shortage of ideas for transforming a simple pile of wood into a wildcard in the house.

If you decide to paint them, for example, it is necessary to sand the piece and choose a paint suitable for wood – and in the case of used crates, care is doubled: use products to control possible pests and prefer pieces that are well dry to avoid mold. If you don’t want to remove the rustic one from the piece, just using varnish or stain on the sanded material is more than enough.

😍 Wooden Crates Large 🏡

Wooden Crates Large

If before these items were thrown in the trash without mercy, now they have won admirers who know very well how to reuse them in the decoration. Do It Yourself fans keep creating beautiful wooden crates large models. They create everything from bedside tables to sofa bases, and some stores sell ready-made furniture made from these materials.

Here are some incredible ways to use wooden crates large in your decor:



Large wooden crates make up the base of the sofa. Then, just use a mattress as a seat or lose futons. The coffee table was also made with wooden crates, which received wheels for the displacement of the new furniture. The pallet sofa can follow the traditional model and even have arms made of wood.

The use of wheels under the sofa is a good bet to move the sofa around when cleaning and even to position it in the desired way. Another option is to use the wooden support to make a corner sofa. To give a rustic touch to the environment, you can keep the wooden crates in the original color or paint it to give the item another face.

Oh, and if the tip is to stack the wooden accessory to give more height to the sofa, you can use the same strategy to create different levels on the sofa and create a movie room. The spaces between the wooden crates can be used to store magazines, books, and even TV control.

Beautiful And Functional Panel

Beautiful And Functional Panel

Supporting the TV, the panel is a model of furniture made with wooden crates large decorative and practical. Because it is leaked, it allows the passage of television wires and electronic devices.

Some large wooden crates can turn into great niches for your living room. To do is very easy. Sand 4 boxes and wipe away any dust before you start painting. Align the boxes on board (it is important to choose boxes that are the same height so that the shelf is not bent), put a screw on each one to secure them. After that, stack the other 2 boxes, put another board on top and that’s it!

Wooden Crates Bed

Wooden Crates Bed

The wooden crates large can be used both as a base and as a headboard. The first option is more interesting for those who like low beds. For taller beds, it should be used as a headboard and can be painted to give the piece more identity.

Assembly is simple. Wooden crates on the base and a mattress on top, with the pillows and cushions. Take the opportunity to use the wooden crates to store books and, at the foot of the bed, a suitcase. In addition to painting for a nice touch to her.

1. Clean the wooden crates well; 2. Sand until you get a smooth surface; 3. Treat the wood, you can use your own wax for this (Use the wax to maintain the natural appearance of the wood); 4. You can choose to paint too and to give the final finish, use varnish.

Look At This Hall!

Look At This Hall

Did you notice the floor? They are just large wooden crates lined up. But to be successful, they must be exactly the width of the runner.

Wooden Crates Office

Wooden Crates Office

For the office, instead of spending a note on a desk, consider using the wooden crates large model to build one. You don’t need luxury, just a space for the notebook and other things that are part of your work material, besides a piece of decoration.

😍 Wooden Crates Small 🏡

Wooden Crates Small

A sustainable tip for decoration is to give an “up” in some rooms of the house with wooden crates small, crate or palette. We can use everything from wooden boxes and crates to assemble shelves, drawers, magazine holders, ottomans, and sofas …

In addition to contributing to the environment, it leaves a young and “cool” look in the decor! As mentioned in the post on wooden crates sofas, you can bet on a colorful painting, or even applying fabrics and joining boxes of different sizes!



Another cheap and functional tip is the wooden crates small nightstand. You don’t need an extremely elaborate piece of furniture to leave books, a clock, TV controls and that sort of thing. Stacked small wooden crates or a crate with a base are too good.

Bed For Your Pet Made Of Wooden Crates

Bed For Your Pet Made Of Wooden Crates

How about building a cute and comfortable walk for your dog or cat? Small wooden crates come in a perfect size for most breeds. After sanding and painting (watch out for the rough edges), you can put wheels, very soft pillows inside, and even write his name on the front. It’s easy and it’s super cool!

Wooden Crates Bookcases And Shelves

Wooden Crates Bookcases And Shelves

Wooden crates small can be used both to create shelves and as a base for them. Wall panels composed of wooden crates can serve as a basis for fitting shelves and thus compose a useful and different space, adapting mobile shelves, in the position and height that best suits

Wooden Crates Center Tables

Wooden Crates Center Tables

Coffee tables produced with wooden crates small can be of different sizes, with or without a differentiated top. You can choose to place glass, marble, porcelain tiles, or ceramic mosaics.

Wooden Crates Vertical Garden For Your Home

Wooden Crates Vertical Garden For Your Home

The green inside brings freshness, more life, and breaks the weight of dark colors. The plants can be on the floor or even on the table in the center of the room. It is also very nice to have pots with herbs in the kitchen or flowers in the bathroom. But what about when there is no space? You can make a mini vegetable garden at home / vertical garden using only small wooden crates. The result is rustic and original!

😍 Your Most Beautiful House With Wooden Crates Ideas 🏡

Your Most Beautiful House With Wooden Crates Ideas

Wood can take months to decompose if it is not reused. However, with sandpaper, varnish, or even paint, the shopping cart made of this material can turn into something completely different and that may be exactly what you need to make your home even more beautiful.

One of the main functions given to wooden crates when they are reused is that of organization. Whether as things, drawers, or the like, they are super practical to keep the environment in order.

😍 Best Practical Tips For Making Furniture From Wooden Crates Without Complications 🏡

Best Practical Tips For Making Furniture From Wooden Crates Without Complications

When choosing wooden crates furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to details to ensure their safety and better quality in the final result. For that, observe the must-see artisan’s tips!

Check that the wood is in good condition, as it is essential to analyze the condition of the wooden crates. A piece in good condition has no cracks, cracks, or splinters on the boards. So, notice if the wood does not have those holes that indicate the presence of termites, and if the wood is rigid, it is not rotten.

Prepare the wood:

An important detail when producing furniture with wooden crates is to sand the wood. The professional recommends using sandpaper 80 first because it is thicker and then a thinner one (120, 150, or 180). If you choose to use a sander, always remember to wear safety glasses and a mask.

Remove loose nails and staples from wooden crates:

Look on the boards for nails that are loose or have no function, as well as staples that are normally present. Remove them with specific tools for this use, ensuring more efficiency. If you find it necessary to dismantle wooden crates, take care not to damage the wood. You can leverage the board a little and close the nails, ensuring better quality and risk-free results.

Wash the parts:

If you are going to use the whole wooden crates, then you need to wash it with soap and water. Let it dry standing and in the shade for a few days. Under no circumstances is it recommended to start making the furniture before the wooden crates are completely dry.

Take care when using chainsaws:

Electric saws are a great option to speed up work, but it is essential to use gloves and goggles. The craftsman reinforces the need to check that there are no nails in the cut line, as they can be thrown in your direction, causing injuries.

Plan production:

Defining all the necessary steps is important to create furniture with quality wooden crates. Always work calmly, carefully and carefully and you will have good results. Planning is also necessary for the dimensions to be correct. Items such as sofa and bed need good weight support, as they are subject to high loads.

Apply varnish, fungicide, and water repellent:

Varnishing wooden crates ensure that the piece will last longer, in addition to giving a finishing effect to the furniture. It is worth remembering that it is also indicated to treat the wood with water repellent and fungicide before the varnish, to protect the wood from fungi, moisture, and termites. Daniela also recommends that the wood be sanded before applying the varnish.

😍 Our Wooden Crates Really Economical?🏡

Our Wooden Crates Really Economical?

The use of wooden crates is proven to be more economical. They are not as resistant as the so-called hardwoods, but they last longer than materials like MDF or others found in furniture stores in the popular trade. You can find them at places like fairs, markets, truck unloading points, for example. If you can’t find them, you can buy them for a very affordable price at recyclable material stores.

When looking for your wooden crates, you need to look carefully to avoid buying merchandise that no longer serves. Look at the thickness and weight of the wood. Also, check that there are no more holes caused by termites. That done, you can customize it yourself.

Sanding wooden crates are essential to remove the outer layer, which besides the splinters, has a lot of dirt. Then you can pass products that prevent the action of termites and prevent water from entering the material.

Little quantity

It doesn’t take many wooden crates to make a piece of furniture. Usually, only a few manage to make a coffee table or even the base of a bed. Placing wheels or feet to facilitate the mobility of the furniture can prevent it from damaging the floor!

With the use of wooden crates, it is possible to save on decoration as it, by itself, offers the space a differentiated environment. And you, what do you intend to do with wooden crates in your home decor? Also, share with us your ideas and see you next time!

😍 Why Decorating with Wooden Crates is a Sustainable Attitude?🏡

Why Decorating with Wooden Crates is a Sustainable Attitude?

Reusing materials and giving them new use is a good way to contribute to the environment. Wooden crates, which are discarded by marketers, can become beautiful objects, reducing waste from dumps and the need for raw materials for the manufacture of new objects. Care when reusing wooden crates in decoration:

Before taking it home:

We always recommend cleaning the material thoroughly before taking it home. As they are made of low-quality wood, they are conducive environments for the development of fungi and bacteria, choose only those that are very dry and clean them before placing them in your home.


Trade fair wooden crates often have a lot of splinters, so be careful when transporting them. To remove them you have to sand the entire surface well. Soon it is necessary to apply some product against pest, fungi, and bacteria, today luckily there are already some ecologically correct.


If you are going to use it on something that will carry weight, like a bookcase, it is good to reinforce the structure with screws, but be careful not to crack because the wood is fragile. In this case, choose the strongest ones, they say that the most resistant boxes are those for transporting oranges.

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